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Ä The Friday Night Knitting Club ☆ Download by Ä Kate Jacobs I m sorry why am I sorry I guess because there s a part of me that feels guilty for completely dissing a book that someone has written I mean, I ve never written a book, so what do I know , but this book was terrible I m not even sure why I finished it I didn t even have high expectations for it had already categorized it as chick lit but even still, I found every character completely stilted and unrealistic and the plot uninspired, dull, and predictable This book will not make you want to take up knitting It may, however, make you want to fashion a noose out of yarn to put yourself out of your misery in reading it.
Oh dear That s several hours of my life I will never get back.
The plot Georgia Walker owns a knitting yarn store in New York City Between her and her daughter, her employees, her friends, and some of her customers, they cobble together The Friday Night Knitting Club and gather at the store to stitch and bitch, as it were And so we are offered some views into each woman s life And just as Georgia s life starts to change for the better, tragedy strikes.
Well, let me tell you, this book was a tragedy.
First, the character development was just plain shoddy You are told about these characters without there being suitable dialog or poetic descriptions of emotions to forge an emotional bond with them And so Dakota s a spoiled, mouthy b I just picked this up at the library because there was nothing else there The reviews I ve scanned give me pause, but hey, I haven t read any blatant chick lit in quite a whilewe ll see And one week later, I can say this I hated this book I hated the way the author used nothing but sentence fragments To emphasize her points Everyone thinks and speaks in four Word Sentences Can you imagine reading this writing style for an entire book Because it continues for the entire 300 pages.
You would think that the phalanx of editors and advisors that she thanks at the end would have put a stop to the madness and introduced her to the concept of the semicolon Or at the very least an em dash or two But no.
And the melodrama I think I read that it s being I probably would never have picked this book up if not for one of my in town friends thanks, Pat who brought it over one day and suggested I read it I m not a knitter and know very little about it, but that didn t hinder my enjoyment of this story of women s friendships The main character is Manhattan knitting shop owner Georgia Walker, single mother of 12 year old Dakota Over the course of the book a core group of 7 women plus Dakota forms the basis of The Friday Night Knitting Club that meets weekly at the shop The women who make up this diverse group lean on each other to tackle such issues as divorce, single mom pregnancies and child rearing, lack of direction, late life love, failed careers, dilemmas involving men, to forgive or not to forgive, critical illness, andThe threads are for the most part enga Wow, I really didn t like this book I picked it up and put it down for days not getting past the first 20 pages because the style of writing was frustrating and in the beginning I really didn t like the main character Being a knitter in NYC I wanted to like the book about the little yarn shop so I made myself keep reading.
The style of writing did not improve It was full Of sentence fragments Just like this Throughout the entire book Distracting In addition, there were details all over the place when they didn t enhance the story, and when a part of the story needed to be fleshed out it was summed up in 2 sentences It s hard to focus on a story when the writing gets in the way.
Looking past the writing I still did not like the book Some characters were alright but the rest were annoying and unlikable Fo

Knitting is a Nice Device, But .
The idea of a knitting group a group of women gathering on a regular basis forming bonds of friendship and sharing life experiences was the alluring premise of this book, and the reason I bought it That s definitely what this book is But is it a riveting story Did I fall in love with the characters and turn pages with eager anticipation to see how the story would play out No and no I struggled turning pages of this book as much as I d probably struggle trying to knit a sweater This was like the waste of expensive yarn, a piece crafted with a big idea and little talent.
The writing isn t bad, but I wouldn t describe this effort as well written It s average at best, lacking originality or memorable prose, and I felt it was littered with clich s and contrived dialog As for story, it s primarily character driven with focus on the main character This was a very moving, character driven novel Loaded with emotion, The Friday Night Knitting Club is about women who become friends through a knitting club that was formed by accident Walker Daughter is a knitting store formed by single mom Georgia With the help of her dear friend Anita, Georgia runs this NYC store with not only great knitting supplies and projects, but with some friendly guidance and advice, not necessarily on knitting The knitting club forms when a handful of women start coming to the store on a regular basis every Friday evening These women come together and start to develop friendships that help get them through some stressful times in their lives I thought the book started out with a bang I wante I m giving this two stars averaging one star for the first half and three for the second half Through the first half of the book I kept thinking, how are they going to make a movie of this It was just all these separate women and their individual stories and none seemed to have anything to do with the others They did all come together at the end, though The first thing that really got my attention was in Darwin s story She was talking about how she was a good girl, but she didn t want to be a good girl She said that she didn t want to burn money for her dead ancestors on Chinese New Year Having grown up in Asia, I can tell you no one burns money or anything else during Chinese New Year which lasts for 15 days Money is burned for dead ancestors at the Feast of the Hungry Ghosts I just hate it when authors write about I refuse to finish this book.
Narrative Issues I read most of it, but even then I had to force myself through the first half The whole Dividing The Book Into Chapters About Knitting To Symbolize A Metaphor For Life seemed too cliche.
The entire first half of the novel is told in fits starts as the narrator gives us every single detail of background information in every character Scenes went along the lines of X walked into the kitchen She d always loved the kitchen and spent many years creating the perfect home When she talked to the contractor insert story of building a house X turned on the coffeemaker Coffee was mother s milk to her, ever since college days insert story of college memories coffee X sighed and looked out the window In a single page, only about three things happen in the present narrative line of the story Half of it is flashback, which slows do Once A Week, An Eclectic Group Of Women Comes Together At A New York City Yarn Shop To Work On Their Latest Projects And Share The Stories Of Their LivesAt The Center Of Walker And Daughter Is The Shop S Owner, Georgia, Who Is Overwhelmed With Juggling The Store And Single Handedly Raising Her Teenage Daughter Happy To Escape The Demands Of Her Life, She Looks Forward To Her Friday Night Knitting Club, Where She And Her Friends Anita, Peri, Darwin, Lucie, And KC Exchange Knitting Tips, Jokes, And Their Deepest Secrets But When The Man Who Once Broke Georgia S Heart Suddenly Shows Up, Demanding A Role In Their Daughter S Life, Her World Is ShatteredLuckily, Georgia S Friends Are There For Encouragement, Sharing Their Own Tales Of Intimacy, Heartbreak, And Miracle Making And When The Unthinkable Happens, These Women Will Discover That What They Ve Created Isn T Just A Knitting Club Its A Sisterhood

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Ä The Friday Night Knitting Club ☆ Download by Ä Kate Jacobs Kate Jacobs is the New York Times bestselling author of Comfort Food, Knit Two, and The Friday Night Knitting Club, which has over 1 million copies in print.Kate grew up near Vancouver, British Columbia, in the scenic and delightfully named town of Hope pop 6,184 It s an area filled with friends and family and Kate loves to visit Back then, of course, it was tremendously boring, as only home