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[ Pdf Jack Hanger î burundi PDF ] by James Fouche ä Dave Matters Worked As A Drug Dealer For The Notorious Wallace Brothers After Being Imprisoned, He Reluctantly Agreed To Aid The Police In Locating A Rising Criminal Mastermind Named Joe Taxi But A Botched Drug Deal Left Him Scarred For Life, Suffering From A Randomly Selective Memory Loss And Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Now, Two Years Later, Dave Leads A Mundane Life, Socially Impaired And Held Captive By His Mental Instabilities When His Brother Is Murdered, He Is Forced To Revisit The Gritty Cape Town He Had Betrayed In Order To Find Whoever Is Responsible As The Anticipation Of A Mass City Riot Mounts, Dave Inches Closer To A Climactic Finale That Would Tear Open The Drug World To Which He Once Belonged For the most part the reader spends time in the damaged mind of Dave Matters, who lives in a surreal world of memory loss and hallucinations Set against the drug trade at the time of the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa, it is a slow moving, yet compelling novel with bursts of violent action Fouch has succeeded in creating a superb psychological portrait which is, however, not your run of the mill thriller.
Set in the seedy underbelly of Cape Town, Jack Hanger is a gritty and compelling novel The action takes place over just a few days in the run up to the 2010 soccer world cup, and while it gets off to something of a slow start, Fouche manages to jam a whole lot of action into those few days.
The main character is Dave Matters, who once had his own role to play in the world of crime, and now suffers from a rather unusual form of obsessive compulsive disorder and amnesia following a traumatic car accident This psychological disorder is pivotal to progression of the plot, as the reader is drawn ever deeper into the scarred mind of Matters The book is a prototypical crime novel, with just the right mix of suspense, violence Jack Hanger is a crime thriller set in a tumultuous South Africa, where fears of masscity riots are expressed by all forms of media on a daily basis.
Further, the whole story of Dave Matters depicts the reality of fatherless homes and the effect it has onthe fabric of society The senseless degradation of our moral values and our lack of consideration for civilization gets explored in this tense crime thriller, that pushes the boundaries into the mysterious drug world of South Africa.
Jack Hanger is a tight, well written thriller The author has a way with words that grabs your attention and takes you on a roller coaster ride through the dark side of Cape Town s drug world A must read A mind twister It delves deep into the character s thoughts Touching on quite a few very dark and disturbing aspects of the human condition Recommended to anyone interested in the human mind, crime, and Cape Town.
A very original and gripping true South African crime thriller Definitely worth reading See review on blog.
comJack Hangar by James Fouche is a crime thriller based in the beautiful but often violent South Africa, focusing on Johannesburg and Cape Town Fouche s writing is simply brilliant he mixes elements of the criminal mind and the human mind, deftly navigating the thin line between morality and vengeance.
Dave Matters is one of the most complex characters I have come across in modern literature similar to the narrator in Fight Club Chuck Palahniuk , Matters struggles with perception and mental instability as he attempts to move on from traumatic events of his past With new conflicts come new vendettas, and it is up to the reader to decide if Matters is moral or simply insane.
Fouche s portrayal of a violent yet seductively beautiful South

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