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Download Epub Format » The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency PDF by õ Alexander McCall Smith This collection of vignettes disguised as a novel was a great read The main character is a gentle African woman who decides to be a detective to help other people She is a delightful character, with light humor and a big heart Agency isn t like any other detective novelsthe characters are much developed and the mysteries aren t the usual murders, whether cosy or hard boiled If you d like a sweet trip to another culture, calmer and gnetler than ours, this is a book for you.
I read about Africa quickly want to be transported there For a simpler life The heart of this novel is its feminist protagonist, Mma Ramotswe who lives in a precious town in Gaborone, still untouched by technology or South African cosmopolitanism This book is extremely feminist, in a very good, positive and enlightening way, as much as it is anticolonialist But to counter this notion there is a heartwarming case that Mma Ramotswe, the number one and sole female detective in Botswana, must face that is not as uncomplicated as gathering evidence on cheating husbands, insurance fraud, double identities, etc It is the story of an African child, ripped away from his humble family, kidnapped by an African witch I m no fan of mystery, crime or detective books the bore me, generally, though I loved Kerry Greenwood s Phryne Fisher books in high school and Agatha Christie s Ten Little Niggers gave me chills since renamed And Then There Were None, for obvious reasons but I ve got an old edition The No.
1 Ladies Detective Agency is a real gem, however I absolutely loved it Wise, funny, intelligent, insightful and blushing with vigour and a heartfelt love of Africa, I m not in the least surprised this series of which this is the first book has done so well.
Set in Botswana, it features thirty five year old Mma Ramotswe, a cunning, content and large in the traditional way woman who, after her father dies leaving her many head of cattle, sells up and opens a detective agency Hired to t Just could not get past the very obvious fact that this book is written by a white guy, trying to tell a story through the eyes of a Botswana ese woman It felt a bit patronising, as in, look how simply these people live, just hanging out in the hot sun watching their cattle, oh to live so simply like this, oh look this woman is setting up a detective agency, can you imagine that, a woman A black woman How quaint and adorable, etc etc It was a cute story, but that was the problem, it was all just a bit too cute.
mystrangereading The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith This book came in my cousin book exchange and had also been gifted to be by my dad a couple of Christmases ago, so I really needed to read it Lol I loved Precious Mma I loved how strong and independent she was I loved how she went after her dreams and I loved her cases I loved how the culture of Botswana was ever present in each story told because you would not expect that from a white man writing a story about an African woman I know he was born in Zimbabwe and worked in Botswana so that gives him a unique perspective, but I still found his writing of the underlying cultural norms and values of this country to be amazingly insightful I struggled with the pacing of this book The cases and then the big case all just seemed to meld together into unremarkable storylines which was disappointing because the premis

I feel like I should post a bit of a disclaimer first This is not a book I would have chosen for myself I picked it as my last challenge read a book set in Africa for the Saucy Wenches 2016 Reading Challenge That being said, this was a decent little story It had a cozy mystery vibe It wasn t complicated and a lot of the story in the beginning was backstory on Mma Ramotswe, the main character I liked her She is an unconventional leading lady fat we hear her described as such multiple times , fearless, unassuming, average looking She is confident and successful on her own terms.
The mysteries mainly involved cheating husbands and missing people I enjoyed hearing about Botswana There were encounters with a crocodile and dangerous snakes The book was just as much about the development of characters as much as the mysteries The narrator, When Precious Ramotswe s father died and left her with his cattle, the sale made her quite wealthy Her decision to open the first Ladies Detective Agency in Botswana in fact the only detective agency was an easy one And of course, she had to have a secretary, even though she had no clients as yet She hired Grace Makutsi and together they enjoyed many cups of tea between the occasional case.
Mma Ramotswe was admired by many, but her intuition and stubborn desire to solve people s problems saw her succeed in most of the cases she was asked to investigate Would her business be a success and make a profit The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith was an absolutely delightful experience I thoroughly enjoyed it and the intelligent humour fits Precious Ramotswe s character perfectly An oldie, but a goodie And I ll be reading Thanks to my goodreads friends for t i am probably the only person in the whole world who thinks this but these books are singularly underwhelming Nothing ever happens The characters are annoying To be honest I did only read this first one but couldn t face another Have refrained from putting this on my list till now cos I always thought I might try another and find it interesting but then I thought there are enormous caverns of books as yet undiscovered Why force myself to read another book of this just because I feel I should So Mr McCall Smith, have a good life The No.
1 Ladies Detective Agency is a delightful work and a quick read to boot Smith alternates between small bits of back story for the central character, Precious Ramotswe, a woman of traditional build, young middle aged 30s divorcee, heavy with intelligence, gumption and cunning, and the mysteries she unravels as the sole detective of the title agency Jill Scott as Precious Ramotswe and Anika Noni Rose as Grace Makutsi from the HBO production It is rich with payload on local Botswana color, and is told in a simple, straightforward manner One can almost hear it being spoken aloud by a story teller around a campfire, or a pot of bush tea It is a good thing that Smith wrote a whole herd of these books One is not nearly enough EXTRA STUFFHere is a link to the HBO site for the show If you have not yet seen the seri Precious Ramotswe Has Only Just Set Up Shop As Botswana S No And Only Lady Detective When She Is Hired To Track Down A Missing Husband, Uncover A Con Man, And Follow A Wayward Daughter However, The Case That Tugs At Her Heart, And Lands Her In Danger, Is A Missing Eleven Year Old Boy, Who May Have Been Snatched By Witch Doctors

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