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Ï Read ✓ Amie and the Child of Africa by Lucinda E. Clarke ☆ I picked up this book without having read the first in the series Though it would have filled in the story some if I d had read the first book, this one flowed well without it Amie is an expat living in Africa Her family still lives in England but Amis would live no other place than Africa She loves it with an intrepid naivet That is the best way I can describe it She has courage to step into dangerous situations where angels fear to tread There were times I felt she was foolish but the author walked the story in Amie s shoes so I, as the reader, followed along.
It became clear, the author was intimately familiar with Africa No amount of research could fill in the vivid detail that sucks you into the story which centers around the conflict points that make life dangerous for Africans Territorial tribal struggle Amie and the Child of Africa by Lucinda E Clarke is the sequel to Amie and is every bit as exciting and fast paced as the original I d read the first book and the sequel pretty much takes up where the first book left off In this story, we follow Amie s exploits as she tries to rescue her husband from a band of cut throat ISIS terrorists in deepest central Africa This was a very enjoyable read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes fast paced adventures, especially in foreign climes A very good book.
I m new to travel lit, having just discovered a fondness for it a few years ago I ve been, on the other hand, a long time fan of action adventure tales and fast paced thrillers Just my luck this book and this series is all three combined And in none of the dimensions does it disappoint Amie, back in Africa once again, this time to rescue a young girl she dearly loves, must subject herself to international armed forces, spies, and the intrigue and tumult that is Africa during a civil war And that s on top of trying to figure out how to survive the wilds of the African savannah, rife with deadly creatures aplenty To add insult to injury, her husband casually informs her that he is a spy, and therefore, in all likeliness, his doings will attract danger to them better than a magne What a storyteller Lucinda E Clarke is I see others reviewers have said the same and I can only confirm and endorse it Amie and the Child of Africa is a terrific page turner from the start and I was completely swept along by the action and the adventure In fact, I could hardly put it down and finished it in just a few evenings The story follows that of Book 1 and I would definitely recommend reading that first to understand why this book begins with Amie and her husband and friends camping out in the African Bush Having survived a violent coup in Apatu, Togodo, a period of isolation in the African bush where she had to fend for herself and the realisation that her husband has been working as a spy, Amie now discovers that Angelina, the little African girl of whom she Apart from being an avid reader I have always had an interest in natural history When I discover a writer who is capable of combining adventure with accurate information of the natural world, I m impressed and happy Add to this a liberal mix of topical international terrorism and the realism is increased.
When you read this author s work relating to Africa it is immediately apparent that the research was not done by browsing the web or thumbing through a few textbooks We have here an author who has experienced the hot, dry, suffocating sensation of the dark continent s version of a nice day She understands the politics, and mindset of the people who inhabit many of the countries She also knows only too well how easy it is to insult somebody with an innocent gesture, or when a compliment was intended.
Amie, the central character has grown in stature sinc

This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought Title Amie and the Child of AfricaAuthor Lucinda E ClarkeStar Rating 4 StarsNumber of Readers 15StatsEditing 8 10Writing Style 8 10Content 7 10Cover 7 10Of the 15 readers 12 would read another book by this author.
10 thought the cover was good or excellent.
13 felt it was easy to follow.
12 would recommend this story to another reader to try.
8 felt the author s strongest skill was plotting a story.
7 felt the author s strongest skill was developing the characters.
14 felt the pacing was good or excellent.
12 thought the author understood the readership and what they wanted.
Readers Comments This is pretty exciting The setting, of course, is very interesting, and the author s knowledge of this brings depth The thriller eleme What a page turner Once again Lucinda E Clarke has written a real action thriller It s a genuine page turner and I read it in a few sittings This book picks up on the events of the first book in the series It finds Amie, her husband Jonathon and other companions living in the African Bush The situation in Togodo is volatile following the Government being overthrown Amie learns that Angelina a child she had become fond of had been captured by a militant group similar to IS When her husband is also taken by the same group Amie determines to find them and free them She is a very resourceful young woman but also headstrong and willing to put herself in danger At times I realised I was holding my breath as I was reading such is the author s skill in b After reading the first part, I knew I would be reading this as soon as I had a free day You really need a whole day because once to start this, it is impossible to put down It is so fast paced and totally griping I flipped pages furiously as I needed to know what was happening.
This story picks up where we left off with Aime She returns to Africa with her husband, who I m still not convinced is good enough for her There was a lot revealed about him in this book that added to my back and forth on how I feel about him Aime remains absolutely brilliant, brave, and truly a heroine In the midst of civil unrest with seriously dangerous terrorists her heart pushes into situations that would have a lessor heroine cowering in the corner Not Aime I m being deliberately obtuse because the unfolding of this story is perfectly do This is very adventurous, surprising novel and a real page turner The main heroine is very relatable and I enjoyed setting on the journey with her The story is heart breaking and keeps you on your toes The twists result in an ending that makes you want to turn to another page, which is a wonderful setting for the other novel I think the author has a gift of creating a special atmosphere, and for keeping the reader entertained as well as emotionally satisfied I look forward to read on.
Alternative Cover Edition Of ASIN BCIOAmie Has No Idea Of The Dangers She Ll Face As She Sets Out To Find The Child She Lost In Togodo When The Civil War Erupted She Finds Herself Alone In The Bush With Only Her Wits To Protect Her Against Africa S Wildlife And A Terrorist Organization With International ConnectionsShe Meets Up With Friends Old And New But, Who Can She Trust One Of Them Is Not Telling Her The Truth The Witch Doctor Predicts Her Future But Can Amie Believe What She Says A Fast Paced Adventure Story Set Against The Background Of The Dark Continent

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Ï Read ✓ Amie and the Child of Africa by Lucinda E. Clarke ☆ sustanon.pro Born in Dublin, matured in England, wanted to follow grandfather into Fleet Street, family not wildly enthusiastic unfeminine, unreliable and dangerous Went to dockland Liverpool safe, respectable and pensionable Returned south with teaching qualifications, extremely good at self defence Went crofting in Scotland, bred Cairn Terriers among other things Moved to Kenya with 7 week old