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Trailer å Untamed: A House of Night Novel PDF by å P.C. Cast It's a good thing these teen vampire dramas take only a couple of hours to read.
I've read the first four of this series and each one made me vomit in my mouth just a little more.
I know, you're asking why I have read 4 if the first one made me throw up even just a little.
Well, it's a funny thing, I'd rather stick a book out on the off chance that the ending makes the whole thing worth it, than never know if the ending made the whole thing worth it.
Now mind you, the endingmakingacrappybookworthit thing very rarely happens.
I know it's happened to me before, but I just can't remember when.
It's a good think I'm not in a terrible marriage, right, I'd be here till the end waiting to see if it got better.

It's usually not such a bad thingI'm a fast reader.
Even if the book produces much mouth vomit, I only have to spit an This is a very important book of the series because two really significant characters are making a grand entrance:

James Stark, the new boy in school, the dog lover, the archery genius who has never missed a target and who will make all the Zoey’s pursuers (dead and alive) fade away.

Stark was cute.
He was medium tall, not quarterback tall like my human exboyfriend, Heath, or abnormally gorgeous Superman tall like my fledglingturnedvampyre exboyfriend, Erik.
But he wasn’t short, either.
Actually, he was about Damien’s height.
He was kinda on the thin side, but I could see muscles through his old Tshirt, and his arms were definitely yummy.
He had cute, messy guy hair, that sandy color between blond and brown.
His face was okay, too, with a strong chin, straight nose, big brown eyes, and n Right off the bat, this is my favorite book of The House of Night series.
Yes, it's only book 4, but it is fantastic.
This book doesn't deal with Zoey's love life as much as the others have.
I'm all for the ooeygooey bits, but this one does well without her having a boy (or man) in her life.
It focuses on Zoey coming into her own and she is beginning to portray the high priestess that she really is.

A new character, Stark, is introduced, but his part is just too short in this book, so I'm hoping there will be more to come of him in the future books.
Neferet has truly gone evil and Aphrodite is, gasp, nice! I finally like Aphrodite and am happy to read about her snobby self without wanting to smack her.
Zoey's Grandma comes to stay at The House of Night and it is easy to feel the love all of the fledglings feel towards this woman.
The Cast's did a wonderfu I found the book so fucking annoying.
Why is Zoey such a ho and a hypocrite? She and her friends call Aphrodite a ho when Zoey is a ho! I mean, she was dating Erik, Loren, and Heath.
At the same time! Then she goes after Stark and when it's been two or three days she starts kissing up on him! What the hell?

The fact that she has to mention that Damien and Jack are gay and that Shaunee and Erin aren't twins gets on my nerves every time!

Then she gets all mad when Erik starts to call her a slut! Can you seriously blame him.
He walked in to find her and Loren fucking each other! And she gets all hurt when Heath breaks up with her and gets with Casey or something.

I couldn't stand this paragraph when I saw it.

"But I couldn't.
I couldn't be al Ok, so I really hated the last book and I told myself I wasn't going to read anymore of this series, but I came across a cheap electronic version and I couldn't help myself.
I am glad I did.
This book was so much better than the previous ones, my only two complaints are: 1.
too short!! and 2.
I know this is targeted towards a young audience, but come on, does Zoe really need multiple love interests in every book!!!? And to make it worse, does she really have to fall "head over heels" for EVERY guy that shows even remote interest? Ugh, it drives me crazy when a strong and otherwise independent heroine seems to need male attention 24/7 to feel worthwhile.
Once again, I am not some feministnazimenhater, I love romance.
I think

So when we last left Zoey, Erik had mercilessly slutshamed Zoey until her friends abandoned her, Loren had died, and Neferet was evilly declaring war against humans for those murders that she totally didn’t do.
Untamed picks up like a day or two later, with Zoey sulking because her friends are angry at her for not telling them things I can’t be fucked to remember.
I think it was about Stevie Rae? Also possibly Loren? Anyway, the vital part is that Zoey’s adrift with only Aphrodite as an ally, which makes her more vulnerable than usual, because of reasons.
Luckily this lasts all of two seconds before Aphrodite bullies Zoey’s friends into not being mad at her anymore, because god forbid things have consequences.


C Cast had created a great book.
I love that the story has something to do with legends and myths, really i found the idea with Kalona really impressing.

And maybe because i am a teenager i just adore the easygoing writing style.

Those are some plus points.

Even if i gave the book 5 star rating that doesnt mean the book was flawless.
I am 15 years old and i had a boyfriend, i know how it felt like to be between handsome men, but still i doubt Zoey is normal.

My first impression:
Zoey is a TOO nice girl
Zoey is freakishly shallow
Zoey is over hyperactive aggressive and has no women's pride
Zoey has issue/hyper sex/whatever

Why cant she just break up the imprint with Heath? Why couldn't she think clearly before fooling around with H Okay, even though I haven't been a teen for a couple of years (uhm, make that over a decade), I'm a HUGE fan of the House of Night series.
(Rather obvious, considering I bought it on the date of its release) Marked, Betrayed and Chosen were superb! That said, I really enjoyed Untamed, but if I had to order the books according to preferenceit'd be fourth on my list.

I eagerly await Hunted.
And the twists and turns I anticipate (and can't even imagine) will result from the events in Untamed.
(Nope, no spoilers from me).

OK, honestly, what type of reaction would you expect from someone who used to be your boyfriend and CAUGHT you in the action of not only making out with someone, but down right naked in a freakin room at school doing the freak nasty to a teacher.

'Erik looked at me.
His blue eyes were absolutely expressionless, which felt completely wrong.
Those same eyes had shown me happiness and passion and warmth and even the beginnings of love.
Then they'd shown me hurt and anger.
And now they showed me nothing at all? How could that even be possible?'

Um Zoey, its possible ur a .

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P.C. Cast

Trailer å Untamed: A House of Night Novel PDF by å P.C. Cast PC was born in the Midwest, and grew up being shuttled back-and-forth between Illinois and Oklahoma, which is where she fell in love with Quarter Horses and mythology (at about the same time). After high school, she joined the United States Air Force and began public speaking and writing. After her tour in the USAF, she taught high school for 15 years before retiring to write full time. PC is a #1