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[ Pdf The Carnivorous City Ó beauty-and-the-beast PDF ] by Toni Kan º Sabato Rabato Aka Soni Dike Is A Lagos Big Boy A Criminal Turned Grandee, With A Beautiful Wife, A Sea Side Mansion And A Questionable Fortune Then One Day He Disappears And His Car Is Found In A Ditch, Music Blaring From The SpeakersSoni S Older Brother, Abel Dike, A Teacher, Arrives In Lagos To Look For His Missing Brother Abel Is Rapidly Sucked Into The Unforgiving Lagos Maelstrom Where He Has To Navigate Encounters With A Motley Cast Of Common Criminals, Deal With Policemen All Intent On Getting A Piece Of The Pie, And Contend With His Growing Attraction To His Brother S WifeCarnivorous City Is A Story About Love, Family And Just Desserts But It Is Above All A Tale About Lagos And The People Who Make The City By The Lagoon What It Is I really enjoyed this book A story about Abel a quiet and introverted lecturer forced to leave his mundane life in Asaba when his brother, Soni, a wealthy Lagos thug goes missing Soon he is immersed in the hustle of Lagos and finds himself doing and saying things he previously found repulsive things he condemned his brother for He pretty much turns into his brother It is well written, witty and downright hilarious sometimes.
I definitely recommend A friend loaned me this book when I was reading another, and although I did not plan to read it until later, I flipped through and read some lines and immediately I knew I was going to read it sooner than I expected.
The book gives a vivid description of the typical Lagos life and the different characters that make Lagos what it is From the big boys who do crime for a living and their families, to the corrupt everyday people who will do anything to make money, and the nightlife of Lagos clubbing The book tells the story of how a family thrives after one of their own who is also a criminal and a businessman goes missing.
The book was very easy for me to read as I live in Lagos and can relate to most incidents that were described in the book I laughed at some points and at no point did I feel sad even though the story was supposed to be a sad one The book serve It took me a long time to finish this novel It felt like a really long Lagos montage, but it was entertaining, at least The book didn t have much of an impact on me, apart from recommending hangout spots, so the review is short But seriously, this could have been a really suspenseful or at least dramatic book Draw Abel into Lagos guts, into the world of say, organ harvesters Add a shoot out Flood the island and let Abel and Santos have to canoe to all their meetings Do SOMETHING.
Biased because author located a house for me in Lagos although not nearly as wealthy or exciting as the ones he depicts here A short but fast paced and highly entertaining read about a very hyperstylized, oversexualized version of Lagos and what it can do to a man that isn t ready for it A bit wonky in parts on the dialogue but and but enjoyable, great sense of place and a good weaving plot and central character.
I am ordinarily scared of the city Lagos This book, hasn t helped The city takes as much as it gives.
Gives me so much joy to be the third reviewer in a book up in here Checks off bucketlist Toni Kan takes us in a journey through The Carnivorous City of Lagos The city that wants to constantly devour and its insatiable hunger will never be satisafied until the millions are all consumed But then if the millions are consumed will it still be Lagos I doubt Even the city itself knows and that s why as it eats it makes sure to recreate or replenish that which it has eaten.
Abel receives word of his brother missing Everyone knows Soni was waist deep in suspect activities, but 16 days later hopes are still high that he will be found What follows is a journey of a brother tracing steps of the younger brother before his disappearance While Abel looks for Soni and uncovers certain truths, he also uncovers certain realities about himself Coming from the village and hav

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