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[ Pdf Snake Ù adventure PDF ] by James McClure É Snake by South African journalist and crime fiction writer James McClure is a straightforward police procedural, and is also a time machine as the novel transports us back to a South Africa where apartheid is the once and forever the rule of law.
This book is one in a series of novels about the Trekkersburg Police investigative team of Lieutenant Kramer, a white Afrikaner and Sergeant Zondi, his Bantu partner The story opens as they are called to a seedy nightclub where Eve, a stripper with a Snake act, was found strangled to death by her pet python But did the Snake really commit that first deadly sin Kramer and Zondi have their doubts, yet investigating the incident as a possible murder involves questioning the club s pr The fourth of the Kramer and Zondi books is the weakest one so far Took me a while to finish If you re interested in the series, definitely read Steam Pig and Caterpillar Cop I d skip this one.
Hard to follow, convoluted story telling, hard dialog to follow Maybe it s because I m unfamiliar with the culture and the regional language but there seems to be a lot of details left out for the reader to fill in.
Another excellent mystery set in Apartheid era South Africa Zondi keeps getting independent and cheekier with the other white officers Hopefully that doesn t come back to bight him in the ass one day I find these stories taking place in South Africa interesting because the setting is so alien to Americans, yet familiar enough that you can still empathize with the characters and predict grand scale outcomes.
I like the interactions between Kramer and Zondi They work well together Kramer seems to not really care about pissing off his superiors, kind of like Zondi doesn t mind talking back to the whites, as long as the bad guy gets caught in the end I also like that Kramer and the widow finally got a place of their own.
The initial crime wasn t that hard to figure out The crime in the black area with the robberies was quite unexpected The information about th A stripper who works with a python is found strangled in her dressing room, with her scaly prop wrapped around her neck It looks like an open and shut case but is it And who s killing shopkeepers in the black township of Peacevale on Mondays, when the tills are empty We learn a bit about the strange laws of Transvaal, among which the prohibition of selling petrol at night or over the weekend I guess that s one way of controlling the movements of the populaceor something Unfortunately, this particular installment of the Kramer and Zondi saga is not McClure s best work I like the way he works in just enough backstory without weighing down the narrative with nonessential details, but the important tales are poorly told this time The narration is choppy too many people start to say important things only to be inter Publicado en Piel de Serpiente de James McClure Calidad por encima de todoJames McClure dignific el g nero polic aco hasta unos niveles insospechados no hay novela suya que no tenga un nivel calidad elevado de hecho es la tercera vez que aparece por el blog y, a este paso, cada vez que Reino de Cordelia publique otra, seguir apareciendo, porque bien lo merece.
La ltima, in dita hasta ahora, es este Piel de serpiente publicada inicialmente en 1975 con el nombre de Snake nos trae de nuevo al teniente Kramer y al sargento Zondi, esta extra a pareja de detectives en el post apartheid sudafricano, el veld como marco geogr fico esta vez con la inesperada muerte de una bailarina de Striptease que hac a un n mero con una pit n y una serie de robos extra os y aparentemente sin sentido por la cuant a del dinero robado.
En la ltima novela comentada, ya incid a en los aspectos m s Lieutenant Kramer And Sergeant Zondi Have Their Hands Full On The Same Day That An Adult Entertainer Known As Eve Is Found Accidentally Strangled To Death In Her Dressing Room, Her Pet Python Wrapped Dead Around Her Neck, A Beloved Candy Shop Owner Named Lucky Siyayo Is Shot To Death At His Counter In A Botched Robbery The Detective Duo Quickly Realize Neither Death Is As Simple As It Looks On The Surface Lucky Siyayo S Cash Register Was All But Empty The Day He Was Murdered, Which Suddenly Throws A Whole Rash Of Fatal Neighborhood Robberies Into Perspective Were None Of Them Robberies At All It Becomes Clear A Killer Is On The Loose, But Zondi And Kramer Must Figure Out What The Killer Is After Meanwhile, Postmortem Analysis Reveals That Eve Didn T Die At The Time Her Ex Boss Had Stated He D Discovered Her Body The Kramer Picks The Circumstances Apart, The Less They Make Sense With Two Very Different Sets Of Crimes To Solve, Kramer And Zondi Set Off On Treks That Take Them All Over Town, From The Poorer Villages To The Sleazy Dressing Rooms Of Con Artists And Pimps To Gorgeous Steop Of The South African Countryside In Another Surefire Investigation Full Of Both Stirring Observations Of Apartheid And Plenty Of Mischief Only One Thing Is For Sure No One Is Getting To Take His Day Off This Week South Africa during the apartheid era is beautifully portrayed in this novel The mystery genre is one in which all aspects of society can be examined and included in an interesting story In Snake, one of the crimes being investigated by the team of Afrikaaner Kramer and Bantu Zondi involves the white population with clues leading to members of the higher social classes The second set of crimes being investigated by these two men in falls in the poorer sections of town and what they often referred to as the nonwhites which includes people from Greece and Portugal and India James McClure does a good job of highlighting many of the injustices and iniquities of the time and in his subtle way suggests how many of the prejudiced notions were hogwash, while at the same time shows examples of the strengths of the different cultures Nonethel Tercer y por ahora ltimo libro que leo del teniente Kramer y el sargento Zondi.
Reconozco que me parece muy interesante la mezcla de la novela negra con la realidad de una aberraci n como el apartheid, pero en este caso tanto la trama como el final est n resueltos de manera bastante atropellada y poco convincente.
James McClure s detective books are set in Pietermaritzburg in Apartheid South Africa, featuring two policemen, Kramer and Zondi The plots are OK, and the writing not bad, what is excellent, though, is how they capture the zeitgeist.
The relationship between the white Afrikaans Kramer, and the black Zulu Zondi is brilliantly explored The town, too, appears almost as a character.

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[ Pdf Snake Ù adventure PDF ] by James McClure É sustanon.pro James Howe McClure was a British author and journalist best known for his Kramer and Zondi mysteries set in South Africa.James McClure was born and raised in South Africa and educated in Pietermaritzburg, Natal at Scottsville School 1947 51 , Cowan House 1952 54 , and Maritzburg College 1955 58 He worked first as a commercial photographer with Tom Sharpe, who later wrote a series of celebrate