Æ Impulse (Submerged Sun, #2) Û Download by Ç Vanessa Garden

Æ Impulse (Submerged Sun, #2) Û Download by Ç Vanessa Garden When Miranda Sun Returns To Marin On The Eve Of Her Eighteenth Birthday, This Time Of Her Own Free Will, She Quickly Learns That Her Worst Fears Have Been Realised The Glittering Underwater City Is Not As She Had Left It, Nor Too Is Marko, The Young King Who Has Dominated Her Thoughts And Heart For The Last Twelve Months Since Leaving MarinMiranda, However, Has Not Made The Journey To Marin Alone, And Now Must Contend With Not Only Marko S Evil Brother Damir But Surprisingly Her Sister Lauren Who Has An Agenda Of Her Own Marko S Power Begins To Wane And With Cracks Beginning To Show In The Domed Utopian City, And Veiled Danger Lurking Everywhere, She Quickly Learns That In This Dazzling City Full Of Beautiful People She Can Trust No One But HerselfIf Miranda Wants To Survive, She Must Decide Between The Hardened Sensibilities In Her Head And The Hungers Of Her Heart Will Her Decision Cause Heartache Or Can She Help To Save Marko S Throne Wow My favourite characters return for an action packed, addictive, awesome sequel to Captivate So many twists and turns and craziness Seriously amazing Now the wait for the next one It s going to kill me Hi all Summer is coming and so is IMPULSE, book 2 in the Submerged Sun Series So get ready to dive in deep and lose your heart at the bottom of the ocean, lol.
A big thanks to those who wrote to me after reading CAPTIVATE I cherish every word I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it And have a great Christmas and New Year Xoxoxo

A well developed, intrigue, plot thickened novel about an underwater kingdom unlike anything I ve ever known Abooktopia It s been a year since Robbie returned Miranda to the surface, back to her previous life Not a single day has passed by where her thoughts are not filled with her promise to the handsome underwater king, Marko Her promise to return to Marin on her eighteenth birthday The time has finally come for Miranda to give the king a second chance, and to return back as his guest, and not his reluctant captor Willing to help Marko, Miranda knows her time in Marin will become all the personal with twin siblings Sylvia and Damir causing disharmony in the city They cannot be trusted, however loyalty to Sylvia continues to cloud the king s judgment Despite Miranda s willingness to risk her own relationship to ensure Marko s safety, she is sure tha This review was originally posted on The Moonlight Library SUMMARY Miranda Sun has returned to the underwater city of Marin where her dream boy, the young king Marko, awaits, but somehow her sister Lauren has managed to tag along With her own agenda, Lauren manages to ruin everything but the biggest question is why is Marko being so cold towards Miranda Doesn t he love her any What happened in the year she was away And can Marko s sister Sylvia be trusted, or will she betray him and place the evil deposed king Damir back on the throne WORLDBUILDING Oh boy, I know I only gave the first book in this series, Captivate, about 3 stars, but there was something undefinable about the book that made me keep thinking about it long after I d put it down, which was why I requested Impulse Well, that and Miranda Marko sexytimes I love

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Æ Impulse (Submerged Sun, #2) Û Download by Ç Vanessa Garden A bookseller and Young Adult author, Vanessa loves nothing than immersing herself in the exciting world of books When she is not raving about her favourite reads with customers, or mentally casting actors to play the characters in her next novel, she enjoys hanging out with those she loves most.