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[Joan Lindsay] å Picnic at Hanging Rock [diary PDF] Ebook Epub Download Í An Alternative Cover Edition For This ISBN Can Be Found HereWhile Joan Lindsay S Haunting Australian Classic Picnic at Hanging Rock Is A Work Of Fiction, The Story Is Often Considered One Of Australia S Greatest MysteriesIn , A Class Of Young Women From An Exclusive Private School Go On An Excursion To The Isolated Hanging Rock, Deep In The Australian Bush The Excursion Ends In Tragedy When Three Girls And A Teacher Mysteriously Vanish After Climbing The Rock Only One Girl Returns, With No Memory Of What Has Become Of The Others On a summer s day in 1900 the students at Appleyard College for Young Ladies decided to go on a Picnic at Hanging Rock Not everyone returned to the college I was definitely not drinking the Kool Aid on this one I am perhaps in the minority here, but I found this book to be B O R I N G The girls go missing early on and the story just dragged Were there metaphysical events going on Did they get sucked into the rock Was there a criminal element What happened Also, what about the good characters being good looking and fit and the bad characters being overweight and ugly It has happened before in literature, but it is offensive to a degree Sad to see this was written by a woman Also, did I say I was bored The girls went missing early on and things just went on and on and on like the EverReady bunny I kept thinking it wa Australia is a harsh, unforgiving land where the seasons are inverted from what is usually experienced by the world at large, the flora and fauna belong to an evolutionary niche not seen elsewhere and the original settlers are the descendants of deported convicts Yet over this, an English ness has been imposed the carefully cultivated gardens, the finely turned out ladies and gentlemen, the afternoon teas and the elevenses This contrast often gives rise to a tension between man and nature which has been explored by countless writers and filmmakers This novel by Joan Lindsay is an outstanding example of one such exploration.
Hanging Rock is a natural volcanic rock formation in Australia near Melbourne As the story starts, The first review I wrote got eaten by the web, so here is take two.
This was a brilliantly written piece of psychological horror by an Australian writer While reading this, I kept thinking about The House of Leaves I got the same eerie feelings I had while reading that story The eeriness started to happen during the schoolgirls approach to the picnic grounds near the rock.
I was glad I got the chance to read this story I had been wanting a copy for years And as soon as I heard that Penguin re printed it in the States I rushed out and bought a copy.
If I ever get a chance to visit Australia, I would love to see the formation in person.
Also, try and read this book in one sitting.
Australian classic which I probably wouldn t have picked up other than I was short of an audio cd for the car The added bonus to these Abc Australia productions, is the pan flute music that is borrowed from the movie version It is pretty music that adds to the flavour of the time of the year 1900 The narrator was outstanding, Australian actress Jacqueline Mackenzie portrayed the Aussie flavour perfectly, her male voices were entertaining and real.
The story of a group of girls never to be seen again, for me, lacked finality, but that what the story was all about I noticed that just like The Harp in the South, this was another short classic.
Historical fiction and I just don t gel, but I did like it enough.
It is the atmosphere, the pervasive sense of dread and the wonderful descriptions that made this book for me, a special read The school, the headmistress, the students all with hidden undercurrents of eeriness What happened to those girls An open ended ending, up to the reader s interpretation Have never seen the movie but want to see it after reading the book Wonder how closely adapted the movie is to the book Very well done and mysterious read.
Well, young ladies, we are indeed fortunate in the weather for our picnic to Hanging Rock I have instructed Mademoiselle that as the day is likely to be warm, you may remove your gloves after the drag has passed through Woodend You will partake of luncheon at the Picnic Grounds near the Rock Once again let me remind you that the Rock itself is extremely dangerous and you are therefore forbidden to engage in any tomboy foolishness in the matter of exploration, even on the lower slopes It is, however, a geological marvel on which you will be required to write a brief essay on Monday morning I also wish to remind you that the vicinity is renowned for its venomous snakes an poisonous ants of various speciesIn 1900, Well, I ll admit, that I m sitting here, rather perplexed, as to why this book is considered a classic The book began well, it kept my attention and I was intrigued to learn what supposedly happened at this hanging rock As the book continued, my yawns grew wider and longer, and really, I can definitely compare this book, to a homemade Yorkshire pudding, that failed to rise.
There seemed to be many questions asked in this story, but very few answers were given The story kind of went off track, and started exploring relationships with characters, that I feel, had no real role in the story, especially not if one wants to find out what happened at hanging rock.
As I dragged myself painfully to the end of this He reminded himself that he was in Australia Australia, where anything might happen In England everything had been done before quite often by one s own ancestors, over and over again Two years ago, I watched a film based on the book by Joan Lindsay A month ago, I watched a marvelous TV series adaptation of the same novel Both versions were eerie, dark, atmospheric I ve always wanted to read Picnic at Hanging Rock and the opportunity came with the Movie Night discussion in Zuky s wonderful group The BookBum Club Unfortunately, the result left me disappointed Mrs Appleyard is the formidable headmistress of a school for girls of the upper classes in Australia They are taught how to behave and how NOT to think in order to become good wives This should be their only aspiration in life During a picnic on St.
Valentine s day, three senior students, I did enjoy this Australian classic, but not as much as I expected It started really good and interesting as it quickly opened with a mystery It s set in a boarding school, and on a summer day, the class go to Hanging Rock for a picnic 4 girls and 1 teacher wonder around separated from the rest of the class Only one student makes her way back, and the rest get lost The rest of the book is digging into the events, relationships, etc to resolve the mystery The book kept me wondering what happened to these girls, and I really wanted to reach the end But, I found the process of investigations and the end unsatisfactory That s why I gave it 3 stars.

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[Joan Lindsay] å Picnic at Hanging Rock [diary PDF] Ebook Epub Download Í sustanon.pro Joan Lindsay, Lady Lindsay was an Australian author, best known for her ambiguous and intriguing novel Picnic at Hanging Rock.