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[ Pdf The Magicians' Guild õ new-age PDF ] by Trudi Canavan Ô It is said, in Imardin, that the wind has a soul, and that it wails through the narrow streets because it is grieved by what it finds thereI picked this up with every intention of reading this the same as with every book I pick up The synopsis piqued my interest and I m ready to cut my arm for a copy of this However, when I took a quick look at the review section, I was surprised to see that it has so many bad reviews Did that deter me from reading thisAbsolutely not I read books that fascinate me and might provide me a lasting enjoyment and I m not letting the polarizing reviews dissuade me from doing that.
Imagine my joy when I followed my guts and started feasting on this book I was surprised to know I completely agreed with those reviews that i This book was divided into two parts and felt like two different stories to me Part one would be The chase and part two would be The actual story Thus I will review both parts seperately.
Part One 2 starsSonea lives in the slums She and her family have been put out of their homes by the magicians, and now they re back on the streets This event happens every year and is called the Purge An angry mob gathers around the magicians, who are protected by a magical shield No matter how many stones the dwellers throw, the magicians won t feel a thing Enter Sonea She is really angry and throws a stone with all her might It goes through the protective shield and hits a magician right in the temple That is the end of Sonea s life as she knows it, for she just discovered she has magica We Should Expect This Young Woman To Be Powerful Than Our Average Novice, Possibly Even Powerful Than The Average Magician This Year, Like Every Other, The Magicians Of Imardin Gather To Purge The City Of Undesirables Cloaked In The Protection Of Their Sorcery, They Move With No Fear Of The Vagrants And Miscreants Who Despise Them And Their Work Until One Enraged Girl, Barely Than A Child, Hurls A Stone At The Hated Invadersand Effortlessly Penetrates Their Magical ShieldWhat The Magicians Guild Has Long Dreaded Has Finally Come To Pass There Is Someone Outside Their Ranks Who Possesses A Raw Power Beyond Imagining, An Untrained Mage Who Must Be Found And Schooled Before She Destroys Herself And Her City With A Force She Cannot Yet Control A protagonist that is super special, and a world apparently divided into slums and powerful rich magic people I like my fantasy in shades of grey, not black and white, and I m sick of protagonists that are born special than other people, rather than character development and hard work making them special, so I guess I should have known this one wouldn t thrill me But I was looking for a kickass female magician protagonist, and I thought maybe this would give it to me.
Pet Peeve Canavan can t bear to call a horse a horse Nope It s got to be a Dolag or a Mehai or a Ihrdsoihg afdaf.
Maybe that s a little sarcastic, but the constant inclusion of invented words for common, real world concepts is really annoying.
The first half of the book drags on and on while S This review was written by Manon for RantingDragon.
comThe redundant beginningSonea is a dwell that lives in the slums Everyone in the slums hates the Magicians that live safely, luxuriously and arrogantly up in their Magician s Guild Only those of the Houses can become Magicians, and those in the slums are regarded as rats of the city, without any magical potential.
Until Sonea and her gang start throwing rocks to the heads of the Magicians that have gathered for the annual Purge the Purge being the event where Magicians throw out the poor inhabitants of the slums out of their houses to live on the streets The stone that Sonea throws at one of the Magicians heads, actually breaks through their magical barrier, uncovering Sonea s This was a very enjoyable read with an interesting story and some very likeable characters I particularly enjoyed the chapters about magic and entering other people s minds Loved the descriptions likening minds to rooms in houses It was all very interesting and made a change from the usual magic books where everyone is throwing magical stuff around and killing each other The ending was very obviously the lead up to the next book and I have no problem being led In fact I am looking forward to part two.
Telling the story of Sonea a girl trying to live in a world of division where the magicians rule Not only is she a girl but she is a commoner who could never be part of such a precious world Well, things change and in an instant Sonea life changes through no fault of her own but all by accident The adventure begins when she discovers that she too possess the same precious power, that is ten times the strength of an ordinary magician Not only does this shock her but it also shocks the magicians guild who must find herI cannot say how much I love this book It is absolutely brilliant From the moment you open it to the moment you close it you engulf yourself in the world The adventure of the world makes you want to know what happens next I found that it was very well written b TE ODIO MEREC S MORIRRRRR Da vuelta el libro para leer la sinopsis MAGIA, ACCI N Y AVENTURA EN LA PERA PRIMA DE UNA AUTORA QUE HA TRIUNFADO EN EL MUNDO ENTERO No me encontr con nada de eso.
Me decepcion No demasiado, porque no le hab a puesto tantas fichas, pero no me gust Fue aburrid simo, ABURRID SIMO Spoilers Sonea es una plebeya que vive entre ladrones y que odia a los magos del gremio porque parece ser que son como la polic a abusiva del reino Oh, casualidad, un d a, de la nada, descubre que ella tambi n es maga, y entonces se desata una serie de acontecimientos que culminan pr cticamente en nada, vaya Tehlu Misericordioso a saber qu Les explico por qu La novela tiene dos partes En la primera parte, Sonea escapa de all para ac , d

I was going to put this up on my currently reading shelf, but it didn t take me long enough to finish it Or, perhaps, I read than I check this website.
Either way, this book I just finished half an hour ago is a cute little start to what seems to be a simple and inoffensive fantasy trilogy set in a stock and trade fantasy setting with basic characters and a plot you would expect THAT being said, it was interesting enough to make me go look for the second and third books Or, rather, I WILL go look for the other book this weekend, but only if I find myself in a bookstore.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the modern paperback fantasy It s familiar, light, and untaxing the literary equivalent of a muffin and a cup of coffee.
If this young woman is a natural, we should expect her to be powerful than our average novice, possibly even powerful than the average magician This one started off a bit slow and dragged on a bit but for some strange reason I kept on reading as I felt that it would eventually pay off The characters were well developed and the world building great The heroine annoyed the crap out of me at times but I m glad that I held on.
I really would like to see where this trilogy goes so I eagerly look forward to continuing on to The Novice.

Trudi Canavan

[ Pdf The Magicians' Guild õ new-age PDF ] by Trudi Canavan Ô sustanon.pro Trudi Canavan was born in Kew, Melbourne and grew up in Ferntree Gully, a suburb at the foothills of the Dandenongs.In 1999 she won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story with Whispers of the Mist Children In the same year she was granted a writers residency at Varuna Writers Centre in Katoomba, New South Wales.In November 2001, The Magicians Guild was first published in Australia T