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5 stars sheesh, here we go again with Goodreads sucking up my reviews.
twice Gonna keep this short I was very impressed with my first encounter with Lauren Beukes imaginative stylings not unlike those of China Mi villeZoo City, impossible to pigeon hole is it science fiction dystopia thriller social commentary good old fashioned magical murder mystery kinda yes to all is a bizarre, alternate universe d, present day reimagining of Johannesburg, South Africa, one where criminals are required to have animal familiars assigned and in proximity to their person These criminals, dubbed zoos , easily identified with animals in tow, are often ostracized and segregated to ghettoes called Zoo Cities.
The sinuous plot primarily focuses on one of these zoos , Zinzi December, a 29 year old woman wh Wow.
Zoo City is one of the original, complicated fantasy books that I ve read this year I m not even sure how to tag it, that s how many elements come into play Urban fantasy Johannesburg is a major city, after all, and the animal angle is clearly unreal Dystopia Almost, but not quite despite the animals, this is a current version of Johannesburg and African politics Mystery noir After all, there s a missing person and an investigator of questionable character Horror A little witchcraft, a little mutilation, but mostly it s only horror in that way that shows us our own hearts, evil enough to cut out Literary fiction It thoughtfully explores the human condition, guilt and identity Mostly, it s just interesting, creative and just a bit uncomfortable.
Unfortunately, since Goodreads can t decide if the 2010 Terms of S One of the things I loved the most about Philip Pullman s His Dark Materials series was his rather brilliant twist on the concept of a witch s familiar that in that world, each person s soul manifests as a companion animal that is their other half It s not only because it s a cool idea it also is an interesting reflection of our ongoing weird relationship with nature the connection we feel to the creatures of the earth, though most of us live far removed from it in cities and suburbs And, you know, the idea of a little talking cat following me around is just fun Provided, of course, you get a good animal like a cat, since you can t pick According to the online daemon matcher they had on the Golden Compass movie website before it came out and failed, I would get a spider I would not appreciate that Other animals I would be happy w This is a particularly smooth genre meshing urban fantasy noir SF horror, and if you don t like my description, then go read it and figure out your best fit If you do, however, find that perfect descriptor, be sure to add all the little animas, the familiars that bad people get after murdering someone, and if you let your anima die, you get dragged to hell Or is the novel firmly set in modern day Johannesburg filled with scams, missing persons, and mystery Oh, wait, how about all the mutilations and the sense of upwelling horror No Then why the hell do I get this sense that things have just gone near future high tech Well that s because the book refuses to sit still and be neatly defined Isn t that wonderful Our main character is a real spitfire, that s for certain, and I love I read this directly after finishing Moxyland and my wild enthusiasm for Lauren Beukes is not abating The setting is present day Johannesburg, but in this alternate reality, a couple of decades ago, something strange started happening Those who were guilty of terrible crimes were suddenly, magically saddled with an animal familiar reminiscent of the burden of the Ancient Mariner s albatross, but, well, alive The animalled are also unable, it seems, to help liking and feeling affection for their animals A further motivation to care for the beasts carefully is that their lives are inextricably bound to that of their familiars They must maintain physical proximity, and if their animal dies or is killed that s it for them as well Gaining an animal also comes with the benefit of certain strange powers Predictably, the animalled are regarded with a complex

Lauren Beukes The Shining Girls fascinated me with her style and imagination, I thought it was a flawed gem but it put me on board for Beukeses The next logical book for me from the Beukes bibliography is 2011 Arthur C Clarke Award winner Zoo City.
Set in an alternate reality where some people are suddenly paired with an animal as a consequence of something heinous they have done or perhaps think they have done Basically, if you are bearing some major guilt chances are an animal will suddenly show up next to you and you won t be able to stray far from it If this brings to mind familiars concept from Philip Pullman s The Golden Compass His Dark Materials trilogy the author is well aware of it and even mentions the classic YA book in one of the chapters The concept works very differently in the world of Zoo City however, the people are not born w Before I read this, I would have said there was nothing new you could do with the magical companion animals trope I would have been wrong.
I enjoyed this for the concept, for the characters, for the setting I was all set to give it four stars And then the ending happened view spoiler And it s not that it s a tragedy that bothers me I actually appreciate the author s chutzpah in having the twins die, in having the bad guys escape I less appreciate the bad guys over the top characterization as psychopaths, but you take what you can get It s the fact that the protagonist s presence at the climactic scene had no effect, good, bad, or indifferent, on anything that occurred She disables Mark and not only does it turn out he s entirely u I loved it I was over the moon when Zoo City was chosen to be one of the SciFi and Fantasy Book Club reads for November A book set in a version of my home city with an interesting premise and great reviews Yes please In my excitement I emailed Lauren Beukes and asked if she d do a QA with our group and she said yes As you can imagine I was bouncing off walls It occurred to me mid bounce that this would be an awesome opportunity for Sod you may know him as Murphy to rear his ugly head and twist my mind into not liking Zoo City Fortunately not even Sod and his silly Law could manage it The thing I loved most about this novel was how well Lauren captured Johannesburg South Africa is a very difficult country to explain which I learnt for the first time when I lived in the US during my masters Lauren explains the strange juxtaposition of wealthy sub I hate it when I read a book that s beautifully written, but has a clumsy plot I was seduced by the writing while I was reading it, and it wasn t until after I finished that I started realizing how many problems I had with it In this alternate history SF world, people s guilt over their mistakes or crimes manifests as animals that are emotionally or psychically attached to them, sort of like having an albatross hung around your neck, except living and not so corpsey This was interesting to me, since becoming a Zoo is all about feeling guilt and not about whether you re really culpable of whatever you feel guilty about Zinzi gained her Sloth because her brother died over something she did, which makes sense her whole background makes sense, even But she went to prison for it, convicted either of murder or man Popular Book, Zoo City Author Lauren Beukes This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Zoo City, Essay By Lauren Beukes Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You

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