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Download Epub Format é Other PDF by Ñ Karen Kincy Shapeshifting Can Be A Beautiful And Deadly Secret Gwen Craves The Forbidden Rush Of Leaping From Her Bedroom Window And Transforming Into An Owl, But She Could Lose It All If Anyone Caught Her Most Americans Don T Exactly Roll Out The Welcome Mat For Others In The Small Town Of Klikamuks, Washington, Coming Out As A Person With Paranormal Abilities Means Staring Down The Barrel Of A Shotgun Gwen Hasn T Even Told The Truth To Her Boyfriend, Zack, Who She Hopes Will Be The Boy To Take Her VirginityWhen A Pack Of Werewolves Claims The National Forest Behind Gwen S House As Their Territory, The Tensions In Klikamuks Escalate Into Murder Prejudice Slows The Police Investigation It Doesn T Take Gwen Long To Realize A Serial Killer Is Targeting Others On The Hunt For Clues, She Meets Tavian, A Sexy Japanese Fox Spirit Who Rivals Zack And Challenges Her To Embrace Her Shapeshifting Can She Find The Killer Before He Finds Her, Or Will Her Secrets Be The Death Of Her What a fantastic debut novel I absolutely loved this world that Kincy created Where Others live among humans It s normal to see a centaur beside you shopping in the produce section at the grocery store I mean wouldn t that be a riot It was interesting to have a novel that included an array of mythological and magical creatures So many times a novel is focused on one being, werewolves, vampires, fae but Other is something unique I d love to hear about the research that Kincy did for this novel and all of the creatures that live in her world And not to mention it has one of my most favorite aspects of any novel A love story It s not your run of the mill boy meets girl type of love story, which made me appreciate it even Then on top of all that we have this murder mystery And I can honestly say that I didn I was really looking forward to reading Other, and altogether, I wasn t disappointed The book does have some minor flaws, and it took me a few pages to get used to the very direct writing style, but I enjoyed it.
Gwen is Other, half pooka, half human, and in her small home town, this means she has to hide her true identity Although Others are out in the open, it doesn t mean they are accepted Gwen struggles a lot with her situation, sometimes unable to resist her urge to shapeshift, but always in fear that she will be discovered.
Except from her family and her best friend Chloe, a dryad, nobody knows Gwen is half pooka, not even her boyfriend Zack, with who she has been together for a year.
But when a werewolf pack moves into the area and a serial killer begins to hunt Others, Gwen and those close to her are in terrible danger and Gwen isn t sure if

The setting was very interesting the intertwinement of faeries and werewolves and all sort of supernatural creatures living in a modern world where people know about them but generally treat them as inferior to them It allows for some interesting exploration of themes of racism, intolerance and stereotyping Though the protagonists tend to indulge in such behavior as much as the seeming villians But it was different and I thought it could have really taken the story in a great direction.
What I got was angsty whining over Gwen s relationship with Zach And their entire relationship was based on what exactly Clearly not honesty and any sort of lasting affection or understanding since after Gwen sleeps with Zach and tells This is a really interesting world that Kincy s put together Fantasy creatures like centaurs and fairies are real, and increasingly public in their lives Aside from the Others or people with a paranormal identity, which is fabulously PC , this is recognizably modern America Considering that Kincy doesn t give her supernatural characters much in the way of extraordinary powers, this isn t exactly X Men Or maybe it is, because The Others is mostly about the sort of prejudice that one would expect to spring up when people discover that vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters are real People staring at the centaur in the supermarket Naturally Pray the fey away church groups Sadly, yes A serial killer who pointedly poses his Other victims in ways that suggest their exact paranormal natures Yes, I can see this.
Kincy s worldbuilding is the strongest part of the book Granted, it is

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Download Epub Format é Other PDF by Ñ Karen Kincy Karen Kincy Duvall, Washington can be found lurking in her writing cave, though sunshine will lure her outside When not writing, she stays busy gardening, tinkering with aquariums, or running just one mile Karen has a BA in Linguistics and Literature from The Evergreen State College.