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[ Read Online Hexenhaus ☆ history-civil-war-eastern-theater PDF ] by Nikki McWatters  I loved everything about this book the story, the characters, the prose, the intelligence in the writing I laughed so much and was so enthralled the whole time Definitely will follow this author from now on I loved this so much I usually struggle with books that jump between different characters each chapter even if it s just three characters like in Hexenhaus because I get deeply involved in one character s story over the others and get annoyed by being constantly pulled out of it With this, each woman at the centre of her story was so interesting and so different from the last, I found myself excited to start a new chapter each time because I loved each character so much The historical settings Germany and Scotland specifically were so well researched it felt really immersive, but at the same time there were tweaks to make it readable and work story wise, which I really liked My favourite element was the theme of sisterhood running throughout how women have found strength in times when they ve historical had none and used that to hold each other up and pull each other through There is In , Veronica And Her Brother Flee For Their Lives Into The German Woods After Their Father Is Burned At The Stake At The Dawn Of The Eighteenth Century, Scottish Maid Katherine Is Lured Into Political Dissent After Her Parents Are Butchered For Their Beliefs In Present Day Australia, Paisley Navigates Her Way Through The Burning Torches Of Small Town Gossip After Her Mother S New Age Shop Comes Under Scrutiny Well done Nikki McWatters, you just succeeded in bundling everything I love about YA fiction in 331 pages As you can probably gather I am quite excited about this title A delectable combination of 15th Century European History and Contemporary fiction, I was riveted to the book from the first page Told in alternating narration Hexenhaus tells the story of Veronica, from 1628 Bamerg, Franconia in what is modern Germany , Katherine, from 1696 Scotland and Paisley from present day Bunadoon, Australia The three share a commonality, their names inscribed in a single book, the Systir Saga, a volume which binds them together in a witchy sisterhood than transcends generations, hailing back to early pagan society With a powerful mix of historical truth and fiction, McWatters weaves the lives of the women together through their shared experiences of persecution and journey of self dis This review was originally posted on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews Three women, from three different timeframes have only one thing in common they are condemned for being witches From 17th Century Germany, to 18th Century Europe, and modern day Australia in a small regional town, we hear from Veronica, Katherine and Paisley They are each teenage girls with their own hopes and dreams, from worrying about their family, to survival, and the persecution that they experience.
What s immediately evident are the different voices that are given to each girl, which felt authentic to the time period from the formal, olden day setting to modern day Aussie English and slang I was able to pick up which of the characters I was reading at any one time, even though the chapters were extremely short.
Reading Hexenhaus was like readi Hexenhaus UQP 2016 is a fictionalised tale of witchcraft anchored on true events, by author Nikki McWatters, who has woven together three different tales, based on three young women living in very different times In 1628, after their parents are burnt at the stake for their beliefs, Veronica and her brother Hans flee into the safety and anonymity of the woods in Germany Tainted by their family s reputation, Veronica begins to discover her own healing power In 1696, in Scotland, Katherine is pursued as a witch after a child in her care exhibits strange behaviour And in present day Australia, teenage Paisley struggles to deal with her new age hippy mum who runs an alternative healing shop and is blamed for the disappearance of a boy she had counselled Paisley s absent dad shows up and things get a little weird This is YA fiction, although the themes and h I have always been fascinated by the witch stories from the Middle Ages and rate The Crucible as one of my favourite reads THIS BOOK WAS SUBLIME I was transfixed from the first page and could not put it down I loved the way the writer wove the three stories together and absolutely loved the three main characters I could hear their different voices and feel their fear The writing was beautiful, haunting and evocative and I stopped sometimes to reread passages that were just so charming The book was so visually appealing and shocking in places that I felt like I was watching a movie The book really did transport me to Germany and Scotland of old and the modern story, set in a small community reminded me of my own c I couldn t put it down once I started to read it This was a brilliant book, and I think any girl or woman of every age will find themselves swept along with Nikki s wonderful prose She manages to carry you along through the three different ages so the girls Veronica, Katherine and Paisley come alive in your imagination You will feel their terror and pain and for two of them the sweet release from their anguish.

I enjoyed it this so much I ve read a few things on witch hunts trials this year and loved this set of three stories with different but connected takes on it And to see how the hysteria can take hold in today s world was so interesting too.
I sat down the other night to read a few chapters of this whilst on holidays and then magically it was 4am and I had finished it I just couldn t put it down I have traversed our pale blue dot to Scotland, Germany and even Bundanoon too and these wonderful witchy words instantly transported me back to all of these fantastic places The plight of these three young and strong women grabs hold of you tightly and doesn t let go until the very end The way that the author decided to cycle through the three girls tales every chapter was devilishly smart and part of the reason I just couldn t stop I would highly recommend this to everyone especially if you are interested in the witch hunts of old as this book is actually very factual Fingers crossed for a sequel

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[ Read Online Hexenhaus ☆ history-civil-war-eastern-theater PDF ] by Nikki McWatters  sustanon.pro Nikki is an Australian based writer who lives with her family north of Sydney, near the beach She was shortlisted for a Queensland Premier s Literary Award for Emerging Writer Her memoir, One Way or Another, the story of a girl who loved rock stars was released by Black Inc in 2012 Nikki s short fiction has appeared in The Big Issue, The Newcastle Literary Award Anthology, The Grieve Anthology