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ñ The Lightning Thief Í Download by Ú Rick Riordan A WritingA PlotA CharactersA MONSTERSI thoroughly enjoyed this book I wish I hadn t watched the movie before reading it, because I felt like that ruined a bit of enjoyment of this book for me, but for the most part I had such a fun time reading this book and I m looking forward to continuing on with the series.
When I was about halfway through this book, I started making a list of its similarities to Harry Potter Here is a sampling from that list 1 There are three young heroes a brainy girl Annabeth Hermione , a funny screw up type Grover Ron , and a somewhat troubled but very brave lead Harry Percy.
2 People freak when the Harry Percy character says the name of a powerful character 3 The main bad guy Kronos Voldemort is seeking to return to his former power, but most people are totally in denial of that happening.
4 The heroes train at a school that divides its students according to their character Chiron, the head trainer of the camp, equals Dumbledore 5 Chiron Dumbledore knows a prophecy about Percy Harry but won t tell Percy Harry what it is exactly.
6 Percy Harry has a gross stepfather named Smelly Gabe who protects him during his chil I need

A 82% Very Good NotesIt s sugar and caffeine a dulcet pop sonnet moved by rhyming couplets of worldbuilding and perilous confrontation.
i feel like this is one of those books you would stock in garages for decades until your children come across them and are suddenly forced to humanize you for the conceivably interesting creature that you were, and thus ameliorating your relationship with them while they are inspired to dreamummm can t wait to force my kids to read this tbhlook, i didn t want to be a half bloodx Chiron looked surprised I thought that would be obvious enough The entrance to the Underworld is in Los AngelesAs someone who has worked in Los Angeles, I can tell you that this is completely accurate.
While Harry Potter was spending his summers at the Dursleys, Percy Jackson attended Camp Half Blood This book has done the impossible it has redeemed the name of Percy.
Yes, that s right, that snot faced, lily livered waste of air of the very same name from the Harry Potter universe That name is now relegated to the ranks of acceptable, because of my love for this book.
Perseus Percy Jackson is the kind of kid with whom you can t help sympathizing He is the type that s born under a dark star, because inevitably, wherever he goes, whatever he does, however good his intentions, he can t help but fuck everything up Everything that can, does and will go wrong A simple field trip can turn int Were you a bit weird in school Or are you still in school and think you re kinda weird I mean, everyone is weird, but you know that I mean Maybe you didn t fit in, maybe people thought you were a bit of a loser Maybe you had learning difficulties, were a target for bullies, got into trouble a lot, maybe it seemed like your teachers just didn t like you Maybe you sucked at reading and were even diagnosed with dyslexia Or ADHD.
Well, don t worry Truth is, you re actually most likely a child of the gods with secret powers that enable you to zap those bullies and fulfill your true destiny Screw school, you ve got bigger things to deal with anyway Lol, this book is amazing My only regret is that I didn t have it when I was twelve years old because I would have read this until it was falling apart in my hands Every insecure kid so basic Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HerePercy Jackson Is A Good Kid, But He Can T Seem To Focus On His Schoolwork Or Control His Temper And Lately, Being Away At Boarding School Is Only Getting Worse Percy Could Have Sworn His Pre Algebra Teacher Turned Into A Monster And Tried To Kill Him When Percy S Mom Finds Out, She Knows It S Time That He Knew The Truth About Where He Came From, And That He Go To The One Place He Ll Be Safe She Sends Percy To Camp Half Blood, A Summer Camp For Demigods On Long Island , Where He Learns That The Father He Never Knew Is Poseidon, God Of The Sea Soon A Mystery Unfolds And Together With His Friends One A Satyr And The Other The Demigod Daughter Of Athena Percy Sets Out On A Quest Across The United States To Reach The Gates Of The Underworld Located In A Recording Studio In Hollywood And Prevent A Catastrophic War Between The Gods I just had to get the illustrated edition It s so awesome I will leave some pics below and I took them last night so they are not great shots There are A LOTpictures as you can guess Like I said, sorry about the darkish pics I was taking them while laying in bed last night Lol Happy Reading Mel First ReadingI am FINALLY getting around to reading this series I thought the movies were okay, I do wish they would remake them and make them better, like the books Poor Percy Look, I didn t want to be a half blood If you re reading this because you think you might be one, my advice is close the book right now Believe whatever lie your mom or dad told you about your birth, and try to lead a normal life Being a half blood is dangerous It s scary Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways If you re a normal kid, reading this because you think it s fiction, great read o EDIT 09 06 2013 That s it I have had my fill of too many stupid, brain cell destroying comments posted on this review in the past few months asking me to write a best selling book before attempting to take apart Rick Riordan s writing As if the exclusive privilege of negatively criticizing a book is accorded only to published writers and not ordinary reviewers readers I do have the right to record my feelings about a book in my review And it s such a shame that I am actually being forced to put up this edit to make people aware of this fact If this review hurts your sentiments as a fan, I am sorry I can t help you there You must grow up and learn to let dichotomous opinions co exist in harmony on the same page That is all Caution Brutal honesty ahead read at

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