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[Vicki Myron] Í Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World [european-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ä While this is not a great literary book, I give it high rating because it touched my heart and is such a strong reminder of how much animals add to our lives If you have ever saved or rescued an animal, you know how grateful they are and how much love they give back They bring us though hard and sad times in such a special way This little guy touch the hearts and lives of an entire town and, through this book, continues to touch hearts.
Vicky Myron s Dewey is a book about many things life in small town Iowa, Vicky s own life history, the important role a library can play in the life and identity of a community and, of course, Dewey read books, one of the best known and well loved cats in the world.
Despite the variety of topics Myron writes about, her book holds together so well through her decision to write honestly about everything Some of her personal and family history was obviously difficult to write about, but its her willingness to do so that makes this book much than a simple book about a library cat.
Dewey was, of course, the catalyst catalyst for writing the book and his story is a great one His adventures as a library cat make for enter How Much Of An Impact Can An Animal Have How Many Lives Can One Cat Touch How Is It Possible For An Abandoned Kitten To Transform A Small Library, Save A Classic American Town, And Eventually Become Famous Around The World You Can T Even Begin To Answer Those Questions Until You Hear The Charming Story Of Dewey read books, The Beloved Library Cat Of Spencer, IowaDewey S Story Starts In The Worst Possible Way Only A Few Weeks Old, On The Coldest Night Of The Year, He Was Stuffed Into The Returned Book Slot At The Spencer Public Library He Was Found The Next Working By Library Director Vicki Myron, A Single Mother Who Had Survived The Loss Of Her Family Farm, A Breast Cancer Scare, And An Alcoholic Husband Dewey Won Her Heart, And The Hearts Of The Staff, By Pulling Himself Up And Hobbling On Frostbitten Feet To Nudge Each Of Hem In A Gesture Of Thanks And Love For The Next Nineteen Years, He Never Stopped Charming The People Of Spencer With This Enthusiasm, Warmth, Humility For A Cat , And, Above All, His Sixth Sense About Who Needed Him MostAs His Fame Grew From Town To Town, Then State To State, And Finally, Amazingly, Worldwide, Dewey Became Than Just A Friend He Became A Source Of Pride For An Extraordinary Heartland Farming Town Pulling Its Way Slowly Back From The Greatest Crisis In Its Long History There is a common idiomatic phrase,it does exactly what it says on the tinWell in the case of Dewey The small town library cat who touched the world by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter, it doesn t The book is a bit of a hotch potch It starts out as a very promising and touching animal story The librarian of a small town library in Spencer, Iowa, discovers a tiny, frozen, furry bundle in the drop box of her library Incredibly, the bundle proves to be a kitten who is still alive, though barely Which animal lover could not fail to be moved by such an opening especially knowing that it was a true story The next few chapters describe how the kitten wins everyone s hearts, both staff and public Sometimes the events are moving, sometimes comical, just as all encounters with dom A great library doesn t have to be big or beautiful It doesn t have to have the best facilities or the most efficient staff or the most users A great library provides It is enmeshed in the life of a community in a way that makes it indispensable A great library is one nobody notices because it is always there, and always has what people need A non fiction book about an adorable cat and a small town s history The cat helps change that history and give the town s heart a bit beat Until they acted like asses at the end of his life and started taking that for granted typical people It really comes across as an almost miraculous story when the little bundle of kitten was discovered in the mail slot like discarded trash I m sure the librarians never imagined how popular the cat would eventually become and how much it would af A little disappointing I was expecting a book about Dewey but he hardly featured at all I enjoyed the sections about the other cats but again they were out weighed by long anecdotes about their owners which did not really interest me The best bits are the photos especially the one of Dewey on the cover He was a real beauty.
Firstly, thank you all for enjoying putting up with my cat story updates As pet lovers know, we all need to talk about our pets to random strangers from time to time, so that was rather therapeutic Dewey s story is an incredible one And, as shown by the 20 year difference from the beginning to the end of the book, it s highly unlikely the library would have adopted a cat in this day and age As Vicki notes, there were complaints after Dewey showed up and it was decided that he would stay, but they appeared to be few and far between Nowadays it would probably be unheard of because of the sheer number of people with allergies and the like But I m glad for Dewey and the Spencer library glad this was able to happen and that Dewey was able to help so many people in his way, as animals do I m not sure why, but cats and books have always seemed to go hand in hand to me I ve got a photo b

If you ever had a cat growing up then you have to read this book Much like pets, embarking on this comparatively short 275 page journey, you re signing up for the little guy to warm you over, make you smile, and eventually break your heart after a 19 year run With pets, we know what we re getting into and but we just have to do it anyway To outsiders our pets may be labeled just a stupid cat or just a dumb mutt However, if you ve grown up with one before you ve felt that connection You ve shared that special bond, that love Preaching to the choir aside, Dewey is a simple story of cat, helping people through their turbulent lives, with his warm unwavering love Man, I m a sap I didn t expect this book to be quality literature and of course it wasn t It was a feel good book, only I ve noticed that most feel good books actually make me feel nauseous instead of good Especially those that idealize small town America.
I thought I was going to scream if I had to read another paragraph about how amazing the town of Spencer, Iowa is To give you a taste That s another of Spencer s unique and valuable assets its people We are good, solid, hardworking midwesterners We are proud but humble We don t brag Sure they don t I have just read a 275 page long eulogy to Spencer and its people.
Try as she might Vicki Myron didn t fool me Under a heavy sugar coat I could see rotten flesh bubbling with old grudges, grievances and hostilities I would love to read about that but I guess it was a no go as the people s real names were used.
The book was really chopped a bit like my rev I thought I was reading a book about a cat, but I wound up reading a book about a woman with a lot of troubles in her life For every chapter that was actually about Dewey, there seemed to be 2 or 3 that were just about her I m very sorry for the losses in this woman s life, and the things she went through, but that s not what I set out to read I expected a good, light hearted story about a cat, but every time I reached a point where my spirits were lifted, Ms Myron brought it all crashing down with the next crisis drama involving herself and her family There were some very sweet stories about the cat, which pushes it from one star to two I wish there had been I also think it would have been a good idea to include actual testimony about Dewey from people he had touched Also, some of the articles written about Dewey could have been included instead of the li

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[Vicki Myron] Í Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World [european-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ä sustanon.pro I was born in Spencer and grew up on a farm south of Moneta, Iowa a town that no longer exists I graduated from Hartley Iowa High School and moved to Mankato, Minnesota where I worked, married, had a daughter and went to college I have a bachelor s degree from Mankato State and a master s from Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas In 1982, I returned to Spencer, Iowa to begin working at the