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ã Read ã The Liquidator by Iain Parke µ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The Liquidator is kind of like a spy novel and kind of like a thriller Only the main character is not a spy but an accountant working for a company that manages the winding up of affairs for companies that are being shut down for bad debts Bwana Paul I don t recall last names being mentioned for any of the characters is in an unnamed African country bordering on Rwanda near the time of the conflict between the Hutus and Tutsis He and his assistant are assigned to untangle the affairs of a company that has defaulted on a debt to the national bank The company, New Mwanchi, fights back with lawsuits and all the legal delays at their disposal But troubling is the strange secrecy surrounding just what it is that they actually do The Liquidator is not a Mystery thriller set in an unspecified unstable east African country.
This is a fabulous story that had me hooked from the beginning The opening chapter was one of my favourites, and as the story unfolds you can really understand the characters actions Paul was a bit shocked to hear that his Geologist friend Chuck was killed in a helicopter accident, but he s even surprised when he hears that the State Protection Unit were investigating it The Secret Police wouldn t normally get involved in an accident The company Paul worked for was asked to audit the New Mwanchi Factory which was a smelting works, and see what they could do to keep it trading, and find a potential buyer Iain and Paul are quite surprised by what they find at the factory, and it seems to be doing than just being used as a smeltin The Liquidator by Iain Parke is a gripping thriller set in East Afrika and explores the darker side of this beautiful continent crime, corruption, violence and greed.
Wrapped into a wider political election and a conspiracy plot the story of our hero Paul is quite powerful Without giving much of the complex plot away I can say this is well written, has great humorous moments and a carefully chosen lead character whose often naive ideas clash with the harsh reality and push him to his limits.
I am not overly fond of conspiracy thrillers but I rally enjoyed this one.

Dangerous things happen in Africa.
People disappear.
Everybody knows that.
But as an outsider, Paul thinks he is safe, even from the secret police, whatever he starts to find, or wherever it leads despite the turmoil leading up to the country s first multi party election and with a diamond fuelled civil war raging in the failed state just across the border.
But when Paul finds himself and his friends trapped holding a potentially deadly secret as the country begins to implode, what will he be prepared to do to protect himself and those around him in order to escape Iain s first novel, The Liquidator, is a contemporary political mystery black comedy that asks, when the chips are down, what would you do if you felt threatened enough in an alien situation Gets inside your head according to one reader review just don t take it as your safari holiday read i received this book in exchange for an honest review the book is about the life in Africa midst all the corruption and mysteries the story is well developed but what i enjoyed most is the style of writing there are very few authors these days who know how to write and it is s shear to come across one i would recommend this book to all the readers who are into thriller and quality reading loved it Not the sort of book I d normally read, but I like this author so gave it a try Great, I couldn t put it down.
I was going to read it Then in the description is basically said the character is in Africa and the country is about to implode AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY Dangerous Things Happen In Africa People Disappear Everybody Knows ThatBut As An Outsider, Paul Thinks He Is Safe, Even From The Secret Police, Whatever He Starts To Find, Or Wherever It Leads Despite The Turmoil Leading Up To The Country S First Multi Party Election And With A Diamond Fuelled Civil War Raging In The Failed State Just Across The BorderBut When Paul Finds Himself And His Friends Trapped Holding A Potentially Deadly Secret As The Country Begins To Implode, What Will He Be Prepared To Do To Protect Himself And Those Around Him In Order To Escape Iain S First Novel, The Liquidator, Is A Contemporary Political Mystery Black Comedy That Asks, When The Chips Are Down, What Would You Do If You Felt Threatened Enough In An Alien Situation

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