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õ Peony in Love: A Novel ☆ Download by ✓ Lisa See I am amazed by the versatility of Lisa See It seems like all she has to do is touch pen to paper and she begins to unravel a magnificent story Obviously she spends a lot of time doing research to be able to write with such clarity and understanding of her characters and the places they inhabit It doesn t matter if she is writing the story of her own family in On Gold Mountain, or the three books, that make up The Red Princess Trilogy, Flower Net, The Interior and Dragon Bones, or the historical novels, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Peony in Love or finally Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy, you are taken into the lives of the characters and feel as though you are in the places they inhabit She develops a sense of place and time as d I Finally Understand What The Poets Have Written In Spring, Moved To Passion In Autumn Only RegretFor Young Peony, Betrothed To A Suitor She Has Never Met, These Lyrics From The Peony Pavilion Mirror Her Own Longings In The Garden Of The Chen Family Villa, Amid The Scent Of Ginger, Green Tea, And Jasmine, A Small Theatrical Troupe Is Performing Scenes From This Epic Opera, A Live Spectacle Few Females Have Ever Seen Like The Heroine In The Drama, Peony Is The Cloistered Daughter Of A Wealthy Family, Trapped Like A Good Luck Cricket In A Bamboo And Lacquer Cage Though Raised To Be Obedient, Peony Has Dreams Of Her OwnPeonys Mother Is Against Her Daughters Attending The Production Unmarried Girls Should Not Be Seen In Public But Peonys Father Assures His Wife That Proprieties Will Be Maintained, And That The Women Will Watch The Opera From Behind A Screen Yet Through Its Cracks, Peony Catches Sight Of An Elegant, Handsome Man With Hair As Black As A Caveand Is Immediately Overcome With EmotionSo Begins Peonys Unforgettable Journey Of Love And Destiny, Desire And Sorrowas Lisa Sees Haunting New Novel, Based On Actual Historical Events, Takes Readers Back To Seventeenth Century China, After The Manchus Seize Power And The Ming Dynasty Is Crushed Steeped In Traditions And Ritual, This Story Brings To Life Another Time And Placeeven The Intricate Realm Of The Afterworld, With Its Protocols, Pathways, And Stages Of Existence, A Vividly Imagined Place Where Ones Soul Is Divided Into Three, Ancestors Offer Guidance, Misdeeds Are Punished, And Hungry Ghosts Wander The Earth Immersed In The Richness And Magic Of The Chinese Vision Of The Afterlife, Transcending Even Death, Peony In Love Explores, Beautifully, The Many Manifestations Of Love Ultimately, Lisa Sees New Novel Addresses Universal Themes The Bonds Of Friendship, The Power Of Words, And The Age Old Desire Of Women To Be Heard If you are looking for an outstanding literary work, move on If you are fascinated with Chinese history and can tolerate a very intimate look at the culture, mythology and lives of women in 15th century China, this is a good place to start If I were a book editor I would suggest cutting much that is repetitious But I am not I am a delighted reader who now has a much better perspective on women in China and the forces that rule their lives even today A bit of irony that the book talks about the unheard voices of the Chinese women writers, but most of the reference materials were written by people with western names The only critical element missing is the description of what people who are starving to death really experience.
I love Lisa See s novels and wish I had written glowing reviews about them Maybe I still will But Peony in Love is boring me to tears I think I m over halfway finished and am tempted tp quit, but then all of my struggle to get this far will have been wasted I finally got somewhat interested and then suddely it s all about the afterlife So slow moving The author could have left out at least half of this nonsense This is a waste of valuable time I have other books waiting.

It has been said that love can move you and change how you perceive your life In China, in the 1600 and 1700s, falling in love was an oddity No woman was to fall in love Marriages were arranged They were not to see each other until the marriage However, Peony, was different She was a loving individual A person who enjoyed an opera so much that it became part of who she was.
This book takes you on an adventure where you will soar with happiness and cry with despair It has everything in it Teaches us how it was to live in China all those years ago You may get to a point where you want to stop reading the book Put it down and give yourself a few days and then pick it right back up again You will be SO glad you did Another wonderful historical fiction, Lisa Thank you for sharing your wonders with us For that I am truly grateful.
When I think of peony, I think of a flower that needs help op After reading the book, Snow Flower and the secret Fan by Lisa See, I wanted to read another book in that vein The book Peony in Love was a great spiritual adventure in the Japanese culture.
It centers around the opera The Peony Pavilion This opera has a haunting effect on young girls, who long for true love in their arranged marriages The main female named Peony loves this opera and has 2 copies of it This opera tells of a young woman who longs for a true love for her mate, but doesn t receive the husband of her desire.
She becomes a ghost wife in the afterlife This story sadly come true for Peony Herself I was amazed at the multi faceted afterlife of the Japanese I also believe in ancestor veneration, but to the Japanese it is a matter of a happy afterlife or one of complete loneliness and despair.
A great journey into the spiritual afterlife and the qu

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