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õ Read È Frøken Smillas fornemmelse for sne by Peter Høeg á She Thinks Highly Of Snow And Ice Than She Does Of Love She Lives In A World Of Numbers, Science And Memories A Dark, Exotic Stranger In A Strange Land And Now Smilla Jaspersen Is Convinced She Has Uncovered A Shattering CrimeIt Happened In The Copenhagen Snow A Six Year Old Boy, A Greenlander Like Smilla, Fell To His Death From The Top Of His Apartment Building While The Boy S Body Is Still Warm, The Police Pronounce His Death An Accident But Smilla Knows Her Young Neighbor Didn T Fall From The Roof On His Own Soon She Is Following A Path Of Clues As Clear To Her As Footsteps In The Snow For Her Dead Neighbor, And For Herself, She Must Embark On A Harrowing Journey Of Lies, Revelation And Violence That Will Take Her Back To The World Of Ice And Snow From Which She Comes, Where An Explosive Secret Waits Beneath The Ice I feel like everyone I know even my doctor, who spotted it poking out of my bag loved this book And I just don t get it.
Smilla makes me think of Lisbeth Salander, who was the reason I hated The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and I think the two books have a lot in common They re both, at their cores, books which say this woman is real weird and kind of unpleasant and seems like she might not bathe frequently, but everyone who meets her thinks, damn, you s one cool chick Why do they think that I have no idea.
Now, do not think that I m falling into the trap that female characters can t be strong or that women have to be nice That s not the case What bewilders me here as well as in TGwtDT , is that this book takes place in a world in which no one finds weird behavior puzzling No one is like, hey, it s kind Miss Smilla and her cast of characters were so quirky that after 100 pages I found all this quirk over the front of my shirt, all over the dining table well, I call it a dining table and stuck between the keys on my keyboard Had to get it out with a Swiss Army knife, once it had dried Sent a sample off to the lab and the results came back two parts David Lynch, three parts frankly unbelievable heroine, three parts uninvolving plot which moves at the speed of an exhausted glacier As I thought.

Smilla Jaspersen, a Greenlander by birth now residing in Copenhagen, late thirties, single, lonely, moody, depressive, seemingly with a grudge against everything, the sort of girl you would take on a first date, ask to be excused to go to the bathroom only you make for the exit.
But somewhere in the perpetual darkness she finds it in her heart to investigate the death of Isaiah, a small boy she befriended in her apartment block, who apparently fell of the roof whilst playing in the snow, but Smilla is an expert when it comes to cold weather conditions, and her knowledge of snow and ice makes her suspicious As the tracks in the snow from Isaiah s feet just don t add up as to how he could have fallen to his death Driven by a steely determination to find the truth, for the little boy s sake than her own, she sets of on a dangerous path that will lead her to make enemies as w Smilla is, I think, my hands down favourite fictional character Which makes it easy for me to keep returning to this book It s a translation from Danish by Tiina Nunnally and beautiful and technical and never sentimental, and it touches on issues I find particularly interesting such as European culture versus aboriginal culture in this case Danish vs Greenlandic and the related issues of language and identity Peter Hoeg has a mind that is both scientific and whimsical and I find that particular combination particularly pleasurable as a reader and as a writer Also, if you re in a position to listen to audio books, the unabridged reading by Alyssa Bresnahan is amazing And a good idea if you want to know how to pronounce the Danish and Greenlandic words properly.

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õ Read È Frøken Smillas fornemmelse for sne by Peter Høeg á sustanon.pro Peter H eg was born in Copenhagen, Denmark Before becoming a writer, he worked variously as a sailor, ballet dancer, and actor He published his first novel, A History of Danish Dreams 1988 , to positive reviews However, it was Smilla s Sense of Snow 1992 , a million copy best seller, that earned H eg immediate and international literary celebrity His books have been published in than th