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õ The Eyre Affair Ï Download by à Jasper Fforde Buddy read with Jessica, Robin, Catherine, Kristi, Asya and Tanya I apologize if I missed somebody in case I did please let me know and I will add you The book version of mid eighties England is a fine dystopian society The literature is a very serious business, time travel is nothing of the ordinary which comes with all the fun and paradoxes and cloning works wonders making people s favorite pets out of these guys The heroine Thursday Next is a special operative working for literary detection dealing with such heinous crimes as forging of a poem of a classic, theft of highly valued original manuscripts, and copyright violations What started as fairly unremarkable theft of an original Dickens manuscript turned out to be a work of a criminal mastermind who reminded me of a cross between Lord Voldemort and Dr Evil from Austin Powers movies who will stop at nothing to I ve been storing up some venom for this review, so be prepared.
First of all, I want to unleash my fury on whoever in the Rory Gil Book Club suggested this book as February s pick To go from such a brilliant read as Jane Eyre to this was frustrating to say the least It highlighted all the amateurish contrivances of Fforde s writing I rolled my eyes so many times in the first four chapters, that I nearly gave myself a headache And no, I m sure it doesn t get better after that, that s just where I officially banished the book from my sight.
Here are my major problems with the part I read.
1 Okay, you re enterting this alternate reality world where many things are similar but different from what we know As Fforde might assume that not all of his readers would be British, or familiar with UK current events history, perhaps he could h This book may describe my perfect job goal to be able to enter a book and meet the characters, ensuring they are following the author s original intentions and not on the loose due to some sort of villain How amazing would that be Awesome kick start to this series I read the first 4 then started to get a little disenchanted, but I ll go back one day All book lovers need to give this first one a chance you ll undoubtedly love and hate parts of it Really enjoyed the inventiveness of Jasper Fforde s The Eyre Affair The premise of the story is that original manuscripts can be stolen and then changed, not just that manuscript, but all copies of say, Jane Eyre Thus, these original manuscripts are viewed as absolute treasures There are also literary portals which intersect with the real world which make it possible to change what happens in our favorite novel And there s also time travel And an alternate history which skews how we view this reality about 80 or 90 degrees In Fforde s novel, our heroine, Thursday Next, tracks down a master criminal, a manuscript and interacts with the characters of Jane Eyre However, the story unabashedly takes a backseat to literary puns and allusions and simple craziness The world Fforde has created, a world both ob This is so much fun I want to play too And, as it happens, I have a surprisingly good opening So, with the usual perfunctory apologies, may I presentThe Meyre Affair a Thursday Next storyThe hardest part is telling them they re fictional After that, the rest is usually easy Thursday Next, A Life in SpecOpsI could start this story at any number of points, but I will choose the moment when I knocked on Manny Rayner s front door Nothing happened, so I knocked again He opened it.
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Have I become a jaded reader I sometimes catch myself muttering in the middle of a long series of yawns, Haven t I read this plot character technique before Or when the author describes their setting, I will lazily flip through my mental inventory of backdrops until, sure enough, I find an old one that it is a good enough fit to reuse Then Fforde comes along and throws the literary equivalent of a bucket of Arctic cold water in my face I found myself having to actually work to keep up with his creativity and humor It was one of those amazing reciprocal relationships where the other party s enthusiasm spurs you to try harder, which encourages them to go further, which forces you to run faster At the same time, I was struck by how nonchalantly he presented the large and potentially confusing differences between our world and I loved this book when I first picked it up and remember giggling the whole way through It was passed over to me by the Mum, of all people We do not, normally, share the same taste in literature It has a charming irreverent take on well everything from literature to history It s set in an alternate reality where literature is, if not kind, at least very very significant.
I didn t enjoy this It tries too hard to be clever and to cover many different genres humour, sci fi, horror, detective, literary and whilst also being annoyingly silly After 100 pages I ditched it something I rarely do.
Thursday Next is a woman who is a literary detective in one of several alternative realities round about now In hers, the Crimean War is still going Somehow, in her society, manuscripts are stolen and guns are involved she also manages to get into books and meet characters in them, though I was never convinced as to why any of it happened.
WHO WHY I don t understand who this book is written for You need a love and knowledge of classic literature to know what is our reality and what is an alternative e.
g whether or not Jane Eyre does marry Rochester , but having those characteristics would seem to me to make one unlikely to enjoy this, though as that is clearly not I had the same feeling after reading this as I had after reading The Looking Glass Wars Fabulous idea, terrible execution I was going to give it one star than I gave that because it s not quite as badly written And I liked the idea of door to door Baconians and Rocky Horrorized Richard III But I changed my mind because the I think about it, the I didn t like it.
It was so smug and cutesy and in need of better editing And it would have been better served by not being written in first person, especially since it kept slipping into other people s heads when it should have been in Thursday s Also, Thursday is really boring and doesn t have an interesting voice, and I didn t care about her at all and, ick, that moment where she gets out her mirror and contemplates her looks The same goes for most of the other characters The only one I really liked was Thursday s father Suspenseful And Outlandish, Absorbing And Fun A Novel Unlike Any Other And An Introduction To The Imagination Of A Most Distinctive Writer And His Singular Fictional UniverseGreat Britain Circa Time Travel Is Routine, Cloning Is A Reality Dodos Are The Resurrected Pet Of Choice , And Literature Is Taken Very, Very Seriously Baconians Are Trying To Convince The World That Francis Bacon Really Wrote Shakespeare, There Are Riots Between The Surrealists And Impressionists, And Thousands Of Men Are Named John Milton, An Homage To The Real Milton And A Very Confusing Situation For The Police Amidst All This, Acheron Hades, Third Most Wanted Man In The World, Steals The original Manuscript Of Martin Chuzzlewit And Kills A Minor Character, Who Then Disappears From Every Volume Of The Novel Ever Printed But That S Just A PreludeHades Real Target Is The Beloved Jane Eyre, And It S Not Long Before He Plucks Her From The Pages Of Bronte S Novel Enter Thursday Next She S The Special Operative S Renowned Literary Detective, And She Drives A Porsche With The Help Of Her Uncle Mycroft S Prose Portal, Thursday Enters The Novel To Rescue Jane Eyre From This Heinous Act Of Literary Homicide It S Tricky Business, All These Interlopers Running About Thornfield, And Deceptions Run Rampant As Their Paths Cross With Jane, Rochester, And Miss Fairfax Can Thursday Save Jane Eyre And Bronte S Masterpiece And What Of The Crimean War Will It Ever End And What About Those Annoying Black Holes That Pop Up Now And Again, Sucking Things Into Time Space VoidsSuspenseful And Outlandish, Absorbing And Fun, The Eyre Affair Is A Caper Unlike Any Other And An Introduction To The Imagination Of A Most Distinctive Writer And His Singular Fictional Universe

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