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[ Pdf Fall for Anything ✓ werecats PDF ] by Courtney Summers Õ From The Author Of Cracked Up To Be And Some Girls Are Comes A Gripping Story About One Girl S Search For Clues Into The Mysterious Death Of Her Father When Eddie Reeves S Father Commits Suicide Her Life Is Consumed By The Nagging Question Of Why Why When He Was A Legendary Photographer And A Brilliant Teacher Why When He Seemed To Find Inspiration In Everything He Saw And, Most Important, Why When He Had A Daughter Who Loved Him Than Anyone Else In The World When She Meets Culler Evans, A Former Student Of Her Father S And A Photographer Himself, An Instant And Dangerous Attraction Begins Culler Seems To Know About Her Father Than She Does And Could Possibly Hold The Key To The Mystery Surrounding His Death But Eddie S Vulnerability Has Weakened Her And Culler Evans Is Getting Too Close Her Need For The Truth Keeps Her Hanging Onbut Are Some Questions Better Left Unanswered 4 StarsFall for Anythingwas an interesting, honest and raw realistic young adult novel and I have to say I really enjoyed it Well, enjoyed it s not the right word I think, since the story was so heartbreaking and emotional and its message was quite powerful, but anywayI m a romance reader 95% of the time, I read romance novels, but once in a while I love to read a good realistic fiction young adult novel Fall for Anything was my second book by this author and like the first one it was a character driven story, it was emotional, it was gripping from start to finish I love this author style It s very simple, yet so honest and moving and personally I don t need fancy words to be impressed or moved by a story This book is about suicide, loss, family, friendship, coming of age and maybe just maybe acceptance The story fallows Eddie Reeves, a 17 years old girl whose l 3 Stars Fall for Anything takes an honest and heartbreaking look into the aftermath of a loved one s suicide, and vividly explores the self blame and confusion that inevitably lingers While I didn t find this story as edgy or intense as some of Summers others, its messages were every bit as impactful The plot itself moves at a slower pace and, although some mystery is incorporated, is a fairly steady, straightforward ride But what stood out most for me was the genuine nature of each character, which allowed me to remain fully convinced and invested at all times The tone of this story was depressingly solemn, and the characters behaviors stayed true to that Since her father s sudden suicide, Eddie lives a life fueled by desperate motivation trying to uncover the reason her talented, artist father took his own life When clues begin presenting themselves, Eddie jumps head fir I read in a book once you can t drown yourself Your body will fight to survive, whether you want to or not.
But I don t think it s the same when you jumpI ve never been the fan of mystery novels, even contemporary ones, which is why it s surprising I finished this one But now, I have to thank Summers since I am now interested in mystery novels which are either adult or YA books This was surprisingly good, and it was even better than good, but Summers decided to be evil just like many other others and make the book go downhill for me I even planned on re reading it again after finishing it because I thought I was going to love the whole thing after.
Fall for Anything is about Eddie who is asking herself why her fath read my girl This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book Prescription Actual Rating 2.
75 starsYou know, she says You re still alive I don t know how many different ways I can try to tell you before it finally sinks inI didn t know this book existed until Lily pointed out that it does and that it is one of her favorite books She warned me that this book is not for everyone and it has relatively few ratings and reviews if compared to other books on GR I didn t know what it discusses or what shall I expect, I prefer to do that recently because sometimes there are good surprises awaiting and sometimes this time included there simply aren t I saw the cover and didn t know if I wanted to read it because honestly, this does not have the best cover out there But let what are emotions i forgot how to feel also view spoiler culler is trash hide spoiler We re all lost in different ways, so how do we even help each other find our way out We won t We can t We ll just stay lost forever.
Wow Just all the feels All the feels in the world It s no secret I adore this author and would face a throw down in the Hunger Games to get another of her books in my hands, but I don t think I could possibly portray just how deeply her books touch me It s not because I have all these dark inner thoughts and need a book like this to feel like someone is actually reaching me No, what gets to me is the idea that I might have these dark thoughtsand no one would even know about it Courtney Summers doesn t hide from the harsher parts of life All her books deal with inner turmoil in one way or another, but you never ONCE feel as though you are reading a suffocating story it feels like any other book laced with humor and boys and p I can t imagine why Courtney Summers novels aren t widely read, I guess it might have something to do with Cracked Up to Be and Some Girls Are being marketed as your typical high school clique y boy obsessed novels Their covers suggest something you d find in every American high school movie and even the quote from the School Library Journal about Some Girls Are is Fans of the film Mean Girls will enjoy this tale of redemption and forgiveness.
Well, let me tell you this Courtney Summers books are incredibly raw and emotional, they are addictive in that just one chapter way, even when it s 2am and you have to get up early She gets right inside the mind of her protagonist like so few authors manage to do Even this book, a story so different from her two previous novels, was utterly mesmerizing Though, if you only like happy books she probably isn t the right choice for you.
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[ Pdf Fall for Anything ✓ werecats PDF ] by Courtney Summers Õ sustanon.pro 60 under 30 At 14, she dropped out of high school to pursue her education independently and currently lives in Ontario, Canada You can follow her on