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Download Epub Format ☆ Motherless Brooklyn PDF by ¹ Jonathan Lethem Way too gimmicky About Motherless Brooklyn Newsday calls Jonathan Lethem one of the most original voices among younger American novelists while Entertainment Weekly describes him as one of our most inventive, stylish and sensous writers I strongly disagree I think these organiztions have confused originality with gimmickry Goodreads interviewed Jonathan Lethem in their November newsletter I d never heard of him I checked out a couple of his books at the library, one for me, one for my wife, with the idea that we d trade That trade never happened neither of us liked what we read I even picked the one whose dustcover summary seemed most interesting New York detective agency, members killed, Brooklyn underworld, hitmen, mob funding, Japanese profiteers.
Lethem attempts something in Motherless Brooklyn that seems very original His main character has Tour 3.
5 5 Ziggedy Zendoodah This rip roaring take on the classic detective story features an unlikely hero, a gumshoe with Tourette s syndrome, Lionel Essrog, AKA The Human Freakshow , an intellectually sensitive type, with a bad case of Tourette s Bristling with odd habits and compulsions, his mind continuously revolting against him in lurid outbursts of strange verbiage He is compelled to snap, count, bark, grunt, tap and make strange Vocalizations at inopportune moments, sometimes even with a gun stuffed in his face Lethem makes Essrog s Tourette s brain virtually a character in it s self, as Essrog describes, with almost parental solicitude, the origins and mechanisms of his tics Essrog is one of the Minna Men , one four Brooklyn orphans adopted from St Vincent s Home for Boys by Frank Minna, their limo service detective agency bo I used to have a customer with Tourette s Back when I was a teenage supermarket teller, a million and a half years ago, she used to come through my line routinely At the time, I didn t reflect much on her condition other than that I assumed it must be tough for her occasionally, but how tough it really was I considered only in the vaguest sense, to the extent that I considered it at all Sorry, lady, but I was 17 and had a whole slew of 17 year old thoughts to preoccupy myself with She seemed to handle it in stride, though, or least this was my impression of our brief bi weekly interactions I certainly don t remember there being any social awkwardness It probably helped, too, that she never made any apologies for her outbursts.
So it was interesting for me, with Motherless Brooklyn, to experience life I read this often hilarious one of a kind novel many years ago The main character has Tourette s syndrome I must have read this about 10 years ago I ve yet to read another novel crime satire whodunit to boot , with a story centered around Tourette s syndrome No other author wanted to go toe to toe with, Jonathan Lethem, huh Eat S it go F K yourself Thehorrorthehorror.
and Icouldabeenacontender is endearing in the most pure Zen in the city Wonderful reviews here on GR s that came before me Have you read Motherless Brooklyn yet If not, what are you waiting for I mean, sure, the idea of an orphaned private detective with Tourette s Syndrome sounded a little strange to me too, possibly even depressing, but as it turns out this novel is anything but depressing It s hilarious And exciting The book begins with a car chase, which is exactly the sort of thing that seems like a terrible idea to me, but I was riveted and that feeling didn t let up The aforementioned orphaned detective is one of the best characters I can ever remember encountering in any novel anywhere I really want to read of Jonathan Lethem s books now, but I don t see how even he could live up to the high bar he s set here In any event, I m happy I finally read this one now Definitely in my top 3 for 2017 so far, and possibly in my top 10 novels of al

Tourette s is just one big lifetime of tag, really The world or my brain same thing appoints me it, again and again So I tag back Can it do otherwise If you ve ever been it you know the answerJonathan Lethem, Motherless BrooklynA kinda egg sandwich surprise, hardboilded detective novel I m still a bit unsure of what exactly was all tossed in is that lemongrass Zen masters Check Tourette s Check Man crushes and awkward touches Check check Prince or the Artist Formerly Known AS Prince Also, check check checkaramadingdong Look fair weather readers, I like Lethem see four starsI couldn t stop at three , just like I like Chabon Actually, almost exactly like I like Chabon There is a certain dance, jig, and Brooklyn hipster style to both their writing, complete with their shared fetishes comic books, vinyl ch Frank Minna was a small fish in a big city pond full of piranhas and scum He was nimble, though good with angles His best move was when he recruited four young guys from the local orphanage, before they were old enough to shave, to be errand boys These young bucks were eager, loyal assistants that somebody dubbed Motherless Brooklyn Frank treated them to bigger boy delights like twenty dollar bills and bottles of beer for their efforts, and they just stayed on staff as they got older and useful They were not typically involved in anything all that bad, but an element of shadiness did exist under the table, dark alley, undercover kind of stuff.
The most memorable character from a cast chock full of them was Lionel Essrog He was the biggest and lumpiest of Frank s boys Beyond Lionel s bruiser enforcer looks was the fact that he Maybe I ve just been lucky picking out some incredible books lately, but I feel like a lot of them are my new favorite , or one of the best I ve read this year , but I really have to say it again for Motherless Brooklyn Lethem s writing style had me from the beginning, and the story, being told from the perspective of Lionel Essrog, a man with Tourette s Syndrome was fascinating It reads like a mystery detective novel, but really, it s so much than that.
Also, it was just one of those books that I could identify with on a somewhat personal level Even though my son is autistic, and doesn t have Tourette s, there were some similiarites that really hit home It kind of opened my eyes to why he was echolaliac I mean for awhile, before speech therapy, the only words my son Treston In detective stories things are always always, the detective casting his exhausted, caustic gaze over the corrupted permanence of everything and thrilling you with his sweetly savage generalizations This or that runs deep or true to form, is invariable, exemplary Oh sure Seen it before, will see it again Trust me on this one Assertions and generalizations are, of course, a version of Tourette s A way of touching the world, handling it, covering it with confirming language This was a very tightly crafted mystery, with a lot of soul, and a wonderful resolution A love letter to the classic detective novel, but also a love letter to loneliness I ve heard some people say that it felt too gimmicky, and to them I d say You re missing the point The parts you thought were gimmicky were Lionel Essrog Is Brooklyn S Very Own Self Appointed Human Freakshow, An Orphan Whose Tourettic Impulses Drive Him To Bark, Count, And Rip Apart Our Language In The Most Startling And original Ways Together With Three Veterans Of The St Vincent S Home For Boys, He Works For Small Time Mobster Frank Minna S Limo Service Cum Detective Agency Life Without Frank Minna, The Charismatic King Of Brooklyn, Would Be Unimaginable, So Who Cares If The Tasks He Sets Them Are, Well, Not Exactly Legal But When Frank Is Fatally Stabbed, One Of Lionel S Colleagues Lands In Jail, The Other Two Vie For His Position, And The Victim S Widow Skips Town Lionel S World Is Suddenly Topsy Turvy, And This Outcast Who Has Trouble Even Conversing Attempts To Untangle The Threads Of The Case While Trying To Keep The Words Straight In His Head Motherless Brooklyn Is A Brilliantly original Homage To The Classic Detective Novel By One Of The Most Acclaimed Writers Of His Generation

Jonathan Lethem

Download Epub Format ☆ Motherless Brooklyn PDF by ¹ Jonathan Lethem Jonathan Allen Lethem born February 19, 1964 is an American novelist, essayist and short story writer.His first novel, Gun, with Occasional Music, a genre work that mixed elements of science fiction and detective fiction, was published in 1994 It was followed by three science fiction novels In 1999, Lethem published Motherless Brooklyn, a National Book Critics Circle Award winning novel t