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¿ The Steam Pig ó Download by ✓ James McClure The Steam Pig showed up as an offering on Book Bub today and I realized I hadn t reviewed it when I originally rated it I have to say I loved the whole series The contortions that Apartheid forced Lieutenant Kramer and Detective Sergeant Zondi to adopt in order to work together were so unbelievable The reader caught a glimpse of that evil system.
He le do que el libro lo escribi en quince d as.
Por la ca tica manera en la que est escrito no me extra a Tambi n est escrito en los 70 en pleno Apartheid Tienes que tener en cuenta el lugar y el contexto a la hora de valorar un libro.
Eso influye, no lo niego.
A pesar de eso me disgusta profundamente la manera condescendiente de hablar de los bant s, como si fuesen eternos ni os, irresponsables y subordinados a la poblaci n blanca Tambi n me ha chirriando mucho frases despectivas hacia las mujeres.
Y la frase final del libro Para olvidarla

Switched babies were standard intrigue a century ago, but this time we have switched bodies One is an elderly beggar woman, the other a beautiful young blue eyed blonde who isn t How did it happen, why and where are the mourners I wanted a change of pace and certainly got it with this novel Written in 1970 and set in South Africa when apartheid was still in force, I m sure some of the subtext escaped me There were a few reactions and meaningful pauses that went straight over my head, but that didn t detract from what is a fast paced police procedural While the author doesn t go out of his way to denounce the racist system, the reader is made aware that beatings and torture of witnesses well, witnesses of colour was SOP But what was the deal with the plastic duckLt Kramer is neither a superman nor a wounded, sensitive colossus he s just a co An accident at the morgue reveals a plot to kill a beautiful piano teacher in South Africa I didn t care for this The beginning assumed I knew than I did, tried to be clever with its jumping around, and wasn t clear about what was going on, or what the POV characters perceived as going on The ending came out of left field yet was predictable money and power involved who knew , and I m not entirely sure how the ending wrapped up There was a joke I didn t get it, or it was really kind of lame.
But I m focused on plot stuff at the moment, so the plot issues are what bothered me The characters were interesting, the location South Africa during apartheid was interesting, the conflicts were interesting I just didn t know what was going on a lot of the time, and the author forgot to tell me why I should care I feel like it was a book by a go It was nice to go back a couple of decades and read a good old apartheid era thriller Maybe not a thriller, really, but of police procedural Actually, having recently read Ian Patrick s book Devil may Deal, which I really loved, I actually think I prefer this one by McLure in the early 1970s Both books are gripping and exciting in their own way Ptrick sets his in today s world of post apartheid politics, while The Steam Pig is set against a background of grand apartheid in South Africa forty years ago and it shows you the day to day shenanigans of people trapped in that kind of race relation scenario that seems so horrific from today s perspective The relationship between the Afrikaaner Tromp Kramer and his black Sergeant Mickey Zondi is touchin Published in 1971 and winner of the CWA Gold Dagger, The Steam Pig is a police procedural set in South Africa The book is noted for its depiction of apartheid in South Africa in three respects First, its matter of fact depiction of how apartheid was expressed on a daily basis and how it structured social relations and led to distinct geographies Second, the complex relationship between Afrikaans Tromp Kramer and his Bantu Sergeant Mickey Zondi, which is infused with asymmetrical power relations but also friendship and respect Third, its complex plot that mixes polite white society with Bantu gangs, Indian shopkeepers, and colored families Indeed, McClure doesn t pull any punches in a book that interestingly can be read in different ways as an anti apartheid tale and as an affirmation of the status quo hence its popularity in South Africa The r A great little crime story about a white South African police Lieutenant and his black partner during Apartheid I read this for the first time back in 91 after getting a copy of it from my aunt, and I remember liking it but I couldn t remember much other than the basic premise I find the apartheid era rather fascinating to read about, and this book was my first real taste of it Kramer is pretty well developed, but Zondi is still just kind of the main side character to go along with all the others The criminal enterprise was rather clever, I thought And all things didn t get wrapped up in the end, the story did move along at a nice quick pace.
The paperback faber faber was formatted somewhat oddly The font was quite small lea Just got my e reader but before I really get going I feel I have to catch up by reviewing a whole lot of books that I read in the last few months, before I forget them all Top of the list is James McClure s The Steam Pig I read it years ago and then read it again recently It won the CWA Gold Dagger award in the seventies and is relatively obscure, undeservedly It is a cop procedural and is a fascinating look into the guts of apartheid South Africa You can see life during that awful time in all its racist bigotry A great partnership between the Afrikaner Tromp Kramer and his African sidekick Sergeant Mickey Zondi It s a compelling crime investigation revealing a lot about the social s of the time Perhaps a bit dated by today s standards, but why should I penalise it for that Five st Amazing Ebook, The Steam Pig Author James McClure This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Steam Pig, Essay By James McClure Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You McClure writes with in an unapologetic style about life and death in South Africa in the 1970 s As with any story of South Africa, from this time, racism tends to take the center stage whether intended by the author or not But, in this case the author does not preach, he reports, and you are left to judge.
The story twists and turns but is somewhat predictable none the less The characterization is good, the telling of time and place is good as well I found the shifts in point of view to be too frequent and consequently a distraction and a minor annoyance rather than an added dimension But, all in all, I thought it a good opening book and will be buying another book in this series soon.

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¿ The Steam Pig ó Download by ✓ James McClure James Howe McClure was a British author and journalist best known for his Kramer and Zondi mysteries set in South Africa.James McClure was born and raised in South Africa and educated in Pietermaritzburg, Natal at Scottsville School 1947 51 , Cowan House 1952 54 , and Maritzburg College 1955 58 He worked first as a commercial photographer with Tom Sharpe, who later wrote a series of celebrate