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[ Pdf Traffik ↠´ native-americans PDF ] by Andy Lang ë I received this book in exchange for an honest review I will say I enjoyed the plot and the progress of the storyline I did enjoy learning the girls back stories However I was not pleased with the way mental illness was portrayed in this book I was also not a fan of how much he emphasized the lesbianism Let me say I am not a judgmental person and firmly believe that everyone has a right to love who they shall love I just felt that it was forced and not natural Thank you Mr Lang for bringing awareness to the cause There absolutely should be done in the area of human trafficking.
A Story Of Modern Day Slavery Four Girls Stolen From Their Homes And Sold Into A Life Of Degradation And Humiliation, Four Very Different Girls Who Learn To Respect And Rely On Each Other As They Battle For Survival Against The Odds And A Cruel And Powerful EnemyFollow Spoiled And Vain Jata, Sensible And Motherly Akinyi, Sensitive But Disturbed Shani And Worldly Marija As They Strive To Regain Their Stolen Freedom And Dignity I enjoyed this book Although it was a piece of fiction, it is actually very true to the life of millions of people worldwide.
This book is much deeper than his first with detailed interraction between the different girls Not wishing to add any spoiler but I have to admit as I worked my way through the book, my least favourite character at the beginning became my favourite at the end It s frightening to know that this sort of thing is actually happening in the 21st century.
Mtwapa Creek, Kenya Akinyi loved the Lake Victoria wilds all the creatures that inhabited the continent Her father per tradtion was looking for a elgible bachelor for her Mother had other plans for her daughter Akinyi was off to college She was going to major in Hotel Resort Management.
After graduation she was headed to Mombasa town She started out as a receptionist.
Something came up Rasta Man Rastafarian, elderly, Siaya found Akinyi another job.
Now she was employed as a Cyber Caf Attendant.
1 day at the beach she met Josephine prostitute.
Akinyi mother found out she was pregnant Later Akinyi Shani had become friends Limuru village, Nairobi Njeri lived with her Godwyne dad, teacher , mom.
The Dr s had dignosed her with a mental illness Njeri was Shani s BFF confidant Shani now worked for Joyce as a domestic maid Jata lived with Condestina Kama My favorite character was Akinyi and I liked hearing about her life in Kenya.
The book captured how how easily a person can be sold and the devastating impact It was a long and detailed story Hearing from four different characters and their different personalities was interesting.

When I saw the promo for this book, I instantly decided I would buy it, and then I was lucky enough to win a free copy in exchange for a review Andy Lang exposes the reader to the brutal and heart wrenching reality of sex trafficking the modern version of slave trade and few things, in my opinion, can be important than making people aware of this disgrace to our society and rallying the public up to fight it by any means possible This, and the detailed exotic African setting in the first part of the book, compels me to give it no less than four stars.
However, I must say that in some ways I have been disappointed I found the characters somewhat stereotypical and lacking depth and true development throughout the plot Also, the excessive emphasis on lesbian relationships does not, in my opinion, enhance the plot or character development I received this book in exchange for an honest review Well, life is too short to read poorly written books I tried to read this book, I kept picking it up, starting it, hoping that it would get better I really wanted to love this book It could have been so good I officially got to page 82 and I just had to DNF this book The writing is awful with very obvious grammatical errors I finally put the book down when the described mental disorder was so awfully shown that I just couldn t handle it any I m sorry but I just cannot handle books that poorly portray mental illness in this way Maybe it gets better later on, but my life is too short to continue reading a book that I cannot stand.

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[ Pdf Traffik ↠´ native-americans PDF ] by Andy Lang ë sustanon.pro Andy Lang was born in the north west of England in 1965 and worked in the early years as an engineer in an agricultural manufacturing company, moving from the United Kingdom in the late 1990 s he subsequently spent many years in the entertainment industry in Catalu a, Northern Spain and property sales in Andalucia, Southern Spain, he is currently an Independent Financial Advisor in East Africa Ov