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[Lucinda E. Clarke] æ Amie [cartoon PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ The beauty of this story is what initially intrigued me and what held me as a captive audience from the first to last pages Though I felt somewhat behind the 8 ball without having read the first in the series, the explicit detail with which the author leads the reader into Africa, through the pluck and verve of her protagonist, Aime Young and full of heart, while retaining a very honest uncertainty about the path she walks, Aime strides boldly where many others might fear to tread, but her goal is far and away one that might lead many of us in the same direction The story is inspiring and uplifting yet filled with the very real, often frustrating, realities Africa African s face today Well written and accurate, I would recommend it to anyone interested in reading something other than fluff and farce.
A very powerful and emotional story, following the life of Amie As a well traveled expat myself I totally got this We all try and fit in where our husbands take us, and yes danger lurks where we least expect No spoilers but a bally good read.
Alternative Cover Edition Of ASIN BLWFIOKAmie Was Just An Average Girl, Living In Her Home Town Close To Friends And Family She Was Happily Married And She Had Her Future All Planned Out They Would Have Two Adorable Children, While She Made Award Winning Programmes For Television Until The Day Her Husband Announced He Was Being Sent To Live And Work In An African Country She Had Never Heard Of When She Came To The Notice Of A Colonel In The Government, It Made Life Very Complicated, And From There Things Started To Escalate From Bad To Worse If Amie Could Have Seen That One Day She Would Be Totally Lost, Fighting For Her Life, And Enduring Untold Horrors, She Would Never Have Stepped Foot On That Plane Lucinda is a very clever writer and tells the story as if you are actually there going through it, Amie well i would love to have been her very brave and courageous The situations in the book can be scary very frightening at times but does give a good realization on what its like as every country has different rules and regulations they have in that part of the world.
When i read the first page i was hooked and can t wait to read the next adventure Amie has, this book is amazing and highly recommended from teenagers to adults, wish i could say about the book but don t want to give it away.
I am not going to say anything about the story line in Lucinda Clarke s novel the other reviwers have done an excellent job I will say the writing is superb, the story beyond captivating, the descriptions of Africa rival a photograph, and the characters emotions are real to the core and highly captivating you hope beyond hope all works out well A great novel mayhaps based on parts of the author s life Well worth your time.
I was intrigued by the synopsis and so brought this book I was hooked after the first couple of pages, starting with the horrifying prologue and moving into the meat of the story Amie and her husband are working abroad for what is supposed to be two years, once they get there they realise that all is not what it seems Add to that being accused of spying for the British and the civil unrest in the country and you re in for a treat of a story I found myself wondering if it were possible that Amie ever get home and even if she did, would she be able to settle back into the normal English life she d had before I won t spoil, but I will say that it is an excellent read with many twists and turns Perfectly crafted to reflect life as an expat and brilliantly written Highly recommended Amie rather reluctantly leaves her job and goes to Africa with husband Jonathan, who is offered work on a desalination plant Her life there, in a large house with a maid and a gardener, and activities at the Expat Club is strange Amie, and the reader, only realise its benefits when the couple go home for a holiday, to tea, telly, and disinterest in her new life Home in Africa, a colonel high up in the corrupt government threatens Johnathan s job unless Amie uses her family s parting gift of an expensive camera to film progressive innovation no easy task as none of it has come to fruition, but Amie is taken deeper into the heart of the dark continent.
She is shopping when her world is blown apart, literally, by tribal warfare Travel with Amie as she attempts to escape Up to a certain point in this story, I was able to relate to Amie First, the fear of going to another country, where the culture was different from one s own Second, the real culture shock is not going to such a country, but it is returning to your own culture after you ve been away for a while You expect the other culture to be different But when you return to your previous life, you now see it through different eyes, your priorities in life have changed after seeing the poverty and other circumstances other people in the world live.
However, I have not lived the terror of being an expatriate in a country torn by civil war Travelling into countries where armed guards partrol the borders was terrifying enough Having to survive when being considered a criminal would be than terrifying.

Lets start with the basics For me I like a good story well told It needs the obvious if you like a good opening, a strong middle and it must wrap up nicely at the end to satisfy the reader Top marks on all fronts here Cracking opening that sucked me in immediately I have read a couple of Lucinda E Clarke s books before so I sort of knew what to expect Here is a writer able to tell a story and get to the reader Her sense of Africa is clearly on point I do know from reading her other books and biography that she has spent time there and it shows Although the country setting in this book is fictional, it is brought to vibrant life by the authors clarity of thought and skilled writing The plight of Africa is so misunderstood Great book I recommend it to everyone Ms Clarke sure knows what she s writing about her imagery evocation of Africa alone make this novel a fantastic read Not only that, but this is a good story, well crafted and edited.
The challenges Amie the title character faces, set up, heartbreak, and above all hope, pulled me in and kept me going I had to stop reading for a week because life got in the way, but everyday I wasn t reading, I was thinking about Amie and what was coming next Plenty of tension and apprehension to work through.
I know that Ms Clarke spent a great of time in Africa, and I m glad she could use that as a backdrop for the book It s simple remarkable Informative too.
Great book I recommend it to everyone

Lucinda E. Clarke

[Lucinda E. Clarke] æ Amie [cartoon PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ sustanon.pro Born in Dublin, matured in England, wanted to follow grandfather into Fleet Street, family not wildly enthusiastic unfeminine, unreliable and dangerous Went to dockland Liverpool safe, respectable and pensionable Returned south with teaching qualifications, extremely good at self defence Went crofting in Scotland, bred Cairn Terriers among other things Moved to Kenya with 7 week old daught