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✓ Read ↠´ Wife of the Gods by Kwei Quartey ✓ Any attempts of becoming dissatisfied with this book will be close to impossible For, Wife of the Gods is that impressive of a narrative Consisting of suspense, mystery, and adventure, it is not surprising that Kwei Quartey gained noteworthy attention for this gripping novel.
Wife of the Gods is a spellbinding mystery, set in Ghana and taking place within the vigorous capitol of Accra and small town of Ketanu Readers are introduced to the main character, Detective Darko Dawson, living contentedly in Accra as a Detective Inspector, when he is summoned to Ketanu to investigate the startling murder of a young village woman The victim is Gladys Mensah, a promising medical student and AIDS activist, who is found murdered by a nearby village woman The assignment is imperative and holds much significance for Detective Dawson, because the town of Ketanu is where his mother s family originated an The story of a West African detective in Ghana begins with a weak prologue a nightmare squeezed from the pages of former dime store books The following first chapter opens with promise a dead body Then the author tries too hard to tell the story That s the problem too much telling and not enough showing The sentences read like announcements or headlines and the prose is shopworn and musty, hauled from a high school creative writing course The author is also on an adverb and gerund frenzy in the same sentences , which bogs down the narrative to a watery substance Sentences are lifeless and clunky and contain no fresh turns of phrase or descriptive power This is a typical passage, not an exception to the rule He loved to sit on her lap with his head resting against her while he played with the gold necklace she always wore and never removed The pendant was a little butterfly, This police detective led mystery set in Ghana is enjoyable Darko Dawson is sent to a village to investigate the death of a young medical student He s particular in his methods, has a known anger problem, and a lingering grief over the unexplained disappearance of his mother when he was a boy Darko s investigation leads to a few unpleasant people, and while they have great motives, Darko remains stumped and frustrated with the way the case progresses The resolution finally lays one of Darko s ghosts to rest.
I enjoyed this little window into a small part of Ghana, and think I d like to continue this series.
After finishing another book set in Ghana, Homegoing, I thought I should go back to this book I first started it back in July 2015, when I included it in a pile of books I was speed dating It passed the 50 page test and went back on the shelf until now I m still working my way through reading a book from every country, and now Ghana is covered This is a solid crime novel featuring Darko Dawson, who is called in from Accra to help with an investigation of the murder of an AIDS relief worker His investigation reveals police corruption, multiple suspects, and it takes a while to unravel the stories What I like about reading a crime novel set in another country is how much the author can include about the culture Food, history, traditions, family structure, politics it s all here One major element becomes about the f Digital audiobook performed by Simon Prebble.
First in a series featuring Detective Inspector Darko Dawson of Accra, Ghana Dawson is a dedicated family man with a loving wife and a charming, if medically fragile, young son He s also somewhat of a rebel in the police force and frequently at odds with his cantankerous boss He s not happy about his new assignment in remote area of Ghana a young woman a promising medical student and AIDS worker has been found dead in a jungle area near the small town of Ketanu The local police are not equipped to handle an investigation like this, and Dawson, who has relatives in the town, is fluent in the local indigenous language But what he uncovers brings up many memories of his

I liked this novel much better than another Ghaniain author s Tail of the Blue Bird Darko Dawson is a police inspector in Accra, who is called to investigate the death of a young female AIDS worker in a village where his mother disappeared many years prior The author sets up four possible suspects a young boy, the high priest, the holistic medicine man, and the girl s boss, and does a respectable job integrating modern life with varioud tribal beliefs There are some good underlying stories, tension among the policemen, and family matters Will definitely read the other books.
What if the truth is terrible than the forest Darko, the child is frightened as the mother disappears into nothing Darko Dawson, the adult, has a recurring dream his mother walks with him through the forest and urges him along It is not any forest, but a forest he remembers from his childhood, near the village of Ketanu, the place where his mother disappeared all these years ago A powerful beginning for Kwei Quartey s debut novel, Wife of the Gods , no question And the village and the forest around, beautifully evoked, take centre stage for the action when Darko, now a Detective Inspector, returns to assist the local police in a murder investigation Not being generally drawn to crime or police procedural stories, I have recently been intrigued by several of those by African writers, eg Moussa Konate Mal Wife of the Gods is two stories The first story begins with the discovery of the body of Gladys Mensah in the forest outside the town of Ketanu Gladys is a medical student and a volunteer AIDS worker Efia finds the body early one morning Efia was a trokosi, which meant she belonged to the gods In Efia s life that means belonging to Togbe Adzima, the chief and the High Priest of the village Eighteen years earlier, Efia s uncle murdered a man and, although he is in prison, the family has been cursed with unending signs of the gods displeasure Desperate for a reversal of fortune, the elders of her family go to the high priest, asking him to intercede on their behalf so that there torment will be ended Togbe communes with the gods and learns that all will be well if they bring him a female I am always looking for a new mystery series to start and recently took the recommendation of Michael Sears, one half of the writing duo Michael Stanley, and tried the Detective Dawson series by Kwei Quartey Set in Ghana, the series focuses on the local culture, cuisine, customs, and everyday issues facing Ghanians today while also tackling clever and original crimes and mysteries that contain some elements that are universal and other aspects that are uniquely relevant to Ghana Wife of the Gods is a window into another part of the world about which I know very little, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it I look forward to starting the next one very soon.
For reviews, check out my Instagram account, Introducing Detective Inspector Darko Dawson Dedicated Family Man, Rebel In The Office, Ace In The Field And One Of The Most Appealing Sleuths To Come Along In Years When We First Meet Dawson, He S Been Ordered By His Cantankerous Boss To Leave Behind His Loving Wife And Young Son In Ghana S Capital City To Lead A Murder Investigation In A Shady Grove Outside The Small Town Of Ketanu, A Young Woman A Promising Medical Student Has Been Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances Dawson Is Fluent In Ketanu S Indigenous Language, So He S The Right Man For The Job, But The Local Police Are Less Than Thrilled With An Outsider S Interference For Dawson, This Sleepy Corner Of Ghana Is Rife With Emotional Land Mines An Estranged Relationship With The Family He Left Behind Twenty Five Years Earlier And The Painful Memory Of His Own Mother S Inexplicable Disappearance Armed With Remarkable Insight And A Healthy Dose Of Skepticism, Dawson Soon Finds His Cosmopolitan Sensibilities Clashing With Age Old Customs, Including A Disturbing Practice In Which Teenage Girls Are Offered To Fetish Priests As Trokosi, Or Wives Of The Gods Delving Deeper Into The Student S Haunting Death, Dawson Will Uncover Long Buried Secrets That, To His Surprise, Hit Much Too Close To Home

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✓ Read ↠´ Wife of the Gods by Kwei Quartey ✓ sustanon.pro Kwei Quartey is a crime fiction writer and retired physician living in Pasadena, California Having practiced medicine for than 20 years while simultaneously working as a writer, he has attained noteworthy achievements in both fields Dr Quartey balances the two professions by dedicating the early morning hours to writing before beginning a day in his clinic.Kwei Quartey attended medical