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[ Read Online Willow Ð pretoria PDF ] by Julia Hoban ↠´ After my last review, this is kind of going to be hard to swallow, but this book is not as bad as I remembered It ll never be my favourite, but, props to Julia Hoban for writing on such a touchy subject Even if it was full of comma splices It wasn t great, but it s not abysmal either Characters were decent, writing was fine, plot was fine there s just a tiny something holding it back from striking this one out of the park for me Maybe it s the suject, I don t know.
It s not of the same quality as books I love, but I m not going to hate on it for that.
I think I have officially found the worst book I have ever read This book was even worse than the dreadful Prescription for Romance TARDIS should be grateful that I love her dearly and would never harm an expensive possession of mine, because if this had been a physical book, I would ve been hurling it at the wall.
Now that I ve officially raised lowered expectations, let s get on to the actual review, shall we Willow is struggling to cope after the death of her parents in a horrible car accident To make things worse, she is the one who was driving the car it was the worst rainstorm of the year, Willow only had a permit, and her parents were tipsy and asked her to drive Now she is living with her older brother, contributing to the family finances in order to make ends meet and secretly cutting to deal with the pain.
Through her job at the local university library, Wi I m not even sure where to start this review I ve honestly written this review almost five times and haven t been happy with what I ve spit out I m not sure I can do this book justice To say that it was spectacular would be an understatement To say that I had a hard time putting it down, widely understated Yet, why Because in all seriousness, reading a story about a cutter didn t really appeal to me I mean sure it sounded interesting, and I ve read books about eating disorders, drugs, so why not try cutting So I did I totally agree with Hoban s choice to write this novel in third person Had it not been written from Willow s POV, I know I wouldn t have found it as impressive as I did I needed that insight, I needed to know why someone would do that to their self And I hate to admit it but I understood, I empathized, I accepted i NO Just fuck no This is not a self harm story.
It is a love story, featuring a cutter It is the story of a codependent relationship that sickly revolves and surfaces through self harm issues I have been struggling with heavy self harm issues for years, I was a cutter and just about a year ago I finished with my treatment and recovery, and I am appalled and also slightly insulted by knowing that a story like this is out there Worse, that people think it s a sweet story Willow is a 16 year old that self harms and for what it s worth I will say that the author did portray Willow s motive and the feeling and need for cutting quite well, but apart from that this book was shit Why Because the reason why Willow stops cutting, is because she meets a boy, a I took my time in reviewing Willow I wanted to be certain of my thoughts on it s content and the rating I gave to said content Though the ending was satisfying, I can t deny that for the majority of the book, I was angered, not at Willow, but at the author Nonetheless, I talked myself out of giving Willow the three stars I felt the author deserved because it felt wrong to punish great characters But after much thought, I have decided that Willow does indeed deserve a three star rating.
Willow is a senior in a brand new high school She keeps to herself, avoiding any and all contact with her former friends The one person she wishes to remain close to is her brother, but after rendering them both parentless in a fateful car accident, Willow can t bring herself to bridge the communication gap that seems to have bef

Holy freaking insert swear word here The Good Be prepared for some serious fan girl gushing Also, this review in no way justifies how much I loved this book.
For a debut author, Julia has blown all the other authors, regardless if it s their first or not, WAY out of the water Once I started Willow, I could not put it down It s like Green Eggs and Ham I read Willow when I sat on a stool, I read Willow lounging by the pool, I read Willow here and there, I read Willow FREAKING EVERYWHERE.
Secondly, the cutting Holy crap, I never expected it to be so haunting As much as I am against cutting, I could see where Willow was coming from It was a hard subject to write about, but Julia Hoban does it with such grace and elegance She doesn t sugar coat the issue, I think Everything changed on that rainy March night seven months ago Willow s parents were tipsy and asked her to drive home, a decision that would cost them their lives Ever since then, Willow has felt disconnected from the world Her only reprieve is in mutilating her own body, one cut at a time But everything changes when she meets Guy, the only one with whom she can possibly share her secret I did not like Willow Not the book, the character She was a whiny little biotch I understand that I probably should pity her, her being responsible for her parents deaths and all, but she makes it so damn hard It s not the cutting that makes her so unlikable Even though I am not a cutter myself, I understand the concep Which is worse Drowning in your own misery or allowing yourself to be swallowed by numbness If you read nothing else in this review, read this line Willow is one of the best books I ve read EVER In the span of a few hundred pages, Julia Hoban manages to address and explain one of the most pressing issues that plagues teenagers today self injury She does so not by approaching the subject in an aloof, clinical manner, but by making it personal.
If you ve ever wondered what could possibly drive a person to self mutilation, Willow does a wonderful job of showing the reasons behind the problem You will never look at the phrase cutting in the same way again I m not going to lie this book was difficult to read at timesnot because it was poorly written or boringbut because it broke my heart The issues that the main character, A warning THIS IS A RANT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
More warnings and such My dear, dear, good readers If you are easily offended and or loved this book, do not read the upcoming review It will contain a lot of stuff that you will probably not like And there will be spoilers So This is my opinion of this book Do not write a comment about how nasty I am or how serious the topic of this book is and how I shouldn t be so crass I am fully aware that cutting is a serious issue I am fully aware of the devastating tragedy that Willow experienced, just typing her name makes me pissed and you should know that I m not by any means making light of the situation I know that the subject matter of this book is dark So don t think I m not mature enough to understand the seriousness of the topic Or else I will hit you with my stuffed animal Time to review cac Popular Ebook, Willow By Julia Hoban This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Willow, Essay By Julia Hoban Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You

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