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Download Epub Format ↠´ Shiver PDF by ↠´ Maggie Stiefvater For Years, Grace Has Watched The Wolves In The Woods Behind Her House One Yellow Eyed Wolf Her Wolf Is A Chilling Presence She Can T Seem To Live WithoutMeanwhile, Sam Has Lived Two Lives In Winter, The Frozen Woods, The Protection Of The Pack, And The Silent Company Of A Fearless Girl In Summer, A Few Precious Months Of Being Human Until The Cold Makes Him Shift Back AgainNow, Grace Meets A Yellow Eyed Boy Whose Familiarity Takes Her Breath Away It S Her Wolf It Has To Be But As Winter Nears, Sam Must Fight To Stay Human Or Risk Losing Himself, And Grace, Forever Lovely, lyrical, and achingly sad Shiver isintrospective than most YA books and is sometimes criticized for being too slow or wordy, but I found it to be beautifully written, tragic, and a gorgeous take on werewolf lore Sam s desperate struggle to hold onto his humanity is incredibly poignant, and his heartrending relationship with Grace is deeply emotional and sweet It s a book that makes me cry every time I read it Sam cupped my face in his hands and looked me in the eyes His eyes were yellow, sad, wolf, mine These stay the same Remember that when you look at me Remember it s me Please PS this book is NOTHING like Twilight, despite the inevitable comparisons because of the subject matter It s in a class all its own.
I read this book to the end so you don t have to Shiver should come with a Surgeon General s Warning I think all the purple prose has blacked out my eyes Too bad the swelling didn t prevent me from noticing the ginormous plot holes And I need some aspirin because my head aches from clenching my jaw as I am certain all the sappy sweetness contained in this adverb infested book was injected straight into my molars I am very much at a loss as to how this book has received so many glowing reviews Am I missing something Allow me to recount the storyfor mood purposes, you need to know that the setting of this book is frigid, so, well, feel cold okayMoving on, Grace is 17 and in love with a golden eyed wolf that saved her when she was 11 and too weak and insipid to fight back for herself as wolves were attempting to consume her flesh Unable to think of anything but her love fo To sum it up, this book should have been called Twilight Team Jacob Version Why Well, while I understand that the author wrote her first draft of Shiver before Twilight came out, still, the similarities are striking A boring girl whose only personality traits are obsessing about her supernatural boyfriend, doing homework and cooking dinner for her parents check an emo supernatural boyfriend whose life revolves around his human flame, who plays an instrument and writes songs for his girl check a boy and a girl sleeping in the same bed night after night and no matter how much this girl asks for it, the hero says no, because it s not right check parents, who are oblivious to the fact that their daughter practically has a live in boyfriend check I can go on, but I am sure you get the picture.
Why 2 stars and not less then Well, the writing is not bad It is a little purplish, but at Who is publishing these horribly written YA novels Who every publisher, ever Andimportantly, why for tons of cash First off, I didn t finish this book I couldn t finish this book I couldn t get 1 4 of the way through, even though I have the audiobook Actually not only is this book boring as hell but the audiobook was poorly caston that later This is another book I picked up because of the pretty cover kicking self, a lot I have to admit the premise sounded interesting not long before this book crossed my path I d finished reading Blood and Chocolate, which is, overall, somewhat enjoyable even if it is a little weird so I just had to read it But guess what Not an interesting story Not even kind of The coupling in this book Bizarre Boring I mean, really boring Sam doesn t think like a guy Not even a little Sam thinks like a w I saw it I saw her, in a way I d never seen anything before.
And I stopped it.
I really liked this one, I really did and considering the many negative reviews I read I can t help but wonder if I m truly that easy to please lol I guess the answer is yes because I definitely would read every single book Maggie ever wrote and if possible I d even read her grocery list I just love her writing style, the way she always manages to create an amazing atmosphere, how she weaves a mystery around it all and adds so beautifully broken characters into her plot line I don t know how she does it, but I m addicted to her books and no matter if other readers think that she disappointed them with Shiver , all I can say is Maggie you made me very happy with this book 333Beck made perfect eggs More than that Beck kept me Sam Back then, with the scars on my wrists still so fresh, I d Trolls You are welcome to comment on my review I won t delete your comments Curse my name, curse my mother, I don t care But please, don t forget to leave a comment And make sure to send my review to all of your friends.
And the award for worst book of 2009 goes to ShiverWhat makes this book so bad, you may ask Well, in layman s terms, I m going to give a logical, detailed explanation as to why Shiver sucks alliteration unintentional.
1 GraceGrace has to be the worse heroine ever Excuse this comparison, but she s worse than Bella Swan Grace treats her friends, her parents, and her schoolmates like dirt This isn t true, you say Grace is caring, wholesome, and ever so devoted to Sam Keyword here Sam She cares for no one but her wolf Excuse me while I gag She treats Rachel and Olivia like they re pets She never read 3 2018So I hadn t read this inwoah, 4 years Which means my sieve brain and I remembered next to nothing I didn t even remember how Sam and Grace finally met THERE WAS BLOOD SO ROMANTIC and overall reading this was just like coming home to a really warm and cosy chair with soft blankets and the warmest hot chocolate and I justI have so many feelings I absolutely love ALL Stiefvater books and every time I reread I remember why She just has a way of totally drawing you into the story I was just absorbed by werewolves and book lovers and grief and wanting and the excitement of life and the fear of lose And it was so so beautifully written Ajfkdslad.
SAAAAAM And shout out to the foo Here s how I imagine Stiefvater s meeting with the publishing house.
Stiefvater I want to write a book about a girl who falls in love with a vampire Publisher Sorry, Maggie That s been done before read Twilight It s terrible Stiefvater Oh I want to write a book about a girl who falls in love with a zombie Publisher Sorry, Maggie That s been done before read Generation Dead It s terrible Stiefvater Oh I want to write a book about a girl who falls in love with a werewolf Publisher Bingo Months laterStiefvater I wrote a book about a girl who falls in love with a werewolf Publisher reads a couple pages Maggie, this is terrible We ll take it In what s becoming a distressing theme in young adult literature aimed at females, Stiefvater s Shiver follows a teenage girl who falls in love with a supernatural creature, and risks life and limb to be with him oftentimes forgetting herself alon that fact that you guys aka my GR friends have given this book a collective average rating of 2.
98 made me believe i was in for a pretty disappointing experience so it feels strange to be on the other side of a minority opinion to enjoy a book most seem to not like as its usually the other way around although this isnt a perfect book by any means, i honestly think its entertaining enough if you dont read too much into it that a girl falls in love with a wolf before she finds out hes also human , its actually a pretty decent story the characters are well developed, the writing is great, the flow and pacing of everything is very cohesive overall, i cant really find any fault other than the fact that im not in love the story its nowhere n

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