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[Mike Bond] ✓ The Last Savanna [holiday PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ô requested this book on a whim, generally being interested in books on Africa, and I m very glad that I opted to read this book as it was a very enjoyable read There were many parts that set this book apart from other books about Africa, but most notably the characters and beautiful writing.
The plot in this book was really interesting The story follows a couple groups of people, that end up interconnecting at the end One group is a group of Somali poachers, bent on collecting tusks from the few remaining elephants in Kenya Another group is a collection of soldiers, some new and some seasoned veterans, bent on protecting the elephants from the poachers The reader is also introduced to a man and a woman I won t give anything away and is left entranced as the story follows the hardships they face The plot was strong before the lo The Last Savanna by Mike Bond is described as an existential thriller with environmental elements and a major focus on the extreme lengths we go to for love Immediately I was swept up in the eloquent yet articulate prose, which at times delved deep into my being to touch upon experiences I have had in life, at other times the writing was so verbose that I had difficulty understanding what the author was attempting to say In hindsight I believe this mix of hitting the nail on the head and over my head is a testament to the author s ability to strike a chord within the reader, when applicable, and to allow the reader to imagine, when not Once I allowed myself to fall into the story and the heady language, I found myself needing to know how it was to end.
What fi In a nutshell this isn t the book I thought I was going to get I thought Africa, poaching and a thriller trying to save Elephants, yes please I have strong opinions about poaching and I love animals, especially elephants I expected a realistic, gritty but hopefully hopeful story about the fight against poaching That doesn t seem to be what this is about.
I have looked at some other reviews in order to see what s going to happen, and i m so not interested I can already see MacAdam has no interest in saving the elephants, he doesn t give a crap He just wants the thrill of killing, of action and adventure It s not about saving the elephants at all.
MacAdam and his wife Dorothy are on the rocks She wants to go back home to Englandand apparently he deals with that Mike Bond s The Last Savanna Mandevilla Press 2013 is one of the most darkly beautiful books you will ever read If it were non fiction, you d consider him a nature writer of the caliber of Matthiesen but dystopian read these snippets Like malaria, Africa Once bitten you can never shake it The shoulder high thorn bushes grew thicker near the stream The downslope breeze twirled their strong, dusty scents among their gnarled trunks He waited for the comforting twitter of sunbirds in the streamside acacias, the muffled snuffling of warthogs, or the swish of vervet monkeys in the branches Shaking flies from his muzzle, he trotted through the scrub and bent his head to suck the water flashing and bubbling over the black stones The old lioness This is the story of a man who s lived his entire life in Africa s wild beauty He s raised his children, built his ranch, and now become Review to come A bit of travel delay, but here it is Is it all dreams and loneliness, with no purpose How awful to die never having scratched the surface of your soul The Last Savanna Fierce Raw Brutal Graphic Not for the faint of heart Based on the trailer synopsis, in addition to ISBN category tags, Elephants, Africa fiction, and Ivory Poaching fiction being the top three, I had envisioned devouring this novel with great attentive enthusiasm My heart grieves for the rape of the African continent for it s natural resources, bringing extinct or near extinction her wonderful flora and fauna The trouble with war is that what you defend soon doesn t matter, you always end up killing what you wanted to protect However, Elephants and poaching take a back seat to the main theme of Bond s novel What is the meaning of life through the ey

By the time I finished The Last Savanna, I felt I had read several different books by at least as many authors This book came highly recommended, and I expected much than I received.
The book had a quirky start, taking almost three chapters until readers are finally introduced to some of the characters I get that the author was trying to set the tone of the story, a lengthy survival of the fittest lesson taught over and over By the time I was halfway through the story, I had almost come to appreciate the long setup About that time, the whole story structure began to fall apart.
Author Mike Bond had developed a fairly decent story by then MacAdam, a man in love with his adopted country than his wife, agrees to help on a government backed raid against Somali poachers When the poachers split The Last Savannaby Mike Bond978 1 62704 008 2Mandevilla PressLove story Fable Lament.
Adventure Travelogue.
Celebration of life, of things larger than life.
Celebration of love.
Celebration of death.
The Last Savanna is all of those, and Its characters are complex, their motivations a mix of the divine, the grand, the selfless, juxtaposed with the bestial, the small, the selfish Which of these emotions do we, the reader, identify within ourselves as we read All of them, I d wager.
Mike Bond has evoked a vision of Africa that I will not soon forget The dark continent lives below its white infested surface, the wonders of the native animals forever changed by the scourge of the European invaders and empire builders Its black rebirth yet has petty conflicts born from the imagined wealth represented by the white man On its surface, The Last Savanna is about a group of Somali ivory poachers who have entered Kenya, the woman kidnapped by one of the poachers, and the man tasked with hunting down the poachers and rescuing the woman, and these events make for an interesting story However, the real star of this novel is not any of the human beings, but Africa itself.
I cannot remember the last time I read a work of fiction in which the sense of place was so strong and commanding Mike Bond s descriptions of the flora, fauna, and environment are so beautifully written that I felt as though I were standing there with the characters The primary poaching scene is written from the point of view of one of the young elephants, and I could feel her rage and pain radiating from each sentence The Last Savanna is based on Bond s personal experiences in Africa, and that knowledge has The Last Savannah is an African action adventure playing itself out in the deserts, savannas and wildness of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.
Ian MacAdam, a Kenyan farmer and former SAS officer, cannot deny his assistance when an old friend who saved his life numerous times, ask him to join a commando hunting down the poachers of the last elephants of Kenya This request forces him to a make a final choice about his love and dedication to Africa when his wife, a lonely alcoholic, announces her departure to England for good She never wants to see Africa again He never wants to leave it He will die with his boots on she says Ian wants to go on this mission and use it as an opportunity to make a decision about his future Through the aspirations of a young poacher in love, another dimension will be added to the battle, when he kidnaps With Africa S Last Elephants Dying Under The Poachers Guns, Kenya Rancher And Former SAS Officer Ian MacAdam Leads A Commando Squad Against Them Pursuing The Poachers Through Jungled Mountains And Searing Deserts He Battles Thirst, Solitude, Terror And Lethal Animals, Only To Find That The Poachers Have Kidnapped A Young Archaeologist, Rebecca Hecht, Whom He Once Loved And Bitterly Lost McAdam Embarks Upon A Desperate Trek To Save Not Only Rebecca But His Own Soul In An Africa Torn Apart By Wars, Overpopulation, And The Slaughter Of Its Last Wildlife Based On The Author S Experiences Pursuing Elephant Poachers In The Wilds Of East Africa

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[Mike Bond] ✓ The Last Savanna [holiday PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ô sustanon.pro MIKE BOND has been called the master of the existential thriller by the BBC and one of the 21st centurys most exciting authors by the Washington Times He is a bestselling novelist, environmental activist, international energy expert, war and human rights correspondent and award winning poet who has lived and worked in many remote and dangerous parts of the world His critically acclaimed novels