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[Dave Ramsey] Ñ The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness [castile PDF] Read Online Ø The Success Stories Speak For Themselves In This Book From Money Maestro Dave Ramsey Instead Of Promising The Normal Dose Of Quick Fixes, Ramsey Offers A Bold, No Nonsense Approach To Money Matters, Providing Not Only The How To But Also A Grounded And Uplifting Hope For Getting Out Of Debt And Achieving Total Financial HealthRamsey Debunks The Many Myths Of Money Exposing The Dangers Of Cash Advance, Rent To Own, Debt Consolidation And Attacks The Illusions And Downright Deceptions Of The American Dream, Which Encourages Nothing But Overspending And Massive Amounts Of Debt Don T Even Consider Keeping Up With The Joneses, Ramsey Declares In His Typically Candid Style They Re Broke The Total Money Makeover Isn T Theory It Works Every Single Time It Works Because It Is Simple It Works Because It Gets To The Heart Of The Money Problems You This book is a great step by step plan to help you get control of your finances by walking you through the 7 baby steps.
1 Small Emergency Fund of 10002 Pay off all debt except house with debt snowball3 Fully Fund Emergency Fund to 3 6x of living expenses4 Invest 15% of income for retirement5 Fund kids college fund6 Pay off mortgage7 Have fun, give and investDefinitely a must read and the companion website www.
com is hands down the best most practical website I ve ever seen from making a budget to tracking all your goals to forums and plenty.
Ramsey presents some sound financial principles in the book, but it came across as a sales pitch because he mentions his other books and live events, and practically every other page contains a lengthy testimonial from people gushing about their Total Money Makeover I skipped all of these since I m looking for practical financial advice, not feel good stories.
I didn t like Ramsey s strict no debt stance The only exception he allows for is a 15 year fixed rate mortgage Although I agree that most people are better off avoiding credit cards because they can t resist the temptation to abuse them, I like to use cash back and other rewards cards to pay for the things I d be purchasing anyway I don t think I spend money simply because I charge purchases rather than dropp

Recently, a good friend of mine who knew that I had read this book asked me whether or not I found it helpful This friend has struggled with managing her personal finances and is drowning in credit card debt She was feeling pretty hopeless and was worried that she d never be able to take care of her bills and set enough aside for retirement Rather than go into the ins and outs of the book, I downloaded the audiobook version and we listened together while working on paperwork during the work day Honestly, I just didn t think I could communicate the underlying message of the book without coming across kind of preachy This provided a nice way to share the major concepts of the book with her, while providing a strong reminder for me.
As you can imagine, personal finance isn t exactly the most entertaining topic That is especially true when th Buy it, live it An amazing system that s not a system just living within one s means Worth the investment many times over

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[Dave Ramsey] Ñ The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness [castile PDF] Read Online Ø sustanon.pro Dave Ramsey, the nationally syndicated radio host of The Money Game and bestselling author, has helped thousands through Financial Peace University a 12 week financial planning program He presents seminars in churches and corporations throughout the country He holds a degree in finance and real estate and lives with his family in Nashville Tennessee.