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[ Read Online Exhibit A (Georgie Allen, #1) ✓ world-of-darkness PDF ] by Sarah Lotz ☆ Georgie Allen, Cape Town S Worst Dressed Lawyer Cum Used Car Dealer Cum Caffeine Addict, Has A Lot On His Plate Saddled With A Skedonk Of A Car, A Case File Full Of No Hopers, And A Bitter Ex Who S Out For Revenge, The Last Thing He Needs Is To Take On Another Pro Bono Case But When A Gorgeous Stranger Asks For Help After Her Sister Accuses A Policeman Of Raping Her In A Police Cell, He S Unable To Resist Together With His Unruly Sidekick, Advocate Patrick McLennan Aka The Poison Dwarf , And A Tenacious Township Mongrel, Georgie Heads Off Into The Platteland To Investigate But Things Aren T As Simple As They First Appear, And The Threesome Soon Find Themselves Enmeshed In A Conspiracy Of Lies, Small Town Prejudice, Corruption And Bad Coffee In Their Pursuit Of Ever Elusive Truth And Justice Harrowing And Hilarious, Exhibit A Is A Witty, Fast Paced, Contemporary Legal Drama With Teeth This review was also published on my blog Violin in a VoidGeorgie Allen, Cape Town s worst dressed lawyer and owner of what might be Cape Town s worst car, can t afford to add a pro bono case to his long list of troubles But among those troubles is the fact that his love life has been reduced to giving Love24.
com another shot, so when the gorgeous Rachel asks him to help her sister Nina, Georgie doesn t even bother to discuss his fee Nina was raped by a cop in a police cell in Barryville, one of those tiny South African towns that s stuck in a time warp and is dripping with small town prejudice and incipient racist values 6 As expected, the police didn t bother opening an investigation when Nina laid a charge, so without Georgie s help, the rapist will get away without so much as a rap on the knuckles.
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Rape An ugly word A heinous act Is justice possible if the rapist is someone whose job it is to provide protection, a police officer Sarah Lotz s first legal drama explores this question.
George Allen is a Cape Town lawyer He can t afford a pro bono case but when a woman he met in a bar and whom he d like to know better asks him to help her sister who says she was raped in a police cell by a policeman, he agrees to investigate George heads off to Barryville, a small town in the Klein Little Karoo Backing him up is Patrick McLennan, known to the entire legal community and his wife as the Poison Dwarf, one of the most feared advocates in Cape Town who makes up for his short stature by being a total and utter bastard In the backseat is Exhibit A, a scruffy dog Patrick claims is a witness to a crime The many irregular Although the plot of this book is centred on a rape case, it is hilarious, irreverent and a really satisfying read I read it in one day The characters are well drawn, the settings familiar to a Cape Town dweller , and the dog has to be the Star of the story You will love his antics The author is a great storyteller and I was left wishing for a sequel 3.
5 stars

Sarah Lotz

[ Read Online Exhibit A (Georgie Allen, #1) ✓ world-of-darkness PDF ] by Sarah Lotz ☆ sustanon.pro Sarah Lotz is a screenwriter and novelist with a fondness for the macabre and fake names Among other things, she writes urban horror novels under the name S.L Grey with author Louis Greenberg a YA pulp fiction zombie series, Deadlands, with her daughter, Savannah, under the pseudonym Lily Herne and quirky erotica novels with authors Helen Moffett and Paige Nick under the name Helena S Paige.