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[Thomas Dekker] Ó The Descent (English Edition) [mary-i PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ I was reluctant to give my money to a doper which is what I saw purchasing this book would do But I did and I m glad I did A very candid tale of a super talented young rider who blew it all But looking back he chose to blame only one person for his demise or descent Thomas Dekker As he states, no one made him do drugs, he made that decision himself and even refused to give testimony about another well known rider as his supplier, because even though the teammate sold PEDs to him, it was Thomas Dekker who was responsible.
If you re looking at this book, you probably have an interest in a behind the scenes look at the dark underbelly of professional cycling This book delivers on that measure As a long time cycling fan, it is fascinating I ve read quite a few books related to doping in cycling and this is among the best Nothing is held back He shares exactly who he is and exactly what he did despite how unflattering of a portrait it paints Other reviewers criticized the fact that he s a jerk but I think that s beside the point He readily admits that fact and makes no excuses for the decisions he made There s no everyone else was doing it so I HAD to do it but rather lot of others were doing it and I wanted it so bad I was willing to do whatever it took It s a subtle difference but he never plays the victim card Great literature it isn t but if you like these types The book is a very good description of the rise and fall of a promising athlete It describes quite well the entrenched doping that was so heavy in cycling I think it should be a must read for rising stars of any sport but just like Thomas, I m not sure they would listen After all, they are invincible It s hard to read as a promising star goes through such self destructive behavior The reasons he gives are in insight into the darker side of all of us.

Reads as expected out of control talented, pro athlete Too many addictions, struggle for meaning in life and cycling, wants and , abuses friends, sleepless nights as he pisses away his talent He also comes from many angles, one page he hates cycling and the next he loves it Cycling has nothing for him, cycling is everything to him Easy read and somewhat interesting if you are into cycling Nothing earth shattering to be learned here.
I Have Success, Money, Women I Ve Been Lionised By The Public And The Media The World Is At My Feet I Ve Spread My Wings And Here I Am, Soaring Above Everything And Everyone But In Reality, The Descent Has Already Begun Thomas Dekker Was Set To Become One Of Pro Cyclings Superstars But Before Long, He Found Himself Sucked In By The Lure Of Hedonistic Highs And Troubled By The Intense Pressure To Perform In The Descent, Dekker Tells His Story Of Hotel Room Blood Bags, Shady Rendezvous With Drug Dealers And Late Night Partying At The Tour De France This Is Dekkers Journey From Youthful Idealism To A Sordid Path Of Excess And Doping That Lays Bare Cyclings Darkest Secrets Like Never Before

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