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[Rebecca Smethurst] ☆ Space: 10 Things You Should Know [manhwa PDF] Read Online î Super geschrieben, sehr interessant, f r jeden der sich ein wenig f r das Weltall interessiert vollsten zu empfehlen An ein paar Abenden schon durchgelesen Top Alle Daumen hoch.
I discovered the author of this book, Dr Becky Smethurst, by watching her educational astrophysical astronomical cosmological videos on YouTube I am not an astrophysicist, astronomer or cosmologist, nor do I profess any kind of advanced amateur knowledge in those disciplines But what I do have is an extreme curiosity about our Solar System, our Milky Way Galaxy, and the wonders of the universe at large I am especially curious about the genius behind the discoveries and scientific advancements that have led to our current understanding of the cosmos.
Becky has a real gift for explaining the complicated science, math, theories and etc behind these advancements in very understandable ways She also excels at providing the historical background to the advancements Her book is a perfect encapsulation of this teaching approach Thus, if you are as fascinated as I am w

Nice little book that is perfect for people who are curious about space and how scientists figure out what s going on out there.
It s written in a manner that gets the points across in a not too sciency way, so it isn t intimidating to the average reader.
A nice read that fits well with Dr Becky s YouTube channel Covers 10 topics that will catch you up to today s state of knowledge in astrophysics Each chapter cold be done in a commute leg or the whole book in a longish air trip Written conversationally, it very easy to follow and there was no math to scare away the math phobs.
The book is wonderful I can t wait to read it 5 stars to Dr Becky.
Delivery placed under a bush that has 2 inches of rain The thin cardboard box fell open and the water had already started to warp and ruffle up the pages Not too happy about that I have it under some heavy stuff now to try and press it flat again.
This i a great little book If you savor the experience you can read it in two sittings Dr Becky is a great lecturer, if you ve seen her on Youtube you know what I mean As a matter of fact she writes like she talks The current state of our knowledge as of the books publication is masterfully laid out Even if you ve been studying astronomy for decades you might find something you were unaware of in this book Frankly, I thing it should be part of elementary school curriculum.
Bite Sized, Cutting Edge Science Delivered With Enormous Enthusiasm All You Need To Travel The Cosmos CHRIS LINTOTT A Lot Of Astrophysics Is Packed Into This Neat Little Book I Guarantee You Will Come Away Knowing Your Dark Matter From Your Supermassive Black HolesJIM AL KHALILI This Book Is For Anyone Who Wants To Easily Understand The Mind Blowing Fundamentals Of Our Extraordinary, Expanding UniverseWritten By Oxford Astrophysicist Dr Becky Smethurst And Composed Of Ten Captivating, Simple Essays, It Guides You Swiftly Through The Galaxies, Explaining The Mysteries Of Black Holes, Dark Matter And What Existed Before The Big Bang, Presenting The Evidence As To Whether We Really Are Alone, Illuminating What We Still Don T Know, And Much BesidesIf You Have Big Questions About Space, This Book Will Provide You With The Answers In An Engaging And Succinct Way

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