Ù The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book ↠´ Download by ì Joe Daly

Ù The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book ↠´ Download by ì Joe Daly Excellent plotting and naturally funny smooth execution all around.
The art is marvelous His attention to elaborate detail does the best job of giving his world its sence of place that I can remember witnessing which is especially appreciated by those unfamiliar with South Africa.
My ONLY problem with its presentation is the way he creates shadows I applaud his tremendous effort to get the lighting right but it comes across as forced because the shadows are too uniform as if he shaded by computer.
Joe Daly s cartoon style is great, and the colors work especially well in this book, containing two entertaining and humorous stories Fun and goofy reading, that hints at a little but is content to joke around as it pleases.
Set In Sun Drenched Cape Town, South Africa, The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book Featuring Two Full Length Stories, The Leaking Cello Case And John Wesley Harding Is Stuffed To The Gills With Mystery, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Conspiracy Theories, Cool Cars, And Excellent Weed As Dave And His Freeloading Pal Paul, Well Meaning Stoners In The Tradition Of Cheech Chong And Harold Kumar, Thwart Criminal Malfeasance Even As They Ponder The Larger Questions, Such As, What Steps Can I Personally Take To Help Protect The Earth And The Species That Inhabit It Though Most People S Answers To These Questions Don T Involve Sword Fights And HovercraftsJoe Daly Brings A Refreshingly original And Utterly Hilarious Voice To The Comics Medium, A Dry, Deadpan Wit Anchored In Everyday Reality Combined With Unnervingly Deranged Plots, Rendered With A Hyper Detailed, Half Realistic And Half Cartoony Tintin Style Crispness If I can fault anything in this book, it would be that the characters are a little wordy Lots of dialogue that could have been pared down a little to tell a smoother story Joe Daly has a lot going for him and I m sure that most American readers haven t even heard of him Characters are stiff and weird they look like they have all had masks jammed on their faces Environments are very clean and detailed Closest comparison I can come up with would be Herge with a lot of penis references and bad language Good times I recommend Daly s Dungeon Quest books, but they are are a little bit different in tone and style.
Fun and a little weird I like the art style and coloring I d totally read and I m adding this volume to my Wish List.
I liked this one It s not great literature or anything, but sweet, enjoyable fun D I really loved this book and its characters Taking place in Capetown, it follows the adventures of a graphic designer with monkey feet.
I saw this in a used bookstore in Austin last summer and was attracted to its shaggy, slacker vibe I had no room in my suitcase for book purchases, so I added it to my Comixology wish list and finally got to it Imagine Tintin crossed with The Big Lebowski and Mike Judge, and you ll have a sense of the bonkers spirit of this mystery comic from South Africa The color, line work, controlled panel layout, and storyline are pure Herge who gets a shout out in the first story , with the indelible, eccentric character building of a Coen Brothers comedy crossed with the slacker ethos of Mike Judge s animated work Loved it

Dave is an artist with monkey feet living in South Africa, writing and drawing comics and doing design work for companies to make rent His best friend, Paul, is a unemployed stoner who gets Dave into scrapes and then helps him back out In this book there are two stories featuring the duo The Leaking Cello Case, a short comic about a mysterious knocking above Dave s apartment, and John Wesley Harding, a much longer story about the mystery of the drying up wetlands, a complicated conspiracy involving microwave technology, and a missing capybara Joe Daly s artwork is amazing The drawings are clear and detailed and he captures life in South Africa beautifully from the city streets to the isolated wetlands The colours leap out at you and the overall look is a very attractive comic The stories are reminiscent of Tintin with Dave as Tintin and Paul as Captain H .

Joe Daly

Ù The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book ↠´ Download by ì Joe Daly Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book book, this is one of the most wanted Joe Daly author readers around the world.