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[ Pdf A Bed of Wild Roses (Untamed Regency Book 1) ç yuri PDF ] by Jackie Williams ò I love romances that are set in a innocent time A time where a lady s shapely ankle could turn a man s head and an innocent kiss could lead to being assaulted by the girl s brother There are many comedy moments as overprotective brother Brendon clobbers best friend Algernon because of some misunderstandings Felicity is a feisty heroine with a heart of gold and we feel for her when Algernon struggles with his pride and fears for her safety What should have been a straight forwards romance is anything but due to a greedy uncle that will do anything to get his hands on Algernon s estate.
When I say that this is set in a innocent time we do all know that behind closed doors things were less innocent It is clear Algernon and Felicity share an attraction that leaves them both rather h This is definitely light hearted and funny Lord Algernon Barclay always seems to be saving Lady Felicity from a very young age She managed to get trapped in a box during a game of hide and seek luckily he found her she gave him a kiss and his best friend happened in at that exact second he punched him He was her brother and had a trigger temper Then they got older and it got worse These two Lords were on again off again best friends and all because of Lady Felicity Between all that happened Algernon and Felicity were forced to get married but someone was trying to kill him or her I especially loved the ending and I think you will too Algernon finally gets to punch out his friend A Bed Of Wild Roses Flowers Of The Aristocracy Untamed Regency Series A Regency Mystery Romance An Innocent Kiss Might Not Have Sealed Her Fate Even A Scandalously Slippery Jelly Could Be Explained Away But Revealing One S Long Hidden Charms To The Local Nobility Can Only Lead Lady Felicity Into Marriage Or Ruination How Could A Childhood Game Become So Complicated How Could A Dessert Behave So Decadently And How Could His Own Shrubbery Become So Untamed Caught Between Debt, Honour, And Felicity S Than Irate Brother, Lord Algernon Barclay S Immediate Future Can Only Lead In One Direction Straight Into A Parson S Noose But Even While Reconciling Themselves To Their Fate, A Killer Stalks Amid Attempted Murder, Thieving Relatives, And Renovating An Impoverished Estate, Will They Surrender To Their Shared Attraction, Or Will Algernon S Stubborn Heart Convince Her To Give Up And Leave Him This Light Hearted Regency Mystery Romance Is Suitable For Ages And Above Due To Sensual Love Scenes A Bed of Wild Roses is a beautifully written historical romance with elements of mystery, which certainly kept me on edge throughout the story What I really enjoyed was the parallels that ran between the two childhood friends each stubbornly refusing to admit that he s in love with his friend s sister The nearly comical situations that happened between Felicity and Algernon definitely lightened the mood of the story however, after the first attempt on Algernon s life he came to realization that his future engagement to Felicity might just put not only his but her life in danger as well But who would want to harm him and why I really enjoyed not only a riveting plot but the authentic language and setting of the story Also, what made this novel such a great read for me personally was its progress from a sweet and sensual romance to a This book was a lot of fun It s a lovely, light historical romance with some steamy love scenes that will get your heart racing It s the story of Felicity and Algernon Here s two people who ve known each other all their lives, share childhood memories and have a deep attraction for one another Add Felicity s overprotective brother, a couple of clumsy situations and a dangerous mystery and you re all set for a great read This is a must for all Regency Romance fans And it s given a 16 because of the steamy scenes I really enjoyed this.
A Bed of Wild Roses Flowers of the Aristocracy was a chance pick for me, and what a lucky draw it was It had been a while since I had read a Regency romance and this fantastic and entertaining book made me want to read again Luckily, Ms Williams is a prolific author and I look forward to reading from her All characters are well portrayed and feel real, but the chemistry between the feisty heroine Felicity and proud Algernon is so enjoyable, it was a true delight I liked the mystery touch, too, but above all, it was great seeing these two grow from children to being in love and sharing a sizzling hot passion for each other.
Anyone who loves Regency Romance should grab a copy of this book From the innocent love of children to the sweeping love of two people destined to be together A Bed of Wild Roses delivers a beautiful romance with just the right amounts of humor and mystery thrown in.
I love historical romances, and this Regency novel does not disappoint The characters are well developed and easy to cheer for, the writing flows smoothly, and there were enough plot twists to keep me glued to my kindle Well done, Ms Williams

This was a gorgeous, light hearted read It s funny, romantic and witty with a great cast of multi layered characters Jackie Williams evokes the regency era so well her research has obviously been meticulous and the result is a real escapist read that manages to sweep you away into another time and place A fantastic historical romance Highly recommended.
Goodness I have to admit that it was a pleasure to read a really lovely, old fashioned romance Just purely indulgent period drama and it felt like a reading equivalent of a spa to just enjoy lovely characters getting a happy ending A few little bits of steam too It has been a while since I have read a Regency Romance, and I was looking forward to diving in between the covers of A Bed Of Wild Roses If the blurb was anything to go by then, this book was going to be a terrific read.
I had high expectations for this book, and I am pleased to say that I wasn t disappointed This book had everything a great Regency Romance needs A terrific historical backdrop A dashing hero A feminine yet, feisty heroine An evil antagonist and a would be brother in law who kept getting the wrong end of the stick, with sometimes disastrous, but amusing, consequences.
The story was fast paced and very engaging I adored the characterisation of all the characters, especially Algernon, Felicity and Brendon They all had very distinct personalities and were very real in the telling.
The romance was swoon worthy It was beautifully portrayed and very easy to

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[ Pdf A Bed of Wild Roses (Untamed Regency Book 1) ç yuri PDF ] by Jackie Williams ò sustanon.pro I was born in Essex England during the mid sixties but I missed all the fun Being only young I assumed that all Beatles were six legged creatures and Flower Power was something to do with the vigorous way my mother kneaded the bread dough.My wonderful parents brought me up with a huge love of books We read anything and everything Bedtime stories were a treasured time of adventure and mystery.