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[Sara Gruen] ↠´ Water for Elephants [young-adult-contemporary PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ REVIEW CONTAINS SLIGHT SPOILERS I really wanted to like this book I think my low opinion is partially my fault, because I drove into the story with high expectations due to rave reviews I need to learn not to do that.
The beginning of this novel was excellent A Ivy League dropout, who formerly studied to be a vet, runs away and joins the circus The time period The Depression and Prohibition America a historical era of uncertainty and chaos I was looking for an intriguing tale of a college youth thrust into an unfamiliar world, along with a dose of touching animal stories What I got was a romance Pure and simple.
A major issue in this novel is the characterization The characters, with the exception of Walter aka Kinko and his dear Queenie, were flat and predictable Marlena and August bothered me the most Marlena being beautiful and kind and boring, and Augus SPOILERS IN MY REVIEW I M SORRY ABOUT SPOILING IT FOR PEOPLE, REALLY I AM, IT WAS NEVER INTENTIONAL BUT AS WITH ALL REVIEWS ESPECIALLY MINE THERE ARE GOING TO BE SPOILERS I DELETED ALL THE COMMENTS THAT WERE HARASSING ME ABOUT ACCIDENTLY SPOILING THE BOOK SERIOUSLY, I M SORRY, BUT PEOPLE DON T NEED TO BE COMPLETE AND UTTER ASSHOLES ABOUT IT NOT EVERYONE, TO THOSE OF YOU WHO WERE NICE, I REALLY AM SORRY THAT I SPOILED THE BOOK I FORGET THAT GOODREADS DOESN T HAVE A WAY OF HIDING SPOILERS THEY SHOULD IF I COULD GIVE YOU A COOKIE TO MAKEUP FOR THE FACT THAT I GAVE AWAY SOME STUFF GOOD READS OBVIOUSLY DELETED MY FIRST REVIEW, BUT THIS IS THE SAME EXACT THING I HAD WRITTEN BEFORE SO ONCE AGAIN, DON T read THE NON CAPSLOCKED STUFF BELOW THIS BECAUSE IT DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS SO IF YOU LEAVE ME A COMMENT THIS TIME AROUND BITCHING ABOUT SPOILERS YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BI I wanted to like this book I really did I even enjoyed the first couple of chapters and was prepared for an entertaining summer read Eventually, however, the lack of imagination, melodrama, and just plain bad writing did it in for me At the risk of beating a dead horse albeit a dead horse with tremendous appeal to book clubs across the United States , let me enumerate the problems spoiler alert not that I suggest you read this book anyway 1 Neither the narrator, nor any of the other characters in Water for Elephants, for that matter, even remotely sound like they live in the 1930s, nor does the old man sound like an old man in the present day chapters in fact, he sounds exactly like he did as a 22 year old in the 1930s chapters This indicates that the author has either a completely

Oh man, this was lovely.
I picked up Water for Elephants after seeing the movie You know, the one with that Twilight guy who for a change was allowed to smile And to have other facial expressions besidespermanently constipatedThe math is simpleDrum roll Rosie the elephant works better than Ex Lax But on to the book now In addition to Jacob Jankowski s love affair with Rosie the elephant and a noticeably less sweet affair with Marlena the bland chick we get a parallel story of Jacob the old guy who is ninety Or ninety three The latter was the part of the book that I loved It s a sad story of a cranky old guy in a nursing home who feels his mind and body falling apart but refuses to accept that, and realizes that life is beginning to pass him by He reminded me of so many elderly patients that I have taken care Ladies and gentlemen Direct your attention to the performer in print You will be amazed, dazzled and mystified by the daring feats you are about to witness Well, that might be overstating a bit The story does open with drama, though A circus menagerie has gotten loose and there is mayhem The narrator, Jacob, sees the ringmaster murdered We then scoot ahead to the present Jacob is in his 90s and looks back, revisiting his ghosts From here, we flip back and forth between Jacob in the present and his recollections.
When Jacob is 23, his parents are killed in an auto mishap, leaving him penniless He drops out of veterinary school, just shy of completion, and when the freight train he hops turns out to be transporting a circus he finds hims Sara Gruen s Water for Elephants is one of those rare novels, that will be read and re read, discussed and enjoyed for many years, by old and young alike Destined to be passed between family and friends and back again, until the tattered, time worn pages resemble the books beloved central character and narrator.
Jacob Jankowski, just days from the final exams at Cornell University that would have attached the respectable Dr of Veterinary medicine forever to his name, had his world forever altered when his parents were killed in an auto accident Alone, frightened and penniless, the 23 hopped a train, never intending to run away with the circus although, looking back, as he sat in the nursing home telling his story, it seemed fate didn t much care about intentions, especially during the depression It was hard life, the Benzini Brothers Circus, hailed as the Most Spectacular Show On Winner Of TheBookBrowse Award For Most Popular BookAn Atmospheric, Gritty, And Compelling Novel Of Star Crossed Lovers, Set In The Circus World Circa , By The Bestselling Author Of Riding Lessons When Jacob Jankowski, Recently Orphaned And Suddenly Adrift, Jumps Onto A Passing Train, He Enters A World Of Freaks, Drifters, And Misfits, A Second Rate Circus Struggling To Survive During The Great Depression, Making One Night Stands In Town After Endless Town A Veterinary Student Who Almost Earned His Degree, Jacob Is Put In Charge Of Caring For The Circus Menagerie It Is There That He Meets Marlena, The Beautiful Young Star Of The Equestrian Act, Who Is Married To August, The Charismatic But Twisted Animal Trainer He Also Meets Rosie, An Elephant Who Seems Untrainable Until He Discovers A Way To Reach Her Beautifully Written, Water for Elephants Is Illuminated By A Wonderful Sense Of Time And Place It Tells A Story Of A Love Between Two People That Overcomes Incredible Odds In A World In Which Even Love Is A Luxury That Few Can Afford Now THIS is a Good Book When I finished reading Water for Elephants, goose bumps covered my skin Now this is a good book Immediately engrossed, I had a hard time putting it down as I read the story of Jacob Jankowski and his reminiscence of days with the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth otherwise known as a train circus in 1930 s America.
A talented writer and storyteller, Sara Gruen takes readers on a bumpy and tense train ride through history This tale defines Americana There is no evidence of author here simply narrator telling the story from Jacob s perspective is he 91 or 93 years old I liked everything about the book, but primarily it was the crafting I liked best about this reading experience.
Seamlessly, Gruen weaves together the modern day voice of this old man, a Cornell educated veterinarian, aban Just to put it out there, I ll admit straight off the bat that I m one of the people who enjoyed this book It was a fast read which I always appreciate, because I m perpetually drowning in a list of books TBR and it was fairly easy to get through I also didn t see the end coming until a few pages before it actually happened, which probably added immensely to my enjoyment factor.
I ve been reading all the criticisms of this book in an attempt to organize my opinions after reading this book It seems like most of the complaints have to do with cruelty to humans and animals in the story and the sex scenes sprinkled throughout Jacob s experience with the circus.
I do not feel that the sex described in these books was inappropriate or gratuitous In all instances namely Barbra s strip scene, Jacob s deflowering with the circus prostitutes and the scene

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[Sara Gruen] ↠´ Water for Elephants [young-adult-contemporary PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ sustanon.pro Sara Gruen is the 1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of five novels AT THE WATER S EDGE, APE HOUSE, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, RIDING LESSONS, and FLYING CHANGES Her works have been translated into forty three languages, and have sold than ten million copies worldwide WATER FOR ELEPHANTS was adapted into a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon, Rob Pattinson, and Christ