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[Lance Morcan] ☆ Fiji [chapter-books PDF] Read Online ½ This book was a real struggle for me It is entirely my own fault First of all I purchased a free kindle book and then I insisted that once I started it I would finish it So I am a cheapo, I admit that I will probably make the same mistake again In my own defense, if you don t put yourself out on a limb once in a while you will miss opportunities And some books do actually improve at their end This book remained a struggle for me from start to finish When I chose this book my hope was that I would learn about Fiji, its physical qualities and its cultural traditions This is a book of fiction hopefully I would be served an engaging story Hopefully the characters would be three dimensional Hopefully I would empathize with at least one or two characters Me, I dislike stereotypical figures and cinematic writing unfortunately this is what I got It is true, cultural traditions are mentione This was a thoroughly enjoying read I loved it Thus far, my only reading about Fiji had been written in a completely different style and genre, but nonetheless made me all the curious about Fiji, as well as other islands in the Pacific I love the way that stereotypes are tackled throughout the story First impressions are not always the correct ones, and our own filters often skew what we see I loved the growth of many of the characters within the story as well.
Fiji Is A Spellbinding Novel Of Adventure, Cultural Misunderstandings, Religious Conflict And Sexual Tension Set In One Of The Most Exotic And Isolated Places On EarthAs The Pharaohs Of Ancient Egypt Build Their Mighty Pyramids, And Chinese Civilization Evolves Under The Shang Dynasty, Adventurous Seafarers From South East Asia Begin To Settle The Far Flung Islands Of The South Pacific The Exotic Archipelago Of Fiji Is One Of The Last Island Groups To Be Discovered And Will Remain Hidden From The Outside World For Many Centuries To ComeBy The Mid S, Fiji Has Become A Melting Pot Of Cannibals, Warring Native Tribes, Sailors, Traders, Prostitutes, Escaped Convicts And All Manner Of Foreign Undesirables It S In This Hostile Environment An Innocent Young Englishwoman And A Worldly American Adventurer Find ThemselvesSusannah Drake, A Missionary, Questions Her Calling To Spread God S Word As She S Torn Between Her Spiritual And Sexual Selves As Her Forbidden Desires Intensify, She Turns To The Scriptures And Prayer To Quash The Sinful Thoughts Without SuccessNathan Johnson Arrives To Trade Muskets To The Fijians And Immediately Finds Himself At Odds With Susannah She Despises Him For Introducing The White Man S Weapons To The Very People She Is Trying To Convert And He Pities Her For Her Naivety Despite Their Differences, There S An Undeniable Chemistry Between ThemWhen Their Lives Are Suddenly Endangered By Marauding Cannibals, Susannah And Nathan Are Forced To Rely On Each Other For Their Very Survival This is the second of the Morcans novels I ve had the pleasure of reading and I have to start immediately by saying I was not disappointed After reading the Ninth Orphan, Fiji certainly seemed like a completely different type of tale and this was certainly true but it was equally enjoyable and well written Described as a swashbuckling, historical, adventure romance set in 19th century Fiji I really did not know what to expect and thoughts of Pirates of the Caribbean did come to mind although there is nothing pirate related in this novel and once I got into it, I was hooked Particularly interested in the history and social anthropology of the Fijian tribes, I was extremely pleased to find out lots that I would never have known previously without having to read some dry non fiction account The ability to combine interesting historical fact with a tense and fr It took me ages to read this book, thanks very much to all the Uni distractions I barely had time to read a chapter before I was bombarded with a whole lot of assignments and all the other ammunition education uses on us helpless victims of the system I finally had the sense to download the e book into my phone, and life sitting idly in the bus or throne of thought was graced with some reading entertainment.
The novel caught my eye firstly because the novel title was, Fiji I thought, hey I just happened to live in Fiji Look at that At first, I thought it was some sort of biography of a dead dictator, or cannibal, or chief maybe I was surprised to find out, this was a historical adventure fiction With a 19th century Fiji as a setting, the plot launches with the introduction of our heroes the missionary and the m Again this book is not like most of the books I read but I enjoyed Lance Morcan has done a good job in making this a page turner Job well done.
Sina of the Qopa tribe in Momi Bay was kidnapped by the Outcast Rambuka three months before the new missionaries from England arrived Reverend Brian Drake and his daughter Susannah are coming to Momi Bay to convert the natives to Christianity Reverend Drake has many plans for converting the natives Susannah believes in what her father is doing yet she finds that she has feelings for Nathan Johnson Nathan Johnson is only interested in making a profit by any means necessary Nathan cannot stop thinking about Reverend Drake s daughter much to the Reverend s dismay Nathan won t try to have a relationship with Susannah no matter what she is feeling right now Iremaia is ratu of the Qopa tribe knows fighting the outcasts is deadly Iremaia s son Joeli wants to defend Qopa trib

For a change a romantic novel set against the background of 19th century Fiji, by then an island group with tribal rules view spoiler Fierce and violent tribal rules, where even cannibalism is common I loved the struggle between the two leading characters, who love one another but don t dare to admit it Although the book is sometimes a little predictable, it kept me reading on and on and I enjoyed it I can t tell if the historical setting of the book is right, but the way the characters try to overcome their prejudices and admit they are in love is nice to read When this would have been a real book and not a digital edition I certainly would have looked at the end to see if it has a fairy tale ending hi Warning, this will probably read as harsh and snooty To be fair, I rarely read things that get the label romance VERY rarely Sometimes if they cross with mystery, I can take it Iris Johansen in limited doses, the Eve Dallas books, and, yeah, I read the Twilight books But I m not a romance person I m rarely even a chick lit person To be fair, I have also been reading REALLY good books lately But given that I have not yet read EVERY really good book, it is very hard to justify spending time on this one So much so that I bailed about 10% of the way in And I also almost never bail on books I feel it is not fair to judge them unless you know where they are going I wanted to use this book for one of my Oceania reads in my 6 books, 6 countries, 6 regions challenge, and Oceania books are hard to find at all But I just couldn Authors Lance and James Morcan have taken the history of Fiji in the 19th century and created a well written, totally absorbing novel American Nathan Johnson, handsome, tough adventurer, comes to Momi Bay in Fiji to trade his muskets for their sea snails that he ll sell for a fortune in China He meets English missionary Brian Drake and his lovely daughter Susannah who have come to Fiji to educate the natives Nathan has had women aplenty but he falls for the innocent Susannah who is quite strong in her beliefs and her ways Nathan feels that the Fiji natives are ungrateful for the economic prosperity brought by Europeans and sees Fiji as a melting pot of warring tribes, European adventurers, mutineers, escaped convicts, beachcombers and all sorts of undesirables But through his associations with brave Fijians as together they chase after the outcast warrior Rambuka a

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