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[ Read Online White Leopard ↠´ trains PDF ] by Laurent Guillaume ↠´ It was a beautiful morning Souleymane known as Solo Camara used to be a policeman in France He s escaped from France, leaving behind a murky past, to begin life afresh in Bamako, Mali Here, living in his late father s house, Solo work as a private investigator Solo has learned a lot about how power works in Mali, how who you know and how much you pay can get results He s doing okay.
But then he s approached by Farah Tebessi, a Parisian lawyer to look into the arrest of her sister Bahia Bahia has been arrested as a drug trafficker She had 13 kilos of cocaine hidden in her luggage Can Solo help He s been recommended to Ms Tebessi by his former boss I have a saying in Mali everything s possible and nothing Laurent Guillaume proves to be a gifted writer in this afrocentric noir located in Mali The central larger than life character, Solo, is a mixed race French and Malian private eye who has a dark past as a French cop who flees to Mali due to being a wanted man We encounter a Mali where corruption is rife, with a marked demarcation between the haves and have nots Those with money and corporate power can buy their way out of virtually anything, including murder whilst the have nots struggle to survive where their lives are considered cheap We savour the skilful prose that captures the political backdrop of a nation, the culture, the institutions of government, and the eye catching characters that inhabit the A Man Torn Between Two Continents Finds Himself In A Dangerous Confrontation Between Tradition And Corruption Solo Is A Former Cop Who Ran Away From A Dark Past In France To Start His Life Over Again In Bamako, Mali, As A PI An Ordinary Case Turns Out To Be Not So Ordinary The Drug Mule Gets Her Throat Slit The French Lawyer Is Too Beautiful And Too Well Informed The Cocaine Is Too Plentiful This Is Classic Hard Boiled Noir With A Modern Twist Set In Africa translated from French Solo Camara, known as the White Leopard, is a wanted man in France While a cop, he killed the two men who were responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter Fleeing charges, he is now a Private Investigator in Bamako, Malia A local attorney asks for his professional help in locating the men responsible for her sister s death.
Conducting his investigation, he ends up crossing paths with a ring of drug traffickers.
Camara is an interesting character He s not particularly likable, he has no line he won t cross He s brutal when it comes to vengeance His only redeeming quality is that he is loyal to a fault to people that he trusts.
The drug traffickers are also brutal, willing to main and or kill anyone White Leopard by Laurent Guillaume Translated from the French by Sophie Weiner 5 stars Thank Le French Book for translating this to English A mini masterpiece This is a real and gritty thriller with no holds barred, which is set in Mali, a small country to the west of Nigeria, and which is one of the poorest countries in the World Mali was conquered by the French in the middle of the 19th Century and gained independence in 1960 Since then it has been plagued by insurgents including Al Quaeda The story is set in 2009 and is centred on Souleymane Camara, an ex cop from France who is wanted by the French authorities, but who has fled to Mali to rebuild his life Known generally as Solo he is the White Leopard of the Admittedly the prologue snared my attention and never let go The slow burning, yet fast paced unfolding narrative is gritty, and raw A request for vengeance snowballs leading Solo to avenge for his own personal reasons with unleashed action and excitement The lurid violence fitting, its towering edge in alignment with plot and players.
I was held hostage by Solo Solo is the captor of this narrative He s part beast, part saint We follow the scant tracks learning of Solo s back story regarding his personal and professional life, enough arousing the reader for specifics, for now its mere foreplay Solo is smooth, smart, gritty and reckless on the precipice of life and death which translates to a death wish leaving him in a state of limbo making him lethal As you learn of his loss, his hard exterior has fissures, in this wounded man there is a infiltratable c I am most grateful to LE FRENCH BOOK who allowed me access to this remarkable book via Net Galley.
Otherwise I may well have missed out on a real treat and finding a new author to me.
Set in Mali, Africa it is both a fresh twist on a crime thriller and a familiar friend at the same time It has the feel of earlier US crime thrillers with private investigators embroiled in a life threatening case because they looked up and saw a beautiful femme fatale work into their office and couldn t say no.
However it is so much than a homage to previous murder mysteries it is very much uptodate set in a country that few people in the UK may know about until occassionally some event hits the news Mali is on the front line of terriorism but also has a rich French colonial past and this blend is beautifully exploited by the author who produces a plot that intrigues, fascinates and shocks the read

I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley I thank them for their generousity In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising I n Mali everything s possible and nothing s certain Souleymane aka Solo Camara, a former French drug force detective expat living in his late father s house, runs Camara Investigations as a Private Dectective shadowing illicit spouses, finding the bad guys and learning just how much you have to bribe a Malian to get anything done.
Then Farah Tebessi come into his life asking him to find her sister Bahia Accused of being a drug mule, she s disappeared into the corrupt system of Bamako and Farah is desperate to f Thank You to Net Galley, the author and the publishers for a ARC copy for a honest review.
Hard boiled PI fiction will relish Guillame s first book to be translated into English French attorney Farah Tebessi approaches ex cop Solo Camara, who works as a PI in Bamako, Mali, for help after her younger sister, Bahia, gets into trouble Bahia, who s a law student in France, was about to catch a flight for Paris from the Bamako airport when she was arrested for transporting 13 kilos of cocaine in her luggage Since Farah believes that buying off people is the national pastime in Mali, she asks Solo to bribe the examining magistrate in charge of the case in exchange for dropping it Solo agrees and succeeds in getting Bahia freed When Bahia turns up with her throat slit in the Niger River, Farah asks Solo to find the killers an White Leopard by Laurent GuillaumeI ve just read the most macho, sexist, gratuitously violent novel that I have read for a long time not forgetting the graphic sex Been there, done that and do not need to be told everything in great detail, I have a perfectly good imagination, but I suppose others may want Sad though, it shows a lack of finesse in an otherwise well written story Yes, a well written story, which I am ashamed to say, I couldn t put down The hero was something else, a sad, lonely figure still mourning the death of his wife and child, but with a violent and vengeful nature, which he puts to full use However, the way he is able to get out of so many life threatening situations in the most implausible ways, beggars belief The main redeeming aspect of the story for me was the author s description of the

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