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Ü Beautiful Darkness ↠´ Download by î Kami Garcia I m still totally captivated by this series.
The dept and complexity of the plot just keeps getting better and better There is so much to this book and answers so many of the questions I had in the first book.
So why the four star rating Well Lena.
I just couldn t like her in this book and I m not sure I want to like her And she influence everyone around her to be lesser of what I would like them to be This is actually a excellent quality the writers have, to portray this influence so correctly But that didn t make me want to stab Lena less.
The setting of this book and the new world for lack of better word was awesome I love that we get go down into the Caster tunnels and get to know Casters and the humans assisting them I love how complex thissixteenth moonhas become.
I can t wait to see where our journey takes us next.
5There were too many things out there to be afraid of, too many to fight It was a wonder anyone in Gatlin slept at all I enjoyed this return into the Caster world, with all the old characters as well as some new faces After the drama caused at Lena s sixteenth birthday, everything in the Caster world has changed, and no one is prepared.
Evil forces are at work Sarafine is up to her tricks, and Lena has still not chosen whether she will be a light or a dark caster.
Her relationship with Ethan becomes strained, particularly when a new girl arrives to work in the Gatlin library.
I liked the twists and turns the story took view spoiler like when Ridley has her powers taken away from her, and when Macon returns from the dead hide spoiler Ethan Wate Used To Think Of Gatlin, The Small Southern Town He Had Always Called Home, As A Place Where Nothing Ever Changed Then He Met Mysterious Newcomer Lena Duchannes, Who Revealed A Secret World That Had Been Hidden In Plain Sight All Along A Gatlin That Harbored Ancient Secrets Beneath Its Moss Covered Oaks And Cracked Sidewalks A Gatlin Where A Curse Has Marked Lena S Family Of Powerful Supernaturals For Generations A Gatlin Where Impossible, Magical, Life Altering Events HappenSometimes Life EndingTogether They Can Face Anything Gatlin Throws At Them, But After Suffering A Tragic Loss, Lena Starts To Pull Away, Keeping Secrets That Test Their Relationship And Now That Ethan S Eyes Have Been Opened To The Darker Side Of Gatlin, There S No Going Back Haunted By Strange Visions Only He Can See, Ethan Is Pulled Deeper Into His Town S Tangled History And Finds Himself Caught Up In The Dangerous Network Of Underground Passageways Endlessly Crisscrossing The South, Where Nothing Is As It Seems For gosh sakes, there are still two books in this series Why To what end Here s the plot, let me know if you ve heard this before, a few thousand times Mortal teenager meets supernatural being of the opposite sex, experiencing instantaneous connection while supernatural being acts oddly and tells mortal that they must stay apart, that it s too dangerous, etc Yet against all odds the two become a couple and after much drama and a battle, they are happily together.
So, we get to book two, in which the supernatural being pulls away from the mortal teenager, again for the mortal s own good, because the supernatural being is too angst ridden and just plain idiotic to actually discuss anything with the love of their life Also, appearing in book two, is the required stand in possible love interest that as a reader you can never quite believe in because if th Oh, how I ve missed you Gatlin The one thing that really stands out to me about this series isn t the incredible cast of characters or the engrossing story it s the setting I LOVE GATLIN I want to live there eat Amma s pies, ride in Link s Beater to the Dar ee Keen, waft in the scent of lemon trees at Ravenwood There is something truly addicting about Gatlin and I often find it hard to withdrawal from the world within the pages.
Beautiful Darkness is one word is intense So much happens to our beloved, Ethan and Lena Beautiful Creatures was just the tip of the iceberg All that Caster information is well below the surface and I have a suspicion that Beautiful Darkness didn t even reveal it all.
The plot was a little slow at times for me I knew we were getting to something huge, but it just felt like it took forever to get there Although, it was totally worth all the MY WTB NON SPOILER REVIEWSeriously This Book, three words honey What The Buck Can t bucking believe I m using this pseudo curse BUCK YOU YOUTUBE Well what can I say Oo speechless for a moment This book is totally bad ass, awesome, epic, pawned, heart stopping, hair raising, spine tingling, thrilling, electrifying, breath taking, totally wicked yada yada I can go on and on but I think my limited vocabulary won t do it justice.
Stars speak for yourself Ah Hello Hi there Blindy Look 5 stars 5 stars means awesome AMAZING, right retarded face This book is like a puzzle can t believe I m doing bucking similes , it started out without any sense and lots of mysteries and questions but once pieces and pieces adds up and then you get to see at the end the finish work and it all made sense now that you know how beautiful and complicated the story is.
And can I just add how creepy the book is and I Beautiful Darkness is a reread for me I read it first in July of 2010, when I couldn t talk about the book because everything I might talk about could be construed as a spoiler Sitting down to type this now, however, I realize that pretty much everything I can say about this book even now is an actual spoiler, and that makes it hard to write a review that will not offend someone But I m going to try Because I can And because my previous boasty review of this needs to be stricken Spoilers for those who have not read Beautiful Creatures Lena s sixteenth birthday has come and gone The claiming failed and now Lena is stuck between two states, the dark and the light, with both sides warring for her powers She is heartbroken WHAT ABOUT LIV Like Beautiful Creatures, this sequel drew me in with the lush, vivid descriptions and fascinating characters However, Beautiful Darkness suffers from the same problems that plagued its predecessor uneven pacing and a confusing ending that solves few of the problems that have been building up for 500 pages And who am I kidding I m knocking off a star for my favorite character, Liv, who really gets shafted in this book.
The delightful supporting cast is my favorite part of this series These two authors can be masters of characterization From Amma, Marian, and Macon to Link, Ridley, and Liv, this series contains an impressive supporting cast of witty, brave, and loyal characters These characters come alive for me, and I look forward to any scenes with them Where the book struggles is with the leads

Big Puddle of Meh Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed parts of this one It was mostly a fun read but every time I started to get into this one, I d run into one of my pettiest pet peeves This book was just chock full of 1 coincidences, 2 because reasons and 3 all encompassing true love well, until hot girl 2 showed up.
1 The CoincidencesThe sheer amount of well timed coincidences drove me mad It just felt so convenient and lazy Case and point Ancient magic designed to repel anyone attempting to break in AHA The ancient folks forgot to safeguard against the garden sheers SuckasCase and point Here s a clue no one in a million years could figure out Would you look at that, your old senile aunt ISN T actually senile she s an expert in the obscure method needed to solve the clue WoweeCase and point Oh, a big final battle Zero chance of survival Here s your second cousin great aunt twi These books DO NOT disappoint Every time I finish one I m always a bit emotionally drained and the authors always dangle something in front of you, so you almost have to read the next one to keep your sanity intact Ethan and Lena just barely made it out alive from Lena s last Claiming, and things are not the same Lena is grieving over the loss of Macon and Ethan can feel she is slipping away from him She s starting to hang out with Ridley and this strange guy named John Before Ethan can even take a real grasp of the situation Lena runs away and though things between them are strained Ethan will go and try to find her With the help of the sarcastic, goofy but studly Link, the smart as a whip new character Liv, and the wise old cat Lucille, Ethan goes through a journey where his heart leads him to Lena and where he will try with all he

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Ü Beautiful Darkness ↠´ Download by î Kami Garcia Kami Garcia is a 1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author She is the coauthor of the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES series, which has been published in 51 countries and 37 languages, with over 10 million copies in print In 2013, Beautiful Creatures released as a feature film from Warner Brothers Kami is a cofounder of the YALLFEST kid lit book festival and the author of five solo