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Trailer Ø Post-Mortem PDF by ó Patricia Cornwell The First Novel Featuring Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta From The Bestselling Author Of Black Notice And Point Of OriginWinner Of The Edgar Award And The Macavity Award For Best First MysteryFour Women With Nothing In Common, United Only In Death Four Brutalized Victims Of A Brilliant Monster A Mr Nobody , Moving Undetected Through A Paralyzed City, Leaving Behind A Gruesome Trail Of Carnage But Few Clues With Skilled Hands, An Unerring Eye, And The Latest Advances In Forensic Research, An Unrelenting Female Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta Is Determined To Unmask A Maniac But Someone Is Trying To Sabotage Kay S Investigation From The Inside And Worse Yet, Someone Wants Her Dead Mysteries have long been recreational reading for me About every fourth or fifth book, I read is a mystery sandwiched in between literary best sellers and stellar non fiction I ve been meaning to get around to Patricia Cornwall and had picked up a few of her books at yard sales, but I was waiting until I found the first book in her Kay Scarpetta series before I dove in Postmortem won numerous awards when it came out in 1990 including the Edgar and the Anthony awards.
For the first 100 or so pages, I was not overly impressed As a fan of Kathy Reichs, I felt that Cornwall was not as good but then I realized that Reichs first book came out 10 years after Cornwall s first Scarpetta book Put in that historical perspective, I understood that she was the antecedent who set the stage for writers like Reichs There are other historical aspects of this book that mak In introducing the reader to Dr Kay Scarpetta, Cornwell does a masterful job of developing both the character and a back story, while also forging ahead with a novel based mystery While the genre is supersaturated with these types of stories nowadays, Cornwell writes in such a way as to rise above the rest putting aside that the novel came out before the aforementioned overkill When a string of women are left strangled and murdered, Dr Scarpett must piece things together and determine whether this is a serial killer or simply horrific coincidences The latest victim s death points fingers at someone close to her, leaving Scarpetta to use her forensic knowledge to decipher who it might be Cornwell hints at numerous suspects throughout, leaving the reader to wonder w Patricia Cornwell s Postmortem was my first foray into the forensic science crime novel While I am fully capable of reading detailed descriptions of gore and autopsies without getting sick, I was a tad worried that it would get too technical where I d lose some of the understanding of the medical aspects While it happens on occasion, the editors and author have done a great job at finding the perfect level of language to keep the words flowing properly most of the time.
Scarpetta is a true hero someone to admire, someone to fear She will always solve the case even in the most intricate complex ones out there The style is strong, the descriptions and setting vivid You feel like you are in the story along side the protagonistAbout MeFor those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A A Post Mortem Report on PostmortemManagement Performance Careful project management led to successful achievement of outcome objectives Tension was raised stakes were high stakeholders and key informants displayed a personal engagement with project that enhanced performance.
Communication Efficient and professional dry and often uninteresting Occasional well turned and resonant phrases made welcome albeit brief appearances.
Group Dynamics Principal Investigator was expertly characterized Supporting characters, less so Child character annoying cop character confusingly developed Villainous functionaries not provided with appropriate villainous attributes other than serving as assessors of PI s activities Assessor s noteSuch activities are not actually villainous despite the annoyance and melodrama displayed by PI upon assessment as they are central to an As Patri u mi je otkrila krajem 90 ih moja tetka koja ivi u Americi i koja je njen vatreni obo avalac Dosta italaca je voli ali se to nikad ne bi reklo po prodaji njenih romana teta, moglo bi to i bolje I loved the 1990s There was great television, Pogs, scrunchies, and the Pittsburgh Penguins were amazing at hockey obviously Jaromir Jagr s mullet contributed a significant amount to this last part And although I totally loved playing Seventh Guest, Oregon Trail, Carmen Sandiego, and the like on our old Macs, I m happy with the advancements in technology Okay, moving on, I also love crime novels When they are set in ye oldey times, I get caught up in the story, seeing how Sherlock could deduce his way to victory Or when they are set in the future, I like seeing Eve Dallas use new fangled technology to find her man Or woman Or robot Even when books are set in current times, or in the past few years, it s great BUT Postmortem lies in the bottom of awkward valley for me at the moment I read over and over and over ab Kay Scarpetta books, like Alex Cross books and anything V.
C Andrews wrote, are books I grew up seeing around the house but mostly stayed away from They were are names I associate with story over prose fiction, the type of popular books that are easily consumable but lack any writing prowess whatsoever In the case of Patricia Cornwell, I was admittedly wrong I have no problems with her writing, and her story is sound No complaints there.
Mom always had Cornwell paperbacks strewn about the house But, nowadays, she can t remember a single storyline or why she even enjoyed the series My mother has a tremendous memory, especially for books she s read the woman can tell me the entire Terry Brooks s Shannara storyline in succinct detail, it s one of the reasons I ve never read that series , b This is a really terrific book I think people forget how things started when they talk about current books by Patricia Cornwell Back in the beginning, she was doing something no other woman was doing, and she did it really well So well that she inspired folks like me I figgered if she could get away with writing the kinds of books I like to read, then I could do it, too I loves me some Sue Grafton and Sara Paretsky, but they weren t into the hard stuff Cornwell really forged a new trail.
If you can handle scary, and can look past gory and profane, Patricia Cornwell s novels are AMAZING Aside from good old J.
K and Harper Lee, Cornwell is my favorite author I m convinced that all the CSI esque shows were spawned from her books, and if you like that kind of thing, you ll LOVE these Gripping, intense, nightmare inducing plus you might learn some new things.
Start with the older books in the series, her newer works aren t as good.

Patricia Cornwell

Trailer Ø Post-Mortem PDF by ó Patricia Cornwell Patricia Cornwell sold her first novel, Postmortem, in 1990 while working as a computer analyst at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond, Virginia Postmortem, was the first bona fide forensic thriller It paved the way for an explosion of entertainment featuring in all things forensic across film, television and literature Postmortem would go on to win the Edgar, Creasey, Anthony,