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Õ Read Õ Red Earth by Tony Park ¼ An exciting book Many twists and turns kept me reading Red Earth is Tony Park s best effort so far.
Settle in for an exciting ride, where nothing is as it seems.
There are twists and turns in the plot than a big Kudu bull s horns.
Just when you think you have worked out who s who, the dynamics change I gave up trying to guess how it would end and just sat back and enjoyed the yarn.
The story builds up to climax after climax as the pace quickens.
As I got towards the end of the book, I found myself hoping the climax I was devouring was not it , so the story would last that bit longer.
Tony s books are three quarters cracking yarn and one quarter educational travelogue on Southern Africa, its peoples, landscapes and animals His descriptions highlight the beauty and irony that is Africa, the amazing little details that This was a surprisingly good read I don t read a lot of action adventure as I usually leave that for the big screen, and I ve never read anything by Tony Park before Now however, I will definitely consider reading his work again.
Red Earth is a high octane thriller that while still bringing nail biting tension, also focuses on good character development something often missing in the action genre The dynamics between the characters and the little twists and turns really made the story interesting.
What I also enjoyed was that Park incorporated many real life issues and circumstances into his work, raising awareness of poaching and dwindling vulture numbers, as well as not shying away from using ISIS as a political device.
My main criti Based mostly in South Africa, Tony Park s Red Earth is a rollicking read, full of danger and action The story begins with an activity that s apparently all too common in the Republic, notably a car jacking Unfortunately the outcomes create mayhem, as a young baby was in the car jacked vehicle, and the vehicle also belonged to a female terrorist leader.
From there the action escalates as the mother seeks to reclaim her car and baby, and brings into the picture an unlikely partnership between a wildlife expert Mike Dunn and a helicopter pilot Nia Carras As a backdrop the American ambassador to South Africa has just been assassinated and the local police and American agencies are relentlessly trying to catch the other m Well It was action packed, but I just coudn t really get into it, I felt a little let down as I have waited to read this.
I found it rambled on a bit in places 3 out of 4 Mr Park This was my first ever Tony Park book Did I like it Let s seeI started reading it before bed and finished reading before bed that same night I could not put this book down There were so many side stories that all linked in together to create the main story Holy moly Everything happened in this book.
check Baby kidnapcheck Romancecheck Actioncheck Lives at stakecheck As I said, this book has something for everything Spies, Park Rangers, Teenagers and Helicopter pilots, all going about their business one day in Africa, when BAM Their world changes and suddenly they are in a literal race to the death.
Well written and keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Red Earthby Tony Park, The Author Of An Empty Coast, Is A Full Throttle International Thriller That Will Engross Fans Of Clive Cussler On The Run, With Everything To Lose On The Outskirts Of Durban, Suzanne Fessey Fights Back During A Vicious Carjacking She Kills One Thief But The Other, Wounded, Escapes With Her Baby Strapped Into The Back SeatCalled In To Pursue The Missing Vehicle Are Helicopter Pilot Nia Carras From The Air, And Nearby Wildlife Researcher Mike Dunn From The GroundBut South Africa S Police Have Even Bigger Problems A Suicide Bomber Has Killed The Visiting American Ambassador, And Chaos Has Descended On KwaZulu NatalAs Mike And Nia Track The Missing Baby Through Wild Game Reserves From Zululand To Zimbabwe, They Come To Realize That The War On Terror Has Well And Truly Arrived Suzanne Fessey pulls her car into a rest stop to deal with her vomiting baby She is carjacked and before she can react, the thief drives off in her car with her baby, triggering an epic manhunt across scorching Kwazulu Natal The US ambassador is killed in Durban, leaching manpower and resources from the police who would ve searched for the missing baby The task then falls to feisty helicopter pilot Nia Carras and bushranger Mike Dunn, who team up to track the missing baby but they encounter a web of intrigue, poaching and terrorism that embroils not just Africa, but the US as well It is difficult to continue with a precis of this book without spoiling the storyline s natural twists and turns, which flow evenly and logically throughou Okay, can I say I m obsessed with the author Tony Park He takes me back to my beloved country of birth, stirring up so many emotions, I m able to relive so many happy memories of growing up when he describes locations and the use of local lingo of South Africa If you are looking for a fast paced thriller, page turning never ending roller coaster of a ride, and emotions, and raw heart beating scenarios, then these books are it Heavy hitting, gruesome in parts, but alas that is what life is in Africa, and particularly in South Africa I cry on a daily basis about what is happening in the country of birth, and for its people and importantly for its wildlife Tony Park s descriptions and tales are woven through every blade of grass or drought stricken clods of earth that leaves one wanting For someone who is not even South African, but an Australia who spends 6 months o This is not my usual choice of genre, but is a fast paced action tale which I really enjoyed The kind of book that you don t want to put down because you have to know what happens next I liked the South African background, remembering my time there with words that I haven t heard anywhere else slipping into the text So why only 3 stars Some of it just pushed the boundary of what could be possible and was just a little too gung ho and glib for me I ll certainly read from this author.

Tony Park

Õ Read Õ Red Earth by Tony Park ¼ sustanon.pro Tony Park was born in 1964 and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney He has worked as a newspaper reporter in Australia and England, a government press secretary, a public relations consultant, and a freelance writer.He served 34 years in the Australian Army Reserve, including six months in Afghanistan in 2002.Tony and his wife, Nicola, split their time between Australia and Africa, where they