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Download Epub Format á Private Gold PDF by ↠´ James Patterson Money Betrayal MurderThat S A Private ConversationHired To Protect A Visiting American Woman, Private Johannesburg S Joey Montague Is Hoping For A Routine Job Looking After A Nervous Tourist After The Apparent Suicide Of His Business Partner, He Can T Handle Much But This Case Is Not What It Seems And Neither Is His Partner S Death After losing his partner to what seemed to be a suicide, Joey is thrown into the middle of illegal happenings and he has to figure out what s going on Especially when his life is in danger as well And now the lady who hired him is too This was one good short Full of action and suspense I like this series.
I downloaded this audiobook and thought the story was just picking up steam, when suddenly it ended I know it was a bookshot, but man I could be really upset about that, but the story wasn t good enough for me to remember it a week from now anyway.
GoldI have to give this book two and a half stars even though I hated to do it I always enjoy the Private novels but this story was just too rushed The past couple of bookshot books seem to be written so fast and missing a lot of the story that would make it so much better.
Private has a new location Private Johannesburg An American woman visiting Johannesburg hires Private to protect her Joey is the one on the job, but he s got his hands full with his business partner s apparent suicide, so he s hoping for an easy job Things get complicated before he even gets started.
A novella in James Patterson s Private series This story falls between books 13 and 14 in the series A quick read that introduces new characters.
The bookshots stories tend to be action packed, and this one is no different A fun, fast read good for fans of this series.
Patterson Quick Easy Mystery Win win A new private office is opened in Johannesburg One partner is killed, but made to look like suicide The other partner is lost and about to shutter the business He takes on one last job as a body guard It turns into a web of deceit as he helps his employer track down some shady dealings in her husband s company The bookshot was ok, not great If you have read the other books in the private series, pick it up If not, skip it.
I have a love hate relationship with James Patterson I read another book shot he wrote and really enjoyed it, so I figured I would give this one a try Not so much Predictable and a pretty lame story line.
I am really starting to love these little bookshots The Johannesburg Private characters were pretty interesting to read about and I do look forward to reading about them in the future, especially if we get a full length novel surrounding them I think reading about South Africa has always been interesting in most of the genres I have read I don t know why but that part of the world would has always held my interest My quick and simple overall great characters and a very twisty turny plot.
I m enjoying these short reads The story flows smoothly You are drawn into the fast paced of the book with the action and easy to follow characters These bookshots are definitely a great way to get a new comer to read the full novel You won t get a boring story out of James Patterson and his co writers.

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