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Download Epub Format è The Forest of Hands and Teeth PDF by » Carrie Ryan Ok personally, when I see a book rated 3 stars I tend to avoid it, 3 stars to me seems a very poor rating However, I want to stress that I think this book is worth the read and the story is very intriguing, even so far as that I am looking into getting the next book in the series.
So why did it get 3 stars Well, it wasthan ok and I did like it, but there were just enough elements that annoyed me to not reach the really liked it marker, especially when I compare it to other books that I ve said to have really liked.
For one, and this has been said a lot about this book, the protagonist was a pain in the ass She was selfish and weak and pathetic She constantly wanted to be saved by Travis or Harry or Jed, and yet she repeatedly shows a complete lack of emotion at others pr some mild spoilers ahead ohhh boy, this was dark and filled with death and zombies and i loved every minute of it literally all my friends found this slow and boring, but i m here like biTCH WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT I NEED TO KNOW i m so shook, i literally had such low expectations for this book because everyone hates it I guess I just hate books people love and love books people hate.
i don t know why, but i went into this thinking it was a horror ghost story, but it s actually about zombies Mary lives in a very religious village ruled by the Sisterhood and the Guardians the Sisterhood is strict and enforces rules for everyone to follow and stay safe the Guardians have always protected against the Unconsecrated zombies and provided for them when the Unconsecrated break through the fences and start attacking the village, Mary has to decide if she w In Mary S World There Are Simple Truths The Sisterhood Always Knows Best The Guardians Will Protect And Serve The Unconsecrated Will Never Relent And You Must Always Mind The Fence That Surrounds The Village The Fence That Protects The Village From The Forest of Hands and Teeth But, Slowly, Mary S Truths Are Failing Her She S Learning Things She Never Wanted To Know About The Sisterhood And Its Secrets, And The Guardians And Their Power, And About The Unconsecrated And Their Relentlessness When The Fence Is Breached And Her World Is Thrown Into Chaos, She Must Choose Between Her Village And Her Future Between The One She Loves And The One Who Loves Her And She Must Face The Truth About The Forest of Hands and Teeth Could There Be Life Outside A World Surrounded By So Much Death Dear Mary,You went full Shane You never go full Shane.
Hugs and kisses, Kikixoxo More filler YA garbage It had potential I guess but the writing quality, the plot quality, the dialogue quality, I just can t It was like the author lost a bet over how minimal a vocabulary she could use to write a book Ocean Ocean OCEAN OCEAN OCEAN OCEAN I swear to god stop saying ocean talk about something else anything else Seriously Do not hit your readers over the head with a hammer we GET IT WE GET IT DON T REMIND US EVERY CHAPTER I AM DROWNING IN YOUR SEA OF OCEANS.
All the main character Mary cared about was going to the ocean And told us constantly There was almost nothing else in her empty head and her characterization was so one dimensional it was putting me to sleep Then there was her love for Travis, lets put love in quotes because even I was very much looking forward to reading this book Great premise, rave reviews Unfortunately, I was disappointed First of all, I truly disliked the writing style Present tense writing can do wonders in skillful hands see Wake, Fade by Lisa McMann , but in this case this style was mishandled, it didn t add any kind of intensity to the story Quite the opposite, I was extremely irritated by it I don t think this book was in any way original It read mostly like kind of Village Dawn of the Dead I Am Legend combo, just worse than either of those stories Then there were these multiple fumbling romances that had no depth to them and only added a thick layer of unnecessary angst to already boring narrative.
Finally, too many things in this books were left untold I do l I don t think I ve read a zombie book that I didn t like Sorry about the spoiler because yes, The Forest of Hands and Teeth is as story about zombies but it s very gracefully written, you sometimes forget there are zombies in it Carrie Ryan definitely has an effortless way of bringing art out of her words Her writing seems to have this hypnotic effect on me and I just had to keep reading.
Writing aside though, I think the plot is also very commendable and I think very original The utopian world is literally juxtaposed with the dystopian world and I was very impressed with the idea The main characters live safely in a Pleasantville ish village and believe they are the last humans on earth while outside the fence where lies The Forest of Hands and Teeth, the Unconsecrated surround them keeping the people inside and leaving them no choice but be content with how they live But Mary, our

I just finished reading, and I m not sure if I liked it or not To be honest, I feel sort of drained and depressed now that I am done However, I ve never really read any other stories about zombies, so I don t have anything to compare it to The plot held my interest, and it is not a very long book, so that is a plus I can t really say that I sympathized with any of the characters in the story, though.
It is told from Mary s point of view, but I didn t really like her very much I found her obsessive need to see the ocean a little annoying I know, I know Without it, there would be no plot Still She didn t come off as an adventurous young woman who wouldn t settle She came off to me, anyway as a girl who s single minded selfishness caused everyone around her nothing but pain Ok, maybe that s too harsh I think she did care about the other peo See this family Or this family Take a good long hard look at all of their faces See how happy, how healthy, how loving they are Imagine you ve known them your entire life and that you love each onethan life itself.
Now imagine if you were one of the people in that photograph with them Now imagine that I told you and all those other people standing and smiling with you that I was going to kill you all so that I could go for a trip to the beachOkay, now you know the basic plot of The Forest of Hands and Teeth.
I ve mentioned before that I have a love hate relationship with zombies On one hand, I love reading zombie books and watching zombie movies On the other I will then spend two weeks wide awake clutching a baseball bat while waiting for the s Synopsis Sometime in the future, the world is overrun by zombies people infected by an unknown virus that causes them to return as the undead and feed on human flesh called the Unconsecrated Mary lives in a village surrounded by The Forest of Hands and Teeth, where the Unconsecrated are kept out by a chain link fence, and to the villagers knowledge, they may be the last bastion of uninfected humanity Mary s little world is ruled by fear and the people have turned to a Medieval like religious fervor to give them hope Mary grew up with stories of Outside the Forest and fences and her latent desire to uncover the truth eclipses everything when Mary finds out a dangerous secret However, a blooming romance further complicates matters, and Mary will have to make a choiceMy review The story sounds promising, right It does

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