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[ Pdf City of Heavenly Fire ↠´ superheroes PDF ] by Cassandra Clare ò Read the full review A Perfection Called booksWith a heavy heart, I write this review TMI is the series that rekindled my love of reading I was so invested in this series, and I m so sad that it s come to a close But darn, Cassie ended it well Warning This book will make you so emotionally unstable You ll go from angry to remorseful, happy to sad, laughing to crying, and so on This book was everything I hoped for and Me While Reading This Book The Writing Cassie Clare never ceases to amaze me with her skilled writing I had no idea how she was going to tie up her all the loose ends and create a satisfying end Somehow she did it, and better yet, she did it well I love the deep complex characters, the twisting plots, the humor, the action, the deception, the drama, the wit, and crazy parallels and connections to TID Her writing is consistent and lovely The third person POV with switc UPDATE REVIEW TO COME SOON UPDATE OMG COVER COVER COVER COOOOOOOVER THAT COVER Clary s friggin wearing white and I CANNOT What do you guys think Personally I think it s beautiful After you get over the fact that Clary s wearing white And it s Clastian OK OK OK WRITE OBSESSIVE FANGIRLY REVIEW MODE ON 2000 FRIGGIN 14 EH MUST YOU KILL ME CASSIE MUSSSST YOUUUU WHYYYYYYY BUT WE ALL KNOWINSIDEI M JUSTTHAT DOESN T EVEN BEGIN TO COVER HOW I FEEL BUT IT SHOULD DO FOR NOW OO In This Dazzling And Long Awaited Conclusion To The Acclaimed Mortal Instruments Series, Clary And Her Friends Fight The Greatest Evil They Have Ever Faced Clary S Own BrotherSebastian Morgenstern Is On The Move, Systematically Turning Shadowhunter Against Shadowhunter Bearing The Infernal Cup, He Transforms Shadowhunters Into Creatures Out Of Nightmare, Tearing Apart Families And Lovers As The Ranks Of His Endarkened Army SwellThe Embattled Shadowhunters Withdraw To Idris But Not Even The Famed Demon Towers Of Alicante Can Keep Sebastian At Bay And With The Nephilim Trapped In Idris, Who Will Guard The World Against Demons When One Of The Greatest Betrayals The Nephilim Have Ever Known Is Revealed, Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Simon, And Alec Must Flee Even If Their Journey Takes Them Deep Into The Demon Realms, Where No Shadowhunter Has Set Foot Before, And From Which No Human Being Has Ever ReturnedLove Will Be Sacrificed And Lives Lost In The Terrible Battle For The Fate Of The Word In The Thrilling Final Installment Of The Classic Urban Fantasy Series The Mortal Instruments This book was PHENOMENAL I finished it in under 24 hours because I literally COULD NOT put it down Cassandra Clare concluded such an amazing series in such a beautiful way I didn t think it was possible to cry happy tears than sad tears when finishing off your absolute favorite series, but somehow, this novel was too amazing for me to dwell in the few sad parts and forced me to embrace all it had to offer I thought I d be broken with the end of The Mortal Instruments, but I am so happy knowing the fates of the characters I ve come to love and feeling the security of knowing that one of the greatest works of YA literature ever written has ended as wonderfully as it started If you want to check out my book talk which does include spoilers here it is UPDATE 1 15 14So the cover was released Though I appreciate that the faces are a little implicit than they were in the past two, I m rather disappointed there s something a little cheesy about it, and it looks kind of like a rehash of CoFA Plus, Clary s hair I get that she s part angel, but that s such an unnatural shade of red, and I never got the vibe that she dyed it Also the city scape at the bottom was always a favorite element, and it s just not as prominent here, so I m bummed.
Ah, well Maybe it ll grow on me.
And just to avoid misconceptions, I want to clarify that I get it don t judge books by their covers it s merely a picture representing the existence of a book, not the content or quality the production team designed it, not Cassandra Clare some people might actually really love this cover anyway and that s all fine I just don t t The fascinating world of shadowhunters and downworlders has always intrigued me with it s rich world building The characters, so true and relatable, including those few twisted ones, have all contributed to making this one of my favorite book series of all time Add in some adventure, romance, and humor, and you ve got a recipe for success.
The last installment of the Mortal Instruments was nothing short of unforgettable There were so many things I loved with it, but also things I regretted Cassie didn t explore futher I guess with a book series as large as this one it would be hard, if not impossible, to address everything All in all, City of Heavenly Fire was deeply affecting, a real page turner with both heartbreaking and truly happy moments Few books have managed to touch me this way last time was Clockwork Princess, and I swear, it took me months to even consider picking up a new boo I m just praying to God that this is the last one Words cannot express how amazing this book was I will be posting a detailed review up on my youtube channel soon

I used to think it made me strong to refuse to delete reviews even when the abuse in the comments endured and endured, but after three fucking years of verbal attacks due to this review I just can t be bothered with it any I honestly can t lmao I m fucking sick of this and I m fucking sick of the pig headed, entitled, immature, and arrogant stans for this series who continue to make utter fools of themselves by actively seeking people out to antagonise them for not liking a shitty goddamn book.
I hated this book and I hate the culture of negativity and hostility that s grown around it I was an OG fan of this series I loved the first trilogy Not to sound like Hipster Mermaid, but I was a fan of this before most of the spoiled children who were attacking me had even heard of it I now loathe it by association, so good job guys I m fucking done Bye.
I was thinking up until the last 200 pages that this was definitely going to be a 3 star read, but that ending completely changed my mind It really made up for the first chunk of the book.

Cassandra Clare

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