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¾ Read ê The Code of the Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse ê No one weaves a plot like Wodehouse Also, if you have a cow creamer, guard it with your life.
The 2012 re read Aunt Dahlia dispatches Bertie to Totleigh Towers to purlorn a silver cow creamer coveted by his uncle Tom from Sir Watkyn Basset Unfortunately, Bertie has his work cut out for him in the form of Stiffy Byng and Madeline Basset Can Bertie escape with the cow creamer without winding up married to either woman This is my second reading of Code of the Woosters and I can definitely say there is a reason I ve been recommending it to people for the better part of a decade P.
G Wodehouse was in mid season form when he chiseled this masterpiece out of a block of stone The Code of the Woosters should be handed out in writing classes as a prime example of how to orchestrate a plot The twists are perfectly timed so the jaw droppingest moments happen at the end of chapters.
Th Oh my god this is so, so, so funny I was discussing Wodehouse with someone yesterday and, as he put it, There are passages that you want to chase people around the house with, saying, Wait Wait Just listen to this bit Haven t laughed so hard in a good long while God, but I love Wodehouse.
Gussie Augustus Fink Nottle is getting married, the shy, newt lover, men need silly hobbies, to keep sane to lovely Madeline Bassett, an unlikely pair, daughter of Sir Watkyn Bassett A stern former magistrate, that the unfortunate Bertie, met officially once, not a happy memory Madeline was Wooster s ex fiancee he didn t want to be one , the marriage averse Bertie, had given a bachelor party for his friend, at the Drones club It was a drunken, deplorable affair, which might have been overdone the celebration , just a little, but still the way the members all gentlemen, like it When Bertie gets up from bed the next day, at last, and not very quickly, in his home, Mr.
Wooster doesn t know whether it s morning or night To an idle rich man, makes no great difference Jeeves, his butler, and a g A buddy read with a secret group which includes Dan 2.
0 and Erin.
For those who somehow manage to avoid knowing anything about this classic British humor series the main heroes are Bertie Wooster and his servant Jeeves Bertie s job is to get into all kind of absurd and improbable from the normal logic point of view situations arising from his noble attempts to help his countless aunts and friends and Jeeves job is to get him out of yet another trouble using some truly ingenious tricks This time it all started very much innocently Bertie suffering from a hangover from a previous night s party visited one of his aunts Dahlia She asked him to go to an antique dealer to pick up a cow creamer for her husband an antique collector At this point I have t We must say to ourselves What would Napoleon have done He was the boy in a crisis He knew his onions Long have I resisted the fatal charm of P.
G Wodehouse My previous forays into his oeuvre have been lacklustre That was until, of course, The Code of the Woosters and I crossed paths He paused and swallowed convulsively, like a Pekingese taking a pill So scrumptious I should of known that I would of fallen into the trap sooner or later, given my proclivity for novels of a certain kind you know, the jolly hockey sticks country house in Surrey la Nancy Mitford, Evelyn Waugh and Stella Gibbons One doesn t want to make a song and dance about one s ancient lineage, of course, but after all the Woosters did come over with the conqueror and were extremely pally with him I am afraid I have become a fan and will be Classic Wodehouse It doesn t get any better than thisactually it doesn t get much different than this either Perhaps that s not entirely fair For me at least, The Code of the Woosters contains some of my favorite scenes and some of Wodehouse s most memorable characters Herein his hero Bertie Wooster is at his daffiest, unable to accomplish the simplest of tasks, berating a cow creamer, without getting himself in thick soup Soon after he s got a Bassett and that malodorous Spode badgering him to no end, and this is hot off the heels of a binge to do in honor of his fish faced friend Gussie Fink Nottle, the newt fancier Everything seems to converge upon poor Bertie in a most pitiless way, providing the reader with hoots galore and good old fashioned British hijinks To go back to my original statement The Code of the Woosters, while a good Take Gussie Fink Nottle, Madeline Bassett, Old Pop Bassett, The Unscrupulous Stiffy Byng, The Rev An Th Century Cow Creamer, A Small Brown Leather Covered Notebook And Mix With A Dose Of The Aged Aunt Dahlia And One Has A Dangerous Brew Which Spells Toil And Trouble For Bertie And Jeeves I m always shocked to find that hardly anyone in these United States has ever heard of or read the works of Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse most indians who read english stumble upon his works sooner or later so, I dare say, than the english themselves.
I ve always maintained that if a Wodehouse book cannot lift your spirits, you must be pretty close to suicide.
Amazing plots, memorable characters and superb prose Long winding complex sentences that never fail to incite peals of laughter, long after you ve put the book down.
Wodehouse is the master of the simile and the metaphor.
He can nail a character with just one sentence His stories are full of estranged lovers, funny misunderstandings, meddlesome aunts, young curates ambitious vicars and absent minded uncles and an absolutely convoluted plot.
Bertram Wilberforce Wooster and his Gentleman s persona It s an extraordinary thing every time I see you, you appear to be recovering from some debauch Don t you ever stop drinking How about when you are asleep As usual, I m behind on reading goals being the last to finish this buddy read with Evgeny and Dan 2.
0My first foray into Wodehouse s writing, and I ve fallen for him The comical and cleverly coined style made this one a fun read, even if the plot only left behind a three star impression.
I finally see where the Jeeves came from and I approve The highlights of the story were when Master and butler collaborated, argued, or battled protective guard dogs over bed sheets Fun times It s now gotten my attention that this is the third interesting story I ve read about this form of relationship, and I ve enjoyed all three Need to track down eventually.
Bertie runs into foul circumstances and somewhat annoying misunderstandings when he sets o You might put it that Hell s foundations are quivering That is not overstating it, Jeeves No, sir P.
G Wodehouse was an English writer whose career spanned over seventy years and whose work included almost 100 novels, numerous short stories, 15 plays and 250 lyrics for some thirty musical comedies Despite his impressive resume and reputation as a master of English prose , I, unfortunately, wouldn t have known he existed if it hadn t been for Rory Gil I guess that makes me of a Bertie than a Jeeves.
Many of his works include recurring settings and characters One such set of characters, Bertram Wooster and his clever butler Jeeves, are at the heart of The Code of the Woosters Bertie is an old school English bac

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