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[John le Carré] À Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy [coptology PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¸ I freely admit that I am not smart enough to appreciate this book.
The whole thing was way too convoluted for me First I was in one character s head, then another, then back to the first Then there was a third character who mostly made cameo appearances and was clearly unimportant, but we spend time in his head too As if that s not confusing enough, different people narrate different parts of the story as master spy George Smiley highly distracting name, I must say interviews different players who describe their experiences to him Sometimes we re flashing back to George s memories sometimes we re learning what George is reading in the archives in the present day although it feels like it might be a flashback Eventually this all ties together, but I lacked the patience or motivation to understand how or why The absence of a character After a lifetime of living by his wits and his considerable memory, he had given himself full time to the profession of forgetting Over the past couple of months, George Smiley has earned the distinction of my favorite spy Not because he is handsome, sexy, charismatic or daring but rather because he is all too human He s the real deal, and no one could write a genuine character like him as well as the master, John le CarrSmall, podgy, and at best middle aged, he was by appearance one of London s meek who do not inherit the earth His legs were short, his gait anything but agile, his dress costly, ill fitting, and extremely wet How on earth does a guy like this get saddled with the onerous task of uncovering a Russian planted A few months ago a stylish looking British adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy was released in theaters and I was intrigued But I knew better Movies are for smart people If I had to constantly nudge my wife during Superbad to ask questions like, so who is that guy again and wait, is she the same one from before then I had to admit that seeing this movie would only serve to make me feel very confused and intellectually inadequate I do better with books books explain things books are for people who need a little, uh, help in the hand holding department So like any other self respecting moron, I decided to read the book instead or at least, before seeing the movie that way I could have everything explained to me nice, nice.
But I was duped.
When Spy novels may be best consumed in large gulps by me There is no question that John Le Carr is a brilliant writer, and his plots are peppered with surprise spirals throughout each novel.
The one difficulty I had with this book was in the beginning, and it was my own difficulty I had to quickly re acquaint myself with British idiom, with spy jargon, distinguish between those two languages , and process many new players and how they related to characters I already knew from the previous 4 books in this series.
Since I wasn t very good at it, the beginning part of this book went slowly for me Not the book s internal pacing, of which John Le Carr is a master, but my own Trying to keep up to the book while deciphering everything I needed to know was a challenge.
Once I got a handle on the languages and the c I m going to state the obvious and say John le Carr is a really good writer.
This was my first le Carr novel, and I can see why he s considered such a master of the spy genre The story itself was thrilling, but what I most appreciated were his thoughtful descriptions The writing was so insightful that it was easy to become invested in the fate of the characters.
A quick plot summary George Smiley is a retired British spy He was forced out during a reorganization of the Circus, a nickname for the intelligence service One day he s approached and asked to discreetly investigate a mole in the agency, someone who s been giving state secrets to Russia George sets to work, getting help from some trusted colleagues It was exciting watching George uncover the mole Even though I knew the ending because I had seen the movie, it was still thrilling Now that s good writing.
But this wasn t just a

Whenever I think of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, I inevitably think of love love that grants fortitude, love that clouds judgment, love that scars the soul and roots the heart Although it is my experience of the book that guides me, it perhaps also has to do with the 1979 BBC miniseries, with the way Alec Guinness appears stolid and wounded, like an animal to the slaughter hit in the head with a hammer, with each inevitable mention of his wife s beauty, each smirking hint at her chain of adulteries.
Of course the book is about many other things besides love it is about the mysterious nature of allegiances and the way they change over time about social class as an inescapable system of markers and man s bathetic attempts to emphasize or erase them about how the look of a system subt Who can spy on the spiesWe are at the heart of British Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6 For the initiated the CircusTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spyit s the look at the firm from the inside Author himself worked there for many years and thanks to it I have no problems with his credibility We get to know world of intelligence, its structure, jargonBabysitters, lamplighters , ferrets, shoemakers, scalphuntersSounds really crazy.
Intelligence work it is not guns and fast cars and agents themselves look like tired office workers It is tedious, painstaking and endless digging in the archives, reading hundreds of reports to pick out this only one information, it s patiently investigation of every new lead It s an experience of solidarity and friendship but also the bitterness of defeat and betrayal.
We are in the middle of cold war and I didn t understand half of what I just read, and yet I loved it all the same In John le Carr s real name David Cornwell Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, a British intelligence service known as the Circus has been compromised by a mole, a supposed Soviet double agent Former agent George Smiley is called back from retirement to ferret him out This is of a psychological suspense novel than an action filled James Bond spy thriller Smiley is getting up there in years and though he s conversant with a handgun, he s not about to go galavanting about blasting up the countryside The whole novel is much sedate than you might expect when you think of spy thriller And yet in ways, this book is undeniably thrilling Here, I think this passage from Wikipedia explains it better Most of Cornwell s novels are spy stories set during the Cold War 1945 I m one of many people who think that Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is the greatest espionage novel of all time Let s take the obvious things first Unlike most examples of this genre, it s extremely well written Also, having worked in espionage himself, le Carr is able to get the atmosphere right It feels 100% authentic, and you see that spying is like most other jobs The greater part of it is routine and office intrigues, though every now and then something unexpected and dramatic happens.
So, even if there were nothing to it, I d still say that this book was very good What makes it great is that the author isn t content with giving you a realistic account of what it s like to be a spy He s gone much further than that, and written a book that s not just about espionage, which most people never come into contact with, but A Modern Classic In Which John Le Carr Expertly Creates A Total Vision Of A Secret World, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Begins George Smiley S Chess Match Of Wills And Wits With Karla, His Soviet Counterpart It Is Now Beyond A Doubt That A Mole, Implanted Decades Ago By Moscow Centre, Has Burrowed His Way Into The Highest Echelons Of British Intelligence His Treachery Has Already Blown Some Of Its Most Vital Operations And Its Best Networks It Is Clear That The Double Agent Is One Of Its Own Kind But Which One George Smiley Is Assigned To Identify Him And Once Identified, The Traitor Must Be Destroyed

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[John le Carré] À Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy [coptology PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¸ sustanon.pro John le Carr , the pseudonym of David John Moore Cornwell born 19 October 1931 in Poole, Dorset, England , is an English author of espionage novels Le Carr has resided in St Buryan, Cornwall, Great Britain, for than 40 years, where he owns a mile of cliff close to Land s End.See also