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Download Epub Format è The Marbled Swarm PDF by Û Dennis Cooper I love Dennis Cooper than his characters love underage rough trade psycopath nymphet boytoys with daddy issues But one thing Dennis Cooper is not is subtle Sophisticated, yes layered with meaning, absolutely but understated, no way In fact, I would argue that his greatest talent is his ability to be the opposite of subtle it s his unrelenting repulsiveness that so powerfully drives his work to ever crueler, ever captivating heights Which is to say that I hated this book I mean, really The ferocious and brilliant author of the violently enjoyable The Sluts decides to pen a subtle, understated, meandering novel about a subtle, understated, meandering way of speaking, all of it a subtle, understated, meandering pastiche of the limp mid century nouveau roman style Yo, Dennis, Imma let you finish, but Paul Auster is the best Robbe G The Marbled Swarm is a performance of gruesome virtuosity, a blood gilded house of cards that geometrically collapses down to a single card containing the superimposed forms of all that preceded it, at last finding itself reduced, pure and tragic, a simplicity it so desperately attempted to obscure with endless card tricks mysteries within mysteries, horrific acts minutely detailed, the ultimate veneer of language itself attempted to obscure out of nothing so much as failed self preservation instincts.
Reading this was a conflicting experience pressing hard along the art trash lines that post modernism has gleefully attempted to erase, this is poetic, artful, densely layered and impeccably refined, yet also often willfully irredeemable and repugnant And I don t say that lightly, I don t shock so easily any Early on, we watch our protagonist s uncomfortable blackly funny attentions towar

The rating I ve given may pique interest in this book, but caveats are incredibly necessary If you are someone who needs to identify with the narrator or characters in a novel, do not read this book.
If you are a reader who resents being intentionally manipulated by an author, do not read this book.
If you are a reader who believes there is not a single thing of value in the works of Marquis de Sade, do not read this book.
If you are a reader who cannot tolerate 48 pages of hints, redactions, circumlocutions, and subterfuge, again do not read this book.
However if you happen to be a person who fantasizes about raping and killing young boys, or if you are a depressed Emo kid fantasizing about being raped and eaten Hannibal Lecter style, then.
umPLEASE read this book rather than act on your inclinations I say that with a shudder that I d co A very beautifully layered novel that one can almost taste the narrative Considering it deals with cannibalism among other things this may not be your type of flavor but it is an essential read by one of the great English language writers alive What strikes me about the novel for me personally is the jaded aristocratic voice that runs through it All of Dennis Cooper s novels have a strong visual sense and usually with the minimal language The Marbled Swarm is different because the text is so dense and beautifully spread out that its just a joy to go over the sentences over and over again It has its own music, and the images that come from the music is both funny and highly poetic.
A lot of people will probably react to the violence and sex, but to me in the hands of M Cooper its a beautiful instrument that play Chasing the intriguing mystery story plot as it reflects down and back a hallway of mirrors may set you up for a slight feeling of disappointment on the last page, but this book isn t actually quite done with you yet, and there s much fun to be had arranging and processing this books many vivid symbols with the benefit of hindsight Even if the repulsive brutality sours you on prolonging your exposure to the marbled swarm, I d still say this narrator s voice alone is kind of unmissable It s like virtuoso power metal in ways than one I also found that this guy pairs nicely with instrumental obvs Coil, particularly Time Machines The Remote Viewer.
i have never read anything like this before one of my favorite novels.
To distill this review into one sentence, I suppose I could write Lolita and David Lynch have a baby in the dungeon of a chateau, who grows up being filmed by his father, who hides with his camera behind fake walls that contain secret rooms and tunnels that eventually lead the boy to deviant cannibalism and and a gift for unwielding long stories within stories attached to houses within houses, which he narrates to a mirror with us on the other side.
I just bought Dennis Cooper s Closer on my Kindle and I am already terrified that someone is going to look at my Kindle and start reading it and see that it is not only pornographic, but pornographic in the most disturbing sense possible I am fully convinced that e Readers were invented for the sole purpose of being able to hide all your erotica from your friends.
Dennis Cooper scares me, yet The Marbled Swarm was still one of the most interesting novels I ve read this year The Marbled Swarm refers to the narrator s manner of speaking It s a style that is both intricate and convoluted, but the most interesting thing about this Marbled Swarm is how it is also reflected in the plot itself the plot continually stops, regresses, or goes off on a perm The Marbled Swarm Is Dennis Cooper S Most Haunting Work To Date In Secret Passageways, Hidden Rooms, And The Troubled Mind Of Our Narrator, A Mystery Perpetually Takes Shape And The Most Compelling Clue To Its Final Nature Is The Marbled Swarm Itself, A Complex Amalgam Of Language Passed Down From Father To SonCooper Ensnares The Reader In A World Of Appearances, Where The Trappings Of High Art, Old Money, And Haute Cuisine Obscure An Unspeakable System Of Coercion And Surrender And As The Narrator Stalks An Elusive Truth, Traveling From The French Countryside To Paris And Back Again, The Reader Will Be Seduced By A Voice Only Dennis Cooper Could Create Since this won t be released for a while, I don t want to say too much Some quick thoughts I m a huge admirer of Dennis Cooper s work and The Marbled Swarm strikes me as a genuine masterpiece Set in Parisian warehouse apartments and country chateaus, the novel is riddled with secret passages, doubles, cannibalism, and peepholes that reveal both and less than they appear Its labyrinthine structure is worthy of Robbe Grillet and the puppetmaster narrator is an equal of Pale Fire s Kinbote in terms of his corrosive wit and disturbing half revelations The sentences themselves are also exquisitely wrought, each one seeming to simultaneously expose and obscure some element of the narrative This is Cooper s mo

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Download Epub Format è The Marbled Swarm PDF by Û Dennis Cooper Dennis Cooper was born on January 10, 1953 and grew up in the Southern California cities of Covina and Arcadia In 1976, he founded Little Caesar Magazine and Press, which he ran until 1982 In 1985, he moved to Amsterdam for two and a half years, where he began his ten year long project, The George Miles Cycle, an interconnected sequence of five novels that includes Closer, Frisk, Try, Guide, and