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Download Epub Format ¼ Freefall PDF by Î Mindi Scott How Do You Come Back From The Point Of No Return Seth McCoy Was The Last Person To See His Best Friend Isaac Alive, And The First To Find Him Dead It Was Just Another Night, Just Another Party, Just Another Time Where Isaac Drank Too Much And Passed Out On The Lawn Only This Time, Isaac Didn T Wake UpConvinced That His Own Actions Led To His Friend S Death, Seth Is Torn Between Turning His Life Around Or Losing Himself CompletelyThen He Meets Rosetta So Beautiful And So Different From Everything And Everyone He S Ever Known But Rosetta Has Secrets Of Her Own, And Seth Will Soon Realize He Isn T The Only One Who Needs Saving I am pretty much the last person in my group of friends to review this book, which is ironic because I was the first one to finish it But I m lazy so here I am with nothing to say.
I was expecting The writing was good and Seth was funny and real and yada yada yada but I wanted it to be darker Is that a sick thing to say That I wanted this kid to be screwed up But its true I kind of felt like this novel was a well written anti climax Do you looooooove it It s a pony How do you come back from a point of no return Freefall by Mindi Scott is an absolute brilliant debut novel that s honest, funny, sad and hopeful all rolled up into one captivating book I expected this novel to be depressing and to be honest was a little reserved about diving into it at first But then Seth started sharing his story, and I couldn t ignore him even if I tried There was something about his narrative that had me leaning in and trying to capture every thought and emotion he expressed Great character development and style of writing that works perfectly for this story About the book Seth McCoy was the last person to see his best friend Isaac alive and come the next morning the first person to find him dead The struggles Seth faces in the aftermath of this tragedy propel him in a direction that force him to face his new reality and reevalu Freefall by Mindi Scott is a great debut novel of 2010 It took me about two chapters to become fully immersed in the story, but then I finished it in one setting The writing flows effortlessly and I couldn t put the book down until I d read the last page I have to admit, the group of friends Seth hangs out with and, at least at the beginning, Seth himself aren t characters I like to read about that much They drink and do drugs, they don t care at all about school or their future and they have no intention of changing their way of life It s not that these people aren t realistic or authentic I just can t relate to them that much They tend to make me furious with their I don t care about anything attitude.
Nevertheless, I found Seth extremely likeable and you can see from the very beginning that he actually is a good guy who wants to change His c I really liked this Freefall is a small book with what seems to be a fairly run of the mill plot guy s best friend dies, guy is messed up, guy meets girls, girl has issues of her own and so forth Yet the characterisation in Freefall is excellent, and I found myself invested in the story within pages Scott captures Seth s voice so well, the rawness of his emotions, without pushing the book into over angsty territory I liked the fact that Seth was a guy who didn t always do the right thing, who often acted selfishly or impulsively, and yet had much going on under the exterior, while still feeling realistic But I d probably give all of those stars purely on the basis of Kendall, whom I really believe carried this story I happen to like straight talking female characters who don t suffer fools see also Mim from All I Ever Wanted , yet also have their own v Um, yeah, some spoilers ahead kids.
This book is about a Seth The people who know me, know what that means To say that I m madly in love with the name is still an understatement I don t know why, but whenever I hear or see the name I that thing dogs do with their head and their ears whenever somebody mentions words like walk or treat or whatever You can tell me you ve named your mailbox Seth and I d still be interested.
Random oddball information aside, I liked this book Seth is pretty much your average kid with no future He drinks, he does drugs, isn t doing well in school and plays bass in a band His best friend Isaac died Jimi Hendrix style and Seth was the last to see him alive and the first to see him dead He feels like he killed his best friend because he wasn t there to save him There are two girls Favourite QuoteBut maybe it s like free falling You feel like you d rather do anything than have to face it, but once you do it you realize it s the best feeling you ve ever had Lately I have been craving contemporary fiction and Freefall filled my need nicely It had all the things that I look for good writing, a plot that gets you thinking and most importantly honest characters.
Freefall is not a tear jerker but a book that gets under your skin My emotional reading experience went a little like this sad, hopeful, happy, extremely happy, sad, anxious, ahhhh happy again Scott s writing talent is the characters she creates You become invested in them and the compelling journey they are on Seth is flawed, honest and broken He caused me plenty of anxiety waiting to see if he could turn his life around and making it extremely hard to stop reading Rosetta, w When I first read through Freefall s description I was torn The cover seemed to call to me, but the description worried me To be honest, only one seemingly small detail of the description gave me pause Seth I often have a difficult time relating to male narrators In fact, there have only been two such novels that I enjoyed enough to compare to female narrated novels PAPER TOWNS by John Green and BLACK RABBIT SUMMER by Kevin Brooks I should never have underestimated author Mindi Scott I found it remarkably easy to emphathize with Seth In ways, this novel was horrifying I m from a small town where most kids consider a good time a weekend of drunken debauchery I now live in a college town where the weekend starts on Thirsty Thursday and there are still people that like to get an e Yeah well, this is kind of awkward nowI read all those great reviews my fellow bookers wrote and I can t really come up with anything to say about this book.
It was a nice and steady read, the characters were all likeable and I flew through the pages The romance between Rosetta and Seth was cute, I liked that the author gave them time to grow close and get to know each other It also had a nice touch of humor it made me laugh out loud several times Um, yeahthat s all spreads her arms wide Tadaaa Maybe I should just go with you say it best, when you say nothing at all next time Meaningless little comment Rosetta and I share the same birth date and from now on I m going to consult a magic 8 ball in any lif Seth McCoy was the last person to see his friend alive, and the first person to find him dead He s been a wreck ever since, convinced that it was his fault He should haven t made sure Isaac was okay He should have been there for him He s been punishing himself ever since.
Ever since, Rosetta walked into his life that is.
Freefall is a wonderful debut about about fears, letting go, moving on and finally finding something in yourself that you want to become.
The concept of taking the issue of fears and converting it into a realistic storyline was pretty awesome There is a real solid message laced within these pages that I think is very believable and honest It s penned with sparks and style to get the point across which I thought was very well done.
Seth is such a wonderful character Totally punk, but he s got a good heart His voice really carries through out this novel, bringing the reader

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Download Epub Format ¼ Freefall PDF by Î Mindi Scott Mindi Scott lives near Seattle, Washington, USA with her drummer husband in a house with a non sound proof basement Freefall, her first novel, was published by Simon Pulse in 2010 Her second novel, Live Through This, was published also by Simon Pulse in 2012 She contributed a chapter to Violent Ends, a collaborative novel written by 17 young adult authors out in 2015 , and co wrote, along wi