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[Paullina Simons] À The Bronze Horseman [internet PDF] Read Online À The Golden Skies, The Translucent Twilight, The White Nights, All Hold The Promise Of Youth, Of Love, Of Eternal Renewal The War Has Not Yet Touched This City Of Fallen Grandeur, Or The Lives Of Two Sisters, Tatiana And Dasha Metanova, Who Share A Single Room In A Cramped Apartment With Their Brother And Parents Their World Is Turned Upside Down When Hitler S Armies Attack Russia And Begin Their Unstoppable Blitz To LeningradYet There Is Light In The Darkness Tatiana Meets Alexander, A Brave Young Officer In The Red Army Strong And Self Confident, Yet Guarding A Mysterious And Troubled Past, He Is Drawn To Tatiana And She To Him Starvation, Desperation, And Fear Soon Grip Their City During The Terrible Winter Of The Merciless German Siege Tatiana And Alexander S Impossible Love Threatens To Tear The Metanova Family Apart And Expose The Dangerous Secret Alexander So Carefully Protects A Secret As Devastating As The War Itself As The Lovers Are Swept Up In The Brutal Tides That Will Change The World And Their Lives Forever The Bronze Horseman is one of my all time favorites I decided to re read it, for probably the hundredth time, and it still moves me just as much as it did the first time The story of Alexander and Tatiana is so beautifully told and gripping that I can never put it down once I start To think, I nearly passed over this book because I don t usually read historical romances That would have been a tragedy Thank God, I finally gave it a shot after hearing so much praise for it I really would have missed out if I had.
I don t give many 5 star ratings, but I would have given this book 500 if I could have Nothing I could say would do this book justice, it is just that incredible If you haven t read it, do it now You won t be sorry This epic tale of love and loss is a must read for any romance reader LOVE this story This book was wonderful, intense, and quite frankly exhausting It truly was a ride I had some minor problems with this and I mean MINOR so I am giving it a 4.
85 haha Those problems were pure maiden trope got slightly old and happiness was so closely related only to sex which got a little repetitive I might probably will be doing a mini review on this 2017 update lowering the rating because the maiden trope mentioned earlier isproblematic than my naive self picked up on 3 years ago It s pretty dang creep sketch Kept it at 2 stars because the Russian war setting is still done well.
I m really quite confused.
This book came very highly recommended I picked it, along with a few others, from Goodreads top 100 romance novels It has been recommended to me many times over the years, from people on Goodreads and from those I know in real life And it has an average rating of 4.
While I didn t loathe the book and enjoyed some parts the truth is thatthan half of these 600 pages were excruciatingly boring.
Simons takes some steps towards goodness, but then it is ruined by the prolonged, tedious nature of everything that happens For example, Tatiana and Alexander s initial flirtations are exciting it s easy to get caught up in the angst of young love and all the issues that lie between them being together But the story moves at a snail pace, describing their frequent walks and bus rides in intricate de One of the best books I ve ever read, so heart wrenching but that s the beauty of it Tatiana and Alexander s story was truly memorable and amazing.
Full thoughts appear on my blog bottom line is that this book normalizes and promotes unhealthy and abusive interactions between a husband and a wife Never once did Simons denounce any of Alexander s actions as abusive, violent, or wrong instead, Tatiana is constantly apologizing for upsetting his husband It s sold as a love story, but the main character is only given this love when she s behaving like a perfect doll for her husband, following his commands, serving him food, and bending over for him any time he feels the urge to pound her Alexander faced no consequences for his actions in this book This violence and this abuse is sold as angst and romance And I loathed every goddamn second of it.
Good bye, my moonsong and my breath, my white nights and golden days, my fresh water and my fire Good bye, and may you find a better life, find comfort again and your breathless smile, and when your beloved face lights up onceat the Western sunrise, be sure what I felt for you was not in vain Good bye, and have faith, my TatianaReread 04 13 2017 God, I love this book so much It s far from perfect but this book and these characters are just so near and dear to my heart It s been almost a year since I read The Bronze Horseman the first time and to this day, I still haven t found a love story as great as Tatiana and Alexander s.
I don t know what it is but my heart just aches every time I flip through these pages It felt as if I was reading this book again for the first time because I cried, swooned, and bawled somejust has much as I did the firs Oh what fresh hell I thought this book would never, ever end I never knew how important perfect white teeth could be, that there was such a thing as a slight case of TB, that this many mentions of blueberries could be squeezed into a single book, or that I could ever get bored with by sex But these things have all been achieved by Bronze Horseman She even manages to throw in some scurvy.
The description in this book is endless Buses, walks, dinners, ice cream, cabbage, love session, buses, walks, dinners, ice cream, cabbage, love session On and on it goes for hundreds of pages I m at a loss, are we supposed to be blown away by Ms Simmons ability to convey the monotony of everyday life Also, I m assuming this story was meant to be a love story but 10 bright shining starsWow WOWWOWThis is themost intense and epic love story EVER told It s exquisitely written, achingly heart wrenching, deeply heart warming, and utterly beautiful, unforgettable and incomparable in every way Quite simply, there is no other series like this.
The author has a truly uncanny gift for really making you FEEL everything that her characters are going through I FELT Tania and Alexander fall in love, I FELT their longing, I FELT their desire, FELT their heartache, FELT their joy, FELT their hunger, FELT their pain, FELT their happiness, FELT their loss, FELT their desperation, butthan anything FELT theirLOVELove that was all consuming, world shattering, achingly deep, and EPIC Honestly, I was an absolute wreck throughout my reading of it I 6 Stars Hands Down, IMHO, this is the most beautiful love story ever told E V E R.
This is book one of a phenomenal trilogy, of which I promise, you will be scrambling to read all three It will have your heart twisted up six ways to Sunday, and then some Paullina Simons is an extraordinary author She transports you back in time to 1941 during World War II in Leningrad, Russia, 1941 I felt like I was right in the midst of everything that was happening It was surreal.
Tatiana and Alexander will be seared into my heart forever The sacrifices they make for each other is nothing short of astounding.
It is simply an epic experienceOnce again, I m quite late to the party, as it was published in 2009, but it will most definitely be a re read for me One of my top 5 books and trilogies o

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[Paullina Simons] À The Bronze Horseman [internet PDF] Read Online À sustanon.pro Paullina Simons was born in Leningrad, USSR, in 1963 At the age of ten her family immigrated to the United States Growing up in Russia Paullina dreamt of someday becoming a writer Her dream was put on hold as she learned English and overcame the shock of a new culture After graduating from university and after various jobs including working as a financial journalist and as a translator