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↠´ Read ↠´ Blood Rose by Margie Orford  This is the third of Orford s Clare Hart thrillers that I ve read, and the best yet She s an author you can count on to deliver Blood Rose is typically atmospheric, the evocative setting heightening the sense of menace that is one of Orford s trademarks.
Walvis Bay, the Namib Desert, fogs, winds, burning heat and old and dirty secrets all contribute to the suspense, as a series of homeless boys murdered bodies are discovered.
Then there is the charged relationship between Hart and Riedwaan Faizal I ve been reading the books in the sequence that tracks their relationship, but you can read them in any order without the novels losing anything If you loved Le Carre s The Constant Gardener, this is for you.
I m going to be sneaking Gallows Hill up the to read pile.
South African crime writer Margie Orford is a new favorite of mine This is the second mystery of hers I have read The first one was set in Cape Town and this one in Namibia Each one involved Dr Clare Hart, profiler of serial killers.
The narrative itself is well told I was engaged to piece together the crime and to see how all of the pieces came together I also enjoyed the characters, including Clare Hart.
If you know South ern Africa, you will appreciate the details of place in this book If you don t, I think you will still follow it well.
Lastly, something I love about both of these mysteries is that they put a spotlight on vulnerable people and social justice issues I look forward to what Margie Orford has to show me next Currently, this book is 2.
99 USD on Kindle a good, topical vacation read

Digamos de entrada que los principales propagandistas del g nero p lic aco son sus mismo autores No abandonan para nada la zona confortable de sus relatos tremendistas, horrorizantes y adjetivos similares Ah entramos los lectores Eso de la tensi n narrativa, ese ocultar a lo largo de la narraci n datos para conservar el llamado inter s ya me resultan un tanto, dig moslo sin tapujos, aburrido Pero el talento palabrero, la secuencia l gica del transcurrir en tiempo y espacio de las acciones en que se abisman los protagonistas, los conflictos generados en y por estos mismos debido a su incapacidad para incorporarse a la llamada sociedad tradicional y finalmente pero no lo nico, la descripci n de la bazofia social y los ambientes en que sta sobrevive, imagino An interesting read, written by a South African writer Dr Clare Hart, a police profiler goes to Walvis Bay to help find the killer of four homeless boys The sad life of this isolated town is vividly described and the people she meets, from a very pregnant local police officer to the orphans of the town are engaging, she also keeps you fascinated with her description of the slowly disappearing native culture to the desert Unfortunately for me it is yet another Aids story woven into a otherwise good thriller.
In this book, part of the Clare Hart series, Clare Hart is called to act as profiler in a murder case in Walvis Bay Two murdered teenage boys are found and Clare Hart needs to solve the mystery.
Similar to the other books in the Clare Hart series, this book is full of suspense I found the other books in the series better, but maybe because they were set in Cape Town and surrounds which isfamiliar to me than Walvis Bay I also found the ending a bit blunt without explaining all the plots within the book Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the book and look forward to reading all the Clare Hart novels.
I just love Margie Orford s style great romping good reads.
This one is no exception a page turner and some interesting historical notes and social history This is my 2nd Clare Hart book although the stories are faultless, the endings aren t quite as slick However, this doesnt detract from Orford s genius as a story teller she has to be one of the world s best crime writers keep them coming A Breathtaking, Atmospheric Thriller And A Stunning Return For Investigator Dr Clare Hart The Gruesome Murder Of A Homeless Teenage Boy Suggests A Methodical Serial Killer Is At Work In Walvis Bay, A Depressed Port, Isolated In The Vast Sweep Of The Namib Desert It Is A Corrupt, Claustrophobic Place With A Shifting Population Of People Who Came Here Only Because They Had To And Where People Know Everything And Nothing About Each Other As Part Of A Cross Border Policing Initiative, Dr Clare Hart Is Sent To Profile The Possible Killer She Works With Captain Tamar Damases, An Astute Local Detective, Who Heads Up The Coastal Town S Sexual Violence And Murder Unit Clare Is Glad To Be Distracted From The Implosion Of What Was Till A Few Days Ago A Blossoming Love Affair With Captain Riedwaan Faizal, Who Turned Out Be Married Than She Thought As The Two Women Trace Older Crimes That May Be Related To The Recent Killings, Nothing Is As It Seemed At First And As Riedwaan Comes To Join Clare, To Help With The Investigation And To Try Salvage Their Relationship, She Realises That The Harbour Holds Than Just Rusting Russian Fishing Trawlers, And That A Deadly Cargo Is Ready To Sail It S Not Just Their Relationship That Is In Danger, Their Very Lives And The Lives Of Others Are At Stake This is only the 2nd of her novels that I have read and have to confess to enjoying it immensely.
Written by a Namibian and set in Namibia it was brought to life with great descriptions of the countryside Namib It is another Dr Clare Hart novel where she is still involved with Capt Riedwaan Faizal of SAPS.
I do love these characters This one definitely focussed on the female perspective in contrast to the last book I have a soft spot for Riedwaan and so glad he came into the story halfway through It is difficult to read about the way human life, especially that of children, is treated so lightly, but Margie Orford writes sensitively about this subject and brings it right to our attention.

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↠´ Read ↠´ Blood Rose by Margie Orford  sustanon.pro Margie Orford is a journalist, film director and author of children s fiction, non fiction and school text books.She was born in London and grew up in Namibia and South Africa, studying at UCT where she wrote her final exams in prison while detained during the State of Emergency After travelling widely, she did an honours degree at UCT, then worked in publishing in the newly independent Namibia,