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[ Read Online Stolen Lives õ african-american PDF ] by Jassy Mackenzie ↠´ A gripping novel about human trafficking in Johannesburg, South Africa Definitely a page turner, however, some of the facts didn t seem quite right Perhaps, a bit updated research relative to obtaining passports, logistical type stuff This was my first novel by this author , And while it was descriptive, it felt truncated in parts.
Stolen Lives by Jassy MackenzieThis book deals with the despicable practice of human trafficking Jade De Jong is a private detective who stumbles into a human trafficking ring If you are squeamish, you probably don t want to read this book It is graphic and it details some pretty gruesome events With that said, it is a good mystery with a likeable female protagonist who survives in a Johannesburg that seems akin to the wildest days of the U.
S west Jade s characterization is excellent and Mackenzie clearly provides a detailed, colorful background and motivation The story jumps from the U.
K to Johannesburg and back Occasionally I lost track of where I was supposed to be I don t know how accurate the author s description of Johannesburg might be but it certainly provided an appropriat When Wealthy Pamela Jordaan Hires PI Jade De Jong As A Bodyguard After Her Husband Terrance Disappears, Jade Thinks Keeping An Eye On This Anxious Wife Will Be An Easy Way To Earn Some Cash But When A Determined Shooter Nearly Kills Them Both And Jade Finds Terrance Horrifically Tortured And Barely Alive, She Realizes That She Has Been Drawn Into A Wicked Game At The Same Time, Her Relationship With Police Superintendent David Patel Is On The Rocks, And Things Only Get Complicated When His Son Is Kidnapped And His Wife Is Blackmailed It Soon Becomes Clear That The Kidnapping And The Attempted Killings Of Pamela And Her Husband Are Tied To A Human Trafficking Ring That Stretches From Johannesburg To London Not to knock American, and British mystery and crime writers but it is so nice and refreshing to read a mystery novel set somewhere other than the UK, Ireland or the U.
S As good as those mysteries are the settings seem to get over used and so when I came across and read this series last year I was exstatic I love novels set in Africa, especially South Africa so finding a mystery set in Johannesburg was a real treat for me In her second adventure, Jade deals with a broken heart, and death than she d probably like along with certain dark secrets she s been keeping as to why she left South Africa 10 years ago What I love about Jassy Mackenzie s writing is that it can be dark, with light hearted moments but she makes her stories and characters realistic She confronts the dark side of what people will do for love and money and plain old revenge in a great way A I liked this one better than her first book and I hope the next one has the same intensity I almost gave it a five star but some of the incidents 4 of them just come together a little bit too neatly to be believable The story deals with human trafficking and the seedy world of prostitution The story is good because it is dark and the bad guys are really bad The main character, Jade, is a private investigator who is unafraid to break the law to get results Her behaviour is in direct conflict with her sometimes lover, David Patel, a detective in the South African police.
okay so I m pretty excited about these books I mean they re super fun reads, they are set in a place that gives them a level of interestingness that isn t as solid in books set in america there is just a lot of good good stuff happening here This one is about human trafficing which is totally interesting the other thing they have going for them is that yes the heroine does things normal people wouldn t do, but it tends to be clear why she does them I appreciate that, plus she s so much likely to call the cops then most people in mysteries which I like SOHO crime I m a fan.
Gritty thriller about human trafficking, based in South Africa Jade de Jong falls in between Sue Grafton s Kinsey Millhone and Taylor Steven s Vanessa Michael Monroe.

October 14 LondonStolen Lives opens with a raid on a brothel in London It isn t a success because Salimovic, the owner, and his female partner get away but Detective Constable Edmonds knows the raid accomplished something important she approached the bed A black girl lay there, eyes wide and terrified She was on her side, her slender arms wrapped tightly around her legs, and Edmonds saw with a jolt that she was naked She glanced around the room for something to cover her with, but there was nothing suitable in the small space Nothing at all Edmonds and her partner, Inspector Richards of the Human Trafficking Department in Scotland Yard, know there are few big victories in their line of work, but little victories add up and a small disruption can save a y PROTAGONIST Jade de Jong, PISETTING Johannesburg, South AfricaSERIES 2 0f 2RATING 4.
0Jade de Jong is a private investigator working in Johannesburg, South Africa She is hired for a job that seems almost humdrum, serving as a bodyguard for a wealthy woman, Pamela Jordaan, after her husband, Terrance, disappears Things quickly become complicated A man on a motorcycle attempts to kill Pam Then her oldest daughter goes missing, and the husband is found brutally tortured As if that s not enough, the husband s mistress is killed in their family home When involved in such a complex investigation, Jade often turns to her friend and former lover, police superintendent David Patel It is obvious that the two of them are fighting P.
I Jade de Jong is hired as a bodyguard by a woman, whose husband disappears from their home As it turns out, he is the owner of strip clubs, who has been involved in human trafficking Jade and is found tortured almost to death The human smugglers are trapped in South Africa and trying to arrange passports to escape, resulting in the kidnapping of David Patel s Jade s ex lover young son Good taut plot about vengeance Looking forward to reading book 3.

Jassy Mackenzie

[ Read Online Stolen Lives õ african-american PDF ] by Jassy Mackenzie ↠´ sustanon.pro Jassy Mackenzie lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and was inspired to write her first thriller, Random Violence, after being carjacked at gunpoint in her driveway.She is the author of the Jade de Jong thriller series, featuring a feisty female PI who prefers to operate outside the law, and has also written four erotic romances Jassy loves horse riding, cycling, traveling, cooking and reading.